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Rhodes signed with Radiers!

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    I like the signing of Rhodes. It gives the Raiders a change of pace back to compliment Lamont Jordan. Now all they need is an offensive line.


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      Originally posted by Stash View Post
      This was a crappy move. Why keep Jordan, a mediocre RB who is due a $4 million bonus, and sign another mediocre RB in Rhodes for 4 million a year? That money could have been better spent on one of the FA TE's or OL that IMO were a much bigger need than RB. Now we have 3 mediocre RB's who's salaries total something in the range of $10 million.
      Jordan restructured.


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        Originally posted by Shiver View Post
        Would it be sacrilege to think that maybe they draft Joe Thomas?
        Sacrilege? No. Likely? No.

        I think Al Davis walks away from the 1st round with a very talented skill player no matter what.


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          i don't expect rhodes to be very effective behind that oline....but i think he could be solid if they intend on using him in a platoon with lamont jordan. if they decide to trade lj and make dom the feature guy, i don't see much good coming out of it. i understand they think justin fargas has a bright future, but i dont think so


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            i'm a big Rhodes fan ,happy he signed with the Raiders,so him teaming up with Lamont will be great all they need is an average O-Line to make a great tandem and probably take pressure of Raiders Future QB Russell



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