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Top 5 Favorite Teams and Top Five most hated teams

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    I think you can "like" other teams, but only one team should make your day better if they win, and worse if they lose.

    That said, I of course am a Panther fan, but since I live in Indiana, and before I got sunday ticket they were all I could watch I do want them to win when they play anyone but the Panthers.


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      Favourite - Vikings

      Like AFC 1 - Pittsburgh
      Like AFC 2 - Bengals
      Like NFC 1 - Arizona
      Like NFC 2 - Detroit(Calvin, sick jerseys, tendency to give us two wins a year, whats not to like?)

      Hate 1 - Chicago
      Hate 2 - Cowboys
      Hate 3 - Giants
      Hate 4 - Packers

      Even the Packers I don't hate that much, the other 3 are a clear 3 as the only teams I truly dislike.

      Props to BK on the sig!


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        1. Packers

        7656787656. Any team that beats VIKINGS/BEARS for a few minutes i'll like them.

        1A. VIKINGS
        1B. VIQUEENS
        1C. PURPLE ***S
        2. Pats
        3. Cowboys
        4. Steelers
        5. Bears
        6. Colts
        7. Giants
        8. Panthers
        9. Lions

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          Bengals and Cowboys are my favs. Born n raised in Cincinnati but I have strong family ties to Dallas.

          I root for Adrian Peterson because he is sick and the best player in the game. The rest of my fav. usually depends on who plays for me in fantasy ha.

          The Twitters


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            Obviously I'm a huge Bengals fan, however, I root for the Chiefs a lot because they're one of my best friend's teams. Also, I can get behind the Colts during the play offs. In the NFC I'm a huge McNabb fan so the eagles get a little love from me.

            I dislike my division rivals obviously, but Steelers are my least favorite of the 3, almost solely for that '05 play off game. Outside of my division, the only team that I can think of is Denver due to this recent Stokley miracle that ruined the start of this season.



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