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    Originally posted by 7-11 View Post
    That doesn't really work but, the Colts may the second youngest team in the NFL but most of their key players are around that 30 mark.
    Look at the eagles as well though, linebackers, receivers, linemen all young and a good chance after what Kolb showed earlier in the year that even though he's not the youngest heir to the throne they'll be ok at QB even after McNabb leaves for at least a few seasons.


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      Originally posted by Boston View Post
      Kinda funny, I thought this thread was a league wide thing, not team wide...
      It balances out when everyone posts their own team...


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        Just for what it's worth, here's a look at the Niners' youth (26 and younger):

        RB: Frank Gore [26], Glen Coffee [22]
        WR: Josh Morgan [24], Michael Crabtree [22], Jason Hill [24]
        TE: Vernon Davis [25], Delanie Walker [25]
        OL: Joe Staley [25], Chilo Rachal [23]

        DL: Ray McDonald [25], Kentwan Balmer [23]
        LB: Patrick Willis [24], Manny Lawson [25], Parys Haralson [25], Ahmad Brooks [25], Scott McKillop [23]
        CB: Tarell Brown [24]
        S: Dashon Goldson [25], Reggie Smith [23]

        There were also quite a few starters in the 27-29 range... I emboldened the current starters. Anyone else is included because they are either currently role players, or project to start very soon. Nate Davis is a wildcard; if his development goes well I think he has the tools to be the Niners' starting QB in a year or two. I left him off the list though. A few other young guys who I left off because their future with us is unclear (i.e. they may never be major contributors):

        - Michael Robinson
        - Ricky Jean Francois
        - Curtis Taylor
        - Alex Smith
        - Michael Spurlock
        - Cody Wallace

        Summary: On offense, Lots of young talent at the skill positions, but questions on the OL and at QB... On defense, the Niners seem set at linebacker for a long time with FIVE capable players. A few intriguing young players in the secondary but not enough to feel truly secure there. And definite room for improvement on the line.

        NOTE: Just for fun, here is a list of 27-29 year old starters on the Niners:
        - QB Shaun Hill, WR Brandon Jones, OL Adam Snyder, OL David Baas, OL Eric Heitmann, WR Arnaz Battle

        - DL Isaac Sopoaga, DL Aubrayo Franklin, DB Shawntae Spencer, DB Nate Clements, DB Michael Lewis

        - P Andy Lee

        Put it all together and you have merely two offensive starters in their 30s (Moran Norris and Isaac Bruce), and really I think they will be replaced fairly easily when the time comes. On defense, you have two more starters in their 30s (Justin Smith, Takeo Spikes) as well as nickelback Dre Bly. On Special Teams, K Joe Nedney is pretty old but going strong. Of those guys, Norris, Spikes, and Smith all still have a fair bit in the tank. Smith in particular is a guy I could see sticking around for 3-5 more years before he starts to produce noticeably less. Spikes, Bly, and Bruce probably won't be with SF for much longer -- I'd be surprised to see any of them around two years from today -- but I think all three will be replaced without a big dip in production.

        Overall I wouldn't say SF is one of the bright young teams in the league, but they're quietly building a very sturdy foundation... If they have a good draft this year (especially if they pick up some serious help in the trenches) they will have a very solid foundation for years to come.
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          People are going to laugh, but the Raiders have some very good young talent. Maybe not the best, but they do have some.

          If you dont believe me just do your own research, but most teams in the NFL would love to have these guys on their roster. As starters, situational players or projects they would wish to groom.

          TE Zach Miller
          LT Mario Henderson
          WR Chaz Schilens
          RB Michael Bush
          LG Robert Gallery
          WLB Thomas Howard
          SS Tyvon Branch
          CB Nnamdi Asomugha
          SS Mike Mitchell
          DE Trevor Scott
          WR Louis Murphy

          Also good as good wine bottles are punter Shane Lechler and kicker Sebastian Janikowski. Richard Seymour and Greg Ellis are really fine players too.

          Why do the Raiders suck? That list should be much longer if not for bad management decisions like D Hall, J Walker, etc. and track star and good-looking-out-the-bus drafting by Al Davis. Oh and you also have an epic bust so-called franchise QB taken #1 overall that doesnt care and who the other 52 guys have flat out quit on since week 3. Hey if the QB doesnt care why should I hugh!? So basicaly ownership, management (same person) and QB taking the team down with them IMHO. Tom Cable is a mediocre play caller but his staff would be just fine with say a Matt Ryan and freedom of scheme and personnel use.


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            Heyward Bey?


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              Originally posted by regoob2 View Post
              Heyward Bey?
              Hard to evaluate. Doing very bad statisticly but gets open here and there. Jamarcus just cant hit him. Also runs the wrong route or runs it the wrong way, not very good natural hands. Nothing exciting so far but not a bust yet. Certainly not an example of good young Raiders talent so far though. I knew people would not tend to agree but Im not writing a pile of BS. Those players on that list are legit IMHO.


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                So what I've learned today is that every team in the NFL has the best young talent in the league.


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                  The Raiders are young, but the talent part just isnt there right now

                  "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                    I'm going Giants on this one. Easily...two book ends...a solid 4 man DT rotation (when healthy)...a QB...good RBs...high end O-line...young WRs...good TE in Boss...DB depth building...

                    I also really like the Eagles setup if Bradley were healthy, and then the Vikings come.

                    Actually I'll go...Giants, Vikings, Eagles, Ravens, Bengals/Colts.

                    The thing with all of those organizations is that they stuck with the same coaches while stockpiling talent. Talent will always win out over coaching assuming both teams are well coached.
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                      Originally posted by niel89 View Post
                      What do you consider young? I only looked at guys from the Ravens who are 27 and under, and who start or contribute frequently. While the Ravens have players getting up there in age (Mason, Birk, Ray, Reed, Gregg, Pryce), they still have a nice core of young players, especially on offense. We really need to add some youth to the D-line.

                      QB Joe Flacco-24
                      T Jared Gaither- 23
                      G Ben Grubbs- 25
                      C/G Chris Chester- 26
                      T Michael Oher-23
                      G/T Marshal Yanda -25
                      FB Le'Ron McClain-24
                      RB Ray Rice-22
                      WR Mark Clayton -27

                      DL Haloti Ngata-25
                      OLB/DE Terrell Suggs-27
                      LB Tavares Gooden-25
                      CB Domonique Foxworth-26
                      CB Fabian Washington-26
                      S Dawan Landry-26

                      I was going to say them! Jared Gaither is for sure the future of Bmore.
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                        Originally posted by yo123 View Post
                        So what I've learned today is that every team in the NFL has the best young talent in the league.
                        Strange how it always ends up that way. Some of these teams have no place in the conversation.


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                          Jermichael Finley is going to be very special in this offense. With Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, James Jones, and Jermichael Finley; we have a pretty stong nucleus. Need to grab an offensive line somewhere down the line.


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                            The Jaguars have a pretty promising young offensive nucleus, with the bookend tackles, Maurice Drew and Mike Walker. Despite essentially missing two games, Walker on pace for 1,300+ yards and 10+ touchdowns. At 24, he's already the best WR Jacksonville has seen since Jimmy Smith. Not to mention Mike Thomas, who contributes in a big way seemingly every week even if his box score isn't mind-blowing.

                            We still need to find our long-term franchise quarterback and we need more youth in the interior of the offensive line. And sans rookies Terrance Knighton and Derek Cox, who have played at DROY-calibur levels all year, the entire defense needs to be overhauled.

                            ... It's a start.



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