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Larry English Charged $14K to pay for team's meal

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    Originally posted by sweetness34 View Post
    If anyone but D-Unit wrote this they would be told to change the title, I guess he can do whatever he wants on these boards now.

    Change the title man, it's misleading.
    I was unaware that having a misleading thread title was against board rules.
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    Originally posted by njx9
    oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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      Wow, the amount of people bitching about the title of the thread is ridiculous.

      Anyway, i read the article yesterday and i got a good kick out of it. Take a closer look at the picture that Phillips tweeted.

      Gratuity was close to 2k. I bet the servers that night went home REAL happy.


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        I can't believe how people are so moody about what the title was before D changed it. Its just a play on words lol. If anything it is a testament to how stupid we expect all these athletes to be that if we see the word charged it is immediately associated with being charged a ticket or charged with breaking the law.


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          I kind of expected sweetness not to respond to the change. He seems like one of those guys who just likes to complain. Everyone knows it had a light hearted intent.

          This wasn't one of those threads with a subject about someone getting traded, hurt, signed or something sounding factual when in fact just rumor. Whatevers. To each his own.


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            was that actually fridays?
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              Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
              Gratuity was close to 2k. I bet the servers that night went home REAL happy.
              what if it was only one waiter/waitress? because you know some of them tipped besides the gratuity.

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                Merriman says it was 32k his rookie year. But he did get to split it with Castillo.

                Merriman, Castillo, Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles...that 2005 draft was ridic.



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