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    Lance Briggs, Michael Turner, don't really think anyone else will maybe Asante Samuel.


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      Originally posted by HawkeyeFan View Post
      Can you just post the players please. My school has blocked :(
      As they should. The school is a place of learning.

      I think Michael Turner might hold-out if he doesn't get traded or signed by another team.


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        Just look at any of the players that went to the pro bowl this year. That is your list.


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          I could maybe see Alan Faneca holding out next year due to all the amazing deals OG are getting

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            To answer my own question, Terrell Owens will surely try to capitalize on the new salary cap :D

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              For the Eagles, I don't see anyoneholding out. But L.J. Smith is a longshot, if any Eagle would holdout.
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                i don't really see anyone on the cardinals holding out, the player who has a outside chance is Karlos Dansby though


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                  Originally posted by DeathbyStat View Post
                  I could maybe see Alan Faneca holding out next year due to all the amazing deals OG are getting

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                    Originally posted by comahan View Post
                    Best. Sig. Ever.
                    i love it too :D

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
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                      Originally posted by MNRunLeft View Post
                      Hasn't TJ been asking for a new contract? I don't think he'd hold out, but theres always that possibility.
                      That was PFT running with the idea that he signed a new agent in order to do so. He said that wasn't his intentions and that he would stick with the deal because he would've been thrilled at that contract his rookie season.


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                        might Javon Walkert hold out, or did we restructure?


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                          adding on to that, i think he made like 550,000 last year. not a lot for a pro bowl caliber wr


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                            im tellin u alan faneca wont be w/ us next year

                            we wont be able to pay him

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                              Lance Briggs has pretty much said that he is going to hold out...

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