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    Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post

    20. Washington Redskins - Ran the ball for 51 yards on 20 carries. The line was manhandled by the Giants, nonetheless but never a good start. The offense could never get into rhythm. No one is giving them a chance in the NFC East and they proved everyone right. Nothing clicks with this team and the 100 million dollar man was a non factor.
    I dont necessarily disagree with the Skins being around 20 in the ranking but your write up is misleading and misguided. Portis ran the ball 16 times for 62 yards and Campbell once for 16 yards. As a team we actually ran the ball 85 yards on 20 carries. Your probably including the sacks in your number but that should not count against the rushing yards.

    Also, I don't know how you can say Haynesworth was a non factor. He had 4 tackles and some good pressure too. He also contributed to completely shutting down Jacobs down the middle. Bradshaw was the only one who could run to the outside. Overall the Giants actually only averaged 3.3 ypc vs the Skins 4.0.


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      Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
      You seriously think the Atlanta Falcons are the 4th best team in the NFL right now???

      The Niners beat the team that was seconds away from winning the Superbowl, and they're ranked 21st?
      I agree with abaddon here too, switch the 9ers with the Cardinals, they did win on the road.

      No Atlanta isn't the 4th best team in the NFL. The Saints are almost as good, maybe better offensively, s/b top ranked in the NFC South.

      If you put up or down arrows next to each entry the arrow next to Philly would be down with their injury situation.



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