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    Originally posted by dc22 View Post
    i think he's referring to the beating the saints put on us last year
    The big GB secondary flop that sticks out in my mind is the Giants playoff game in 07, but to be fair that's some distance away now.

    I do think the Pack have a top 5 secondary, and probably even a top 3, but I really can't put anybody above the Titans right now. I think their safeties are superb and they have a shut down corner to throw in on top of that. The Raiders are surprisingly sharp here too, Chris Johnson has really developed into an ace across from Nnamdi, and Routt at nickel. Huff may be coming around at FS too.


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      Every big game i've seen, they get trashed. I don't care where the hell you rank them individually, i've seen them get beaten like dirty rugs more than a few times in big situations to make me think they're overrated.
      I think the big thing is that their DL has struggled a fair bit the last couple of years, the secondary does all that can really be asked of it, it applies for every team, if you give a QB 5+ seconds he should hit an open target because someone should get open.

      Personally I think that Pittsburgh is better for sure. I quite like Jacksonville, Tennessee, Baltimore, Carolina, Philly and the Jets, basically the amount of pass rush those teams get will pick their order. Vikings, if healthy should be much improved this year simply by getting rid of Sharper but I don't see us on the same level though our DL can help inflate the backs.

      Props to BK on the sig!



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