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Brandon Marshall's Type Of Pratice (LOL)

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  • Originally posted by Borat View Post
    "pre madonna"? :)

    Is that like the time prior to the arrival of the material girl?

    Prima donna*******************************

    Ya I never knew it wasnt what I said. Thanks for teaching me something new

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


    • My take on this as a die hard Broncos fan, is that I LOVED marshall as a player even in his rookie year check out the highlights from the Seahawks game you could tell he was gonna be special.

      But then he had some success and he lost his buddy/starting QB and fell out of favor with the fact that he might not put those numbers up again, but on the contrary watching 2007-2008 patriots and a few preseason Broncos games he is almost built for McDaniels offense.

      But now the way he is acting is ridculous, and if he doesnt want to be here as i broncos fan i would rather have players that want to go to battle with the team and have "HUNGER" rather than a player that thinks the world owes him somthing



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