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    Originally posted by Unbiased View Post
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    1. Eugene Monroe, OT B+

    He struggles in week 1 against Dwight Freeny but has been solid since then at LT. Looks like he could be a pro bowler in a couple of years.

    2. Eben Britton, OT A-

    Relatively, he's looked better than Monroe. He allowed us to cut Tony Pashos who was overpaid. Looks like we got 2 outstanding tackles for our future.

    3. Terrance Knighton, DT A

    Guy has started from day 1 and has been great against the run. He is also our NT in 3-4 looks. I thought he was a big reach at the time of the draft, but I was wrong.

    3. Derek Cox, CB B+

    I hate giving up next year's 2nd, but he has been great, starting from day 1. He also allowed us to cut overpaid Brian Williams. He has 2 picks on the year.

    4. Mike Thomas, WR/PR B

    Our slot receiver and punt returner. He is an electric part of our offense.

    5. Jarett Dillard, WR, C

    Only has 3 catches on the year. Looks like the plan is to have him take over for Holt as the posession receiver in a couple of years. Not an immediate impact, though.

    6. Zach Miller, TE, C+

    Has been great on special teams and has 5 catches so far. Should get more PT next year in double TE sets.

    7. Rashad Jennings, RB, C+

    Was great value and is 1 of 2 RBs on the roster. Played well against Tennessee, but hasn't been as powerful as I originally thought.

    7. Tiquan Underwood, WR/KR, C-

    Only on the active roster because of Williamson's injury. Pretty decent kick returner, though. Has a long ways to go as a WR.
    this draft is starting to look special. two starting tackles, a starting corner and a starting DTackle and almost all the guys at least doing something usefull.

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      1. Jeremy Maclin WR - (C+) - Had 1 huge game (against the bucs) but other than that has been very quiet so far. He was expected to be a bit of a project though so this is no surprise. Needs to improve route running. Despite what many people think has a very different playing style than DeSean Jackson and complements him well.

      2. LeSean McCoy RB - (B) - Hasn't set the world on fire when given the ball but has done some nice things. Looks to be a great fit in this offense and is probably the future RB of the eagles, don't expect a Brian Westbrook-like career for him though. I actually wouldn't mind the eagles drafting a bigger back and putting him in a 2 back system with Shady.

      5a. Cornelius Ingram TE - (Incomplete) - Looked like a beast in TC but unfortuantely tore his ACL and was out for the year before preseason started. With a pretty nasty injury history it is unknown what his future holds but I would love to see him get back healthy and form a great young TE duo with Brent Celek.

      5b. Macho Harris FS - (B-) - Starting at FS, but moreso due to Quintin Demps' ineptitude. Don't get me wrong he's looked solid, especially for a 5th round former college CB, but he doesn't have any turnovers and has had some trouble in coverage. Has held his own in run support. I'm not sure he is the long-term answer.

      5c. Fenuki Tupou G/T - (D) - Is on IR but played throughout preseason. Looked very slow and was not very impressive run-blocking either. Might have a chance to make a roster somewhere but with the depth the eagles have at G I don't think he has much of a futre with Philly.

      6a. Brandon Gibson WR - (B) - It might seem odd that I'm giving him a B considering the eagles just traded him away yesterday. I and other eagles fans are sad to see him go because he was actually one of our better WRs this preseason and looks to have a bright future. He's a hard worker, has good size, is a good route runner and has very nice hands, I could actually see him being a very good slot receiver in the NFL. Made the team despite the eagles originally keeping 6 other WRs. I wish him luck with the rams.

      6b. Paul Fanaika G - (D) - Currently on the Practice Squad so isn't a complete waste just yet. Can't say I saw much of him in preseason but is your standard Andy Reid late round O-Lineman. High character guy with developmental potential, but like Tupou might have trouble making the team in the future with the depth at guard here.

      7 Moise Fokou LB - (B+) - Has not only made the team as a 7th round pick but has looked pretty impressive. Very athletic and has been one of our better special teams players. Looked solid on defense in the preseason. Needs to cutback on penalties but overall a nice value pick this late in the draft and I hope he sticks around for a while.
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        1) RB Donald Brown: B-
        Can't really expect much out of a RB when his OL doesn't give him much to work with, but he's shown some pretty good flashes. Addai and he should make a nice ground tandem when the team actually puts together a good OL again.

        2) DT Fili Moala: C-
        He's on the roster, but hasn't played yet. I have a feeling that will change with the outright release of Ed Johnson, but it's tough if not impossible to grade someone who hasn't yet had a chance.

        3) CB Jerraud Powers: A
        For once a Bill Polian 3rd round draft pick is not a bust. Powers was clearly a steal and is far more than even the most optimistic of Colts fans would have expected. If his early play is a sign of things to come, the Colts will have quite the CB tandem once Kelvin Hayden returns.

        4a) WR Austin Collie: A
        Collie is 1st among rookies in receiving TDs, 2nd among rookies in receptions, and 6th among rookies in receiving yards. I'd say he's doing pretty well for a 4th round pick.

        4b) DT Terrance Taylor: F
        He's not even on the practice squad, quite a disappointment for a 4th rounder.

        6) QB Curtis Painter: C
        As expected, he made the team as the 3rd QB. Not terrible for a 6th round pick.

        7a) P Pat McAfee: B
        He's come in and done well with punts and kickoffs, which is exactly what he was drafted for. Above average contribution from a 7th rounder.

        7b) OG Jaimie Thomas: C-
        He's still on the Practice Squad, can't expect much more from a 7th rounder on a perennial contender.

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          I love this draft class for the Colts, it's wonderful. So much for 09 being the weakest draft in years.

          I include UDFA Jacob Lacey as part of the 09 draft class too, btw.

          The Big XII has given the Colts Melvin Bullitt and Jacob Lacey in the last three years, I won't talk **** about Big XII defenses for a while. <3
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            Originally posted by wicket View Post
            this draft is starting to look special. two starting tackles, a starting corner and a starting DTackle and almost all the guys at least doing something usefull.
            I can't believe they're all on the active roster, let alone contributing in some way. Now we did have plenty of holes/needs going into the draft, so that's a big part of why this draft would look good, regardless. But getting 4 instant starters with the first 4 picks is very promising.


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              Originally posted by Unbiased View Post
              I can't believe they're all on the active roster, let alone contributing in some way. Now we did have plenty of holes/needs going into the draft, so that's a big part of why this draft would look good, regardless. But getting 4 instant starters with the first 4 picks is very promising.
              What ever happened with Tra Thomas? I thought he would be able to hold off Monroe for at least a year.


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                Aaron Maybin: F
                When he plays he gets killed.

                Eric Wood: B
                Looks good.

                Jairus Byrd: A
                Playmaker we've been looking for.

                Andy Levitre: B
                Has played good.

                Shawn Nelson: C
                Guys had 2 concussions this year, not good.

                Nic Harris: D
                Done nothing so far.

                Cory Harris: D

                Ellis Lankaster: C
                Yet to play but was great in pre-season.


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                  Baltimore Ravens:

                  Round 1: Michael Oher - A

                  He's been great for us so far. Started from day one at RT and hasn't looked back. Filled in admirably for Gaither at LT the last two weeks against a couple of this season's best pass rushers in Antwan Odom and Jared Allen.

                  Round 2: Paul Kruger - INC

                  Has only been active for one game this year and he didn't get much if any playing time in that one game. Apparently he can't play special teams at all, and our coaches really value that. Probably wouldn't gt on the field much with Suggs and Johnson anyways, but he's been a disappointment so far. Still need to see what he can do on defense to call him a bust.

                  Round 2: Lardarius Webb - C+

                  Finally got the majority of the kick return duties last week against the Vikings and he looked really good in that aspect. Supposedly he's going to start seeing more time on defense as well, so I'm excited to see what he can do. I wouldn't be surprised to see him become our primary nickle-back or even the number two by the end of this season. Partly because I like his talent, mostly because Chris arr and Fabian Washington are terrible this season.

                  Round 5: Jason Phillips - INC

                  Was rehabbing most of the pre-season from his knee surgery and was placed on IR before the season started. Not much info on him at all.

                  Round 5: Davon Drew - F

                  Looked promising in mini-camps, but hasn't shown anything since. He is now on our practice squad after being cut by Miami soon after they signed him. I don't hold out much hope for him.

                  Round 6: Cedric Peerman - F

                  I didn't understand the pick much when we took him other than he was supposedly a good value. Really wasn't impressive in the pre-season and was cut in favor of Jalen Parmele and Matt Lawrence. Was on the browns, but I don't think he's there anymore.

                  Overall this draft class is average, perhaps below average. Without Oher it could be downright terrible. Webb looks promising, but the other three guys need to show something. Kruger just needs to get in there on defense, he looked good in pre-season and we need a boost in the pass-rush.


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                    Round 1: Ziggy Hood- C

                    He looked good in the preseason leading the team in sacks, but hasn't gotten much playing time in the regular season. Against Detroit, we whiffed on a sack. I have high hopes for him and he will help take over what Aaron Smith did.

                    Round 3: Kraig Urbik- D

                    I, among other Steeler fans, thought he could be our starting RG from day 1. That isn't the case since he has looked over matched and hasn't even dressed for a game yet. UDFA Ramon Foster has looked better, but I think Urbik will turn it around and be a solid pro.

                    Round 3: Mike Wallace- B+

                    Our deep threat and number 3 reciever. Is one of the fastest football players I have ever seen on the field. He has a lot of work to do still, but is turning into a very solid reciever that Big Ben is trusting right now. He's possibly better than Nate Washington and Limas Sweed right now.

                    Round 3: Keenan Lewis- D

                    I liked this pick a lot. He hasn't dressed really this season because he got hurt, but I expect him to be our number 3 next year if/when Deshea retires. I think he has starting potential in a year or two. Could be the next Ike Taylor.

                    Round 5: Joe Burnett- C-

                    Was expected to be our PR to start the season, but he had fumbleitis during the preseason and lost the job to Stefan Logan. He has been a good player on STs and a absolute ballhawk. He hasn't made that much of an impact yet, but I think it will come once he gets more comfortable in the defense.

                    Round 5: Frank "the Tank" Summers- INC

                    Was our starting FB to start the season, but got hurt. Is a good special teams player, but could be a project.

                    Round 6: Ra'Shon Harris- D

                    Has a lot of potential and showed some of it in the preseason, but was cut. He signed with Carolina and had a tackle then was released and put on the Panthers PS. When the Steelers lost Smith, we resigned him to our active roster. I don't think he will be more than just a body for this season. He has nice potential to be a potential steal.

                    Round 7: AQ Shipley- F

                    Everyone's favorite draft pick by bringing the local boy home. I may be too harsh on this grade, but he is on the PS. He can only play center and that hurts him on making the roster. One thing is for certain though, he is a football player and will work hard to be part of the 53 next year.

                    Round 7: David Johnson- B-

                    Surprising grade? Indeed, but he is a really good football player. He is one of our best run blockers and has very good hands. He is the reason why we let Sean McHugh and Carey Davis go. I can see us letting go of Spaeth at the end of the season to promote Johnson.
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                      The Chiefs drafted Ryan Succop with the last pick i nthe draft..that alone gives KC an A. Tyson Jackson is looking solid and improved every week. Right now he is a C+, but each week his grade gets better. Alex Magee is ehh. Donald Washington is a work in progress, if he plays a full training camp since he came in late due to Osu graduation and what not he could see time as full time nickle and spot starter at CB. But Succop=A!
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                        Im losing it. I thought Ryan Succop was Mr. Irrelvent last year... I need sleep.

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                          1.Andre Smith OT INC
                          Long Holdout Missing Training Camp 2 days into Practice He breaks foot just starting practicing again Nov 8 against Baltimore is first game he will get into

                          2.Rey Maualuga LB A
                          A beast on the field really has brought the physical pressence at LB that this team has needed

                          3a.Michael Johnson DE B
                          Has producted no sacks but has created lots of pressure and has made some plays on special teams.

                          3b.Chase Coffman TE INC
                          Has been inactive all season even with the lack of TE Production

                          4. Jonathan Luigs C C
                          Blocking mainly on Kickoffs and Punt Returns is the C of the future

                          5.Kevin Huber P A
                          Has been Starter since day 1 and has not disappointed

                          6a. Morgan Trent CB C
                          Has played Nickel most of the year Was really exposed against Houston

                          6b.Bernard Scott RB B
                          Has made Plays everytime he has been on the field good Change of pace back for Benson

                          7a.Fui Vakapuna FB F
                          Never made it out of Training Camp was Outplayed by a Undrafted Free Agent

                          7b.Clinton McDonald DL INC
                          Been on PS all year

                          7c.Freddie Brown WR F
                          Could not make it out of Training Camp

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                            I don't even know because I've only had ONE F'ING SAINTS game all year despite them being the closest team to me.


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                              1. Andre Smith- INC: you prolly know the story, should be practicing soon and I'm anxious to see if he'll get a chance to play in the coming weeks as no one has really impressed at RT.

                              2. Rey Maualuga- B: He's been very good, but he has made his fair share of mistakes at SLB and seems to have some trouble getting off blocks at times. Regardless, he brings that hard hitting intensity this unit has needed for a very long time, and he seems to get better every week.

                              3. Micheal Johnson- B: Impressive athlete who looks like he's gonna be a good one. Will be given more of a chance now that Odom is out but he has done some good things on third downs and on special teams.

                              3. Chase Coffman- INC: Has not been active yet as he has been working on his blocking. I suspect he'll be getting his chance within the next few weeks with our problems at TE.

                              4. Johnathan Luigs- INC: Has only seen the field on some ST duty. Kyle Cook has played well so I doubt we see him this year.

                              5. Kevin Huber- A. Been as good as advertised thus far. Could be a great one for years.

                              6. Morgan Trent- B. I'm grading him a little higher than most and that's because I thought he was going to be atrocious. He's actually done some good things at Nickel though.

                              6. Bernard Scott- B. Looked fantastic in the preseason and in the limited amount of time we've seen him he's shown some excellent athletic ability. Would like to see him get some more carries.

                              This class has the makings to be great and we'll get to see more of what it can do as the season progresses. I for one can't wait to see Andre Smith suit up.

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                                Originally posted by Go_Eagles77 View Post
                                What ever happened with Tra Thomas? I thought he would be able to hold off Monroe for at least a year.
                                He's been a solid backup for us at LT. He started 1 game when Monroe was sick.



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