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Garcia: Raiders in 'unfortunate situation'

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    Does make some sense, because the guy wasn't even this erratic in College and was alot more accurate. I'm a firm believer in that teams can ruin players, had he been drafted by another team who brought him in slowly, didn't change the OC like clockwork, had a very solid offensive line with some legit weapons and not rookie WR's then he'd look like a different QB.

    I mean starting DHB is asking a QB to fail, he may be good but he runs one route right now, he was nowhere near ready to start...Maybe JR didn't take things seriously, not sure, but until I see the Raiders start to develop more of their 1st round picks I'm more inclined to put most of the blame on them.

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    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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      I think it's the Raiders' fault as well, but you can't squarely blame the team, I think it's the type of player they select too. They are a pretty horrible team, so you need to select hard workers, intangibles guys who just work, work, work. Instead they choose workout guys and physical specimen who just got by on natural talent. That's not good enough if your team blows.

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        Yea, a lot of blame goes on the team as well, no doubt, but I'm watching him plant his feet and over throw backs in the flat, when he used to hit receivers 60 yards down field on a rope, right on the numbers.
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