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Who's your team's MVP?

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  • Who's your team's MVP?

    The 49ers right now almost define "team wins"..There's no franchise QB and even when our star RB had 30 yards rushing we still beat the defending NFC champs, so it's hard to pin one guy as the MVP. But i'd list Justin Smith. He's great at defending the run but he's also a very underrated pass rusher. He only has 1 sack but he has 11 QB pressures over the first 2 weeks. What's even more astounding is the guy is incredibly durable. He hasn't missed a start since his rookie year back in 01. He's my vote for 49ers MVP.

    Honourable Mention- OT Joe Staley. He's becoming a very good LT and our backup LT is Barry Sims. Meaning, it's trouble if he's out of the game. Fortunately, he's very durable as well, missing only a few offensive snaps since he entered the league in 07.

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    Obviously Adrian Peterson for the Vikings. If I did a top 5 it would look like this.

    1. AD
    2. Jared Allen
    3. Kevin Williams
    4. Steve Hutchinson
    5. Antoine Winfield

    HM- EJ Henderson, Pat Williams
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      Dustin "To Legit To" Colquitt.


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        The Redskins don't deserve an MVP. But London Fletcher, Andre Carter, Hunter Smith, Rocky McIntosh and Chris Horton are the only players on the entire team who deserve to receive their paycheck.

        If I were forced to chose a team MVP it would probably have to be Hunter Smith.

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          It's too early for this but for the Jets, I have to say that it is Darrelle Revis. He is the conerstone of our defense and he allows us to blitz extra guys. In week 1 he shut down Andre Johnson and limited him to 4 catches and only 35 yards. In week 2 he limited Randy Moss to 4 catches and 24 yards. He has been a stud for us and is a big reason why we currently have the #1 ranked deefense.

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            Shaun Rogers. Not that it matters for us.


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              1. Coughlin/Gilbride for adjusting the passing scheme
              2. Eli
              3. Smith
              4. Bradshaw
              5. Manningham


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                Ernie Sims. When he doesn't play, we win!


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                  1. Kris Jenkins
                  2. Darrelle Revis
                  3. David Harris
                  4. Bart Scott
                  5. Mark Sanchez


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                    Maurice Jones-Drew. The worst he has performed in our three games, the worse the result.

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                      Chris Johnson for the Titans, but there are no MVP's for a winless team.

                      Although, I do think LenWhale needs more carries, particularly on 2nd down.
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                        Legedu Naanee obviously.


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                          The guy that has stood out for the Lions is Larry Foote. I'd say he's Detroit's MVP.


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                            Joe Flaccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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                              Jay Cutler



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