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    I'm going with the AFCS. Last yr. was a down yr. for the Jags. they were totally plagued by injuries. Before that though they were the most physical smash mouth team in the south. Last couple of yrs. the Titans have become a better team, (taking VY out, sadly made them better.) The Colts, y'know every year I think this is the yr. they fall off, yet every yr. they turn out a good team so you know what I'm not dicounting them yet. My team, is also a better team this yr. So in the south any of them could take it and 2 others might have a shot at the playoffs with the other close behind.

    The north, I respect the Vikings, but I don't think Favre will make them that much better, he takes to many risks and that line hasn't really been known for it's pass blocking. (I don't really like them cuz' Allen took out our QB last yr. in a bad play and Favre almost took out another guy this yr. in another bad play. That aside I won't deny their a good team.) However the Vikes will only fare as well as their QB's so who knows. The Bears and Packers are both improved, they would definetely contend in the south. The Lions look improved, but I'm not buying until they show up in the regular season.

    Looking at the schedule we both play the NFC west, yay, I hope. However the NFCN plays the AFCN, and we play the AFCE. I hope the south does good.

    All that being said, I'm surprised the NFCE wasn't mentioned.


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      Originally posted by broth223 View Post
      Yeah but we had Matt Millen as our GM which is 10X worse than being an expansion team.
      Oh yeah, we had Charlie Casserly and Dom Capers heading up our team.

      Why is it I suddenly feel sad.


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        Originally posted by YAYareaRB View Post
        They could have God playing QB but the fact of the matter is Rod Marinelli is still there.
        Hahahaha. Post fail.

        Originally posted by CDCB14 View Post
        why is this a discussion? the NFCE is 10x worse than both..
        Another post fail?


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          Originally posted by datchapin View Post
          Oh yeah, we had Charlie Casserly and Dom Capers heading up our team.

          Why is it I suddenly feel sad.
          Casserly picked Mario Williams over Reggie Bush and Vince Young before he was fired, so at least he left ya'll with a going away present! :D
          Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

          Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
          Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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            Originally posted by GB12 View Post

            Another post fail?
            Could be a typo the e and the w are close together which would make it a proof reading fail.
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            Originally posted by njx9
            oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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              Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
              A Healthy KVB is nothing to sneeze at either.
              and jacob ford and william hayes :D


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                I want to see Matt Schaub injury free for 25 minutes and some resemblance of a secondary before i rate Houston as highly as some of you guys...seriously i think i saw the word contender next to their name.



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