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    Who's performing well this preseason for your team?

    For the 49ers I'll say rookie RB Glen Coffee. He's been pretty impressive in all phases of the game. He's impressed coaches even with his blitz pickups, something rookie RB's tend to struggle with. And of course, he demolished the Raiders run defense for over 120 yards in 1 half of football, on 16 carries. Granted it's the Raiders, but impressive for a rookie nonetheless.

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    I really like Coffee. Nothing too impressive physically but he is old school, runs very hard. For the Pats rookie WR Julian Edelman has looked very good. He is very athletic and was a QB at Kent State, he took a punt back for a TD against the Eagles and has caught everything thrown his way. He could have a future in the slot and as a return man.


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      RB Tyrell Sutton
      DE Jarius Wynn
      LB Brad Jones
      DE B.J. Raji - in limited action

      TE Jermichael Finley
      DEs Johnny Jolly, Cullen Jenkins, Michael Montgomery
      LB Desmond Bishop - stud standout in our 2 preseason games


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        Goodson has really been a revelation as has Munnerlyn.

        I wish Irvin our 3rd rounder DT would step up but he's really been a no show from my mind.

        No one else is really leaping out unfortunately, brown is showing promise, but not as much as I'd hoped to see.


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          QB Tony Romo
          RB Felix Jones
          RB Keon Lattimore
          WR Sam Hurd
          WR Patrick Crayton
          TE Martellus Bennett
          ILB Bobby Carpenter
          NT Jay Ratliff
          Entire starting offensive line

          Thanks BoneKrusher^

 (the man)

          KO KNOWS


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            I would say ILB Corey Mays for the Chiefs we picked him up only to play SP teams but has worked his way in to the starting line up by having a heck of a camp and flashing in games.


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              Originally posted by Splat420 View Post
              I would say ILB Corey Mays for the Chiefs we picked him up only to play SP teams but has worked his way in to the starting line up by having a heck of a camp and flashing in games.
              I liked Mays a lot when the Pats had him, he was a ST stud.


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                Troy Williamson


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                  Originally posted by General Zod View Post
                  Troy Williamson
                  you're a Jags fan?

                  by BoneKrusher
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                    Donnie Jones


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                      Lex Hilliard for Miami.

                      Brian Hartline has looked good with his routes, and did draw two defensive penalties against Tampa, but otherwise, not much.

                      Sean Smith and Vontae Davis don't look bad either.


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                        Jaguar Veterans:
                        Troy Williamson
                        Tra Thomas

                        Terrance Knighton


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                          B.J. Raji was very strong when he saw the field. I'm not sure if he can maintain that motor for the whole game but I certainly love the energy and dominance he's bringing. He required a double team against the Bills and still got a two yard push. Lined up against the guard seems unfair. Ask Eric Wood, another rookie, but nonetheless, Raji could bull rush him no problem. Something we expected out of him when taking him 9 but it's a pleasure to see it in action.

                          I'll keep it short and only add one player from our offense that has stepped up. Jermichael Finley. He had a strong camp and has been making plays this preseason. Really athletic for his position (TE). He's pushing Donald Lee every day for playing time and seems like he can make something happen everytime he has the ball in his hand. The only thing I haven't like out of him has been the way he carries the ball sometimes. He holds it like a defensive back from time to time.


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                            Oher has been a beast. His pass pro is improving every game and he's just getting after people in the run game. I love his tenacity.


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                              Javon Ringer is making everyone forget (for those who haven't) about Chris Henry.



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