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    This is dumb, just move it, damn.

    Do overs? Penalize them every time it gets hit, they'll get the picture and move it.
    Originally posted by SNIPER26
    fwiw, i amz deunks ofs myt ass. ilo vez drinmoinz befotre i post. wha t a hreat ideas.z.


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      Andy Lee was hitting it while warming up.

      edit...well he hit it once and the others werent close, apparently.

      Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)
      KO KNOWS


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        "Only one of Andy Lee's pre-game punts hit Jerry Jones' video screen, but the ball was still rising fast when it struck ... Lee was at his 15"
        -Matt Barrows, Niners beat writer

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          Originally posted by wicket View Post
          no way that a qb can make that scoreboard, it does work with fake punts prolly.
          90ft=30 yards. A good QB can definitely throw a ball up 30 yards.


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            49ers punter Andy Lee insisted Tuesday that he would not treat the Dallas Cowboys' video scoreboard like a 2,100-inch bull's-eye.
            "Don't lie. You want to break it," kicker Joe Nedney yelled, eavesdropping on Lee's testimony. The 49ers play on Saturday at new Cowboys Stadium.

            Lee said he saw Trapasso's bank shot last week. But he said the focus will be on the game rather than the implicit double-dare.

            "It's something you can't worry about," Lee said. "You have to go out there and not change anything. Otherwise you might start messing things up. I'm trying to get ready for the regular season."

            Lee, who made the Pro Bowl in 2007, has a career average of 44.4. He said the only time he ever hit anything was the low roof at the University of Pittsburgh practice facility.

            So, really "... he's not tempted at all by the Dallas scoreboard? "Maybe in warm-ups," Lee said with a smile.



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