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    In the past I've used this to keep up with my team when I'm out of viewing area & checking fantasy stats. The old system was near perfect if you ask me, you got the stats, the down & distance, score, everything on one page. Aside from adding the video to the game, not sure how they would improve it.

    I suppose this will work. After time I'll acclimate myself to it, just don't see why they would change it.


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      It's just plain horrible.


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        Every time something gets upgraded everyone says how bad it is and then we all get used to it. With that said, I think it sucks hard. Bring the old one back.


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          Terrible. I'm using it right now and I hate scrolling through all the team stats before the indivisual stats, minor but annoying. And I have to keep pressing analyze everytime I change to a different game. It's so much slower.

          Thanks BoneKrusher^

 (the man)

          KO KNOWS


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            Instead of going 3D and using high tech graphics that are useless, they could just stream the game live...


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              I never really like a new interface........very few people really do I think. I am sure that like anything, I will get used to it tho. Anyone remember when these forums changed haha?

              EDIT: Hell, I even hated drag and drop on fantasy sports when it first came out, now I would be furious if it went back to old school style.
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