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    1 (3) - Tyson Jackson / DE / LSU - C+. Getting better every week. Looks like he's getting it and buying into the scheme/system but it's still early.

    3 (67) - Alex Magee / DE / Purdue - C- - Hasn't seem much time on the field. Looked decent when he was there though. Needs a lot of work.

    4 (102) - Donald Washington / CB / OSU - D - CB wasn't really a need and he is struggling. Is athletic and has potential but we have two good (imo) starting CBs and a good enough nickel in Leggett.

    5 (139) - Colin Brown / OT / Missouri - INC - Hasn't seen much time. Don't see him figuring into long term plans but I could be wrong.

    6 (175) - Quinten Lawrence / WR / McNeese - D - Has played a bit and looked okay. Has some speed and has tried out at KR/PR duties.

    7 (212) - Javarris Williams / RB / Tenn ST - INC - Didn't make the 53, practice squad player.

    7 (237) - Jake O'Connel / TE / Miami (OH) - INC - Has barely seen the field.

    7 (256) - Ryan Succip / K / South Carolina - A - Has made 9 of 10 field goals (one was blocked) and has looked good in pressure situations. Can't call it too early but it looks like we have our kicker of the future!

    We did give up a 2nd for Cassel and Vrabel. If you add in those two it was a much better draft. Cassel has played very well for having no line, run game or weapons outside of Bowe and Vrabel is solid at LB.

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    His soft D really turns me off
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      an F for McCourty, I'm killing you doughboy
      We ALL bleed scarlet
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      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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        Originally posted by Unbiased View Post
        Jacksonville Jaguars

        1. Eugene Monroe, OT B+

        He struggles in week 1 against Dwight Freeny but has been solid since then at LT. Looks like he could be a pro bowler in a couple of years.

        2. Eben Britton, OT A-

        Relatively, he's looked better than Monroe. He allowed us to cut Tony Pashos who was overpaid. Looks like we got 2 outstanding tackles for our future.

        3. Terrance Knighton, DT A

        Guy has started from day 1 and has been great against the run. He is also our NT in 3-4 looks. I thought he was a big reach at the time of the draft, but I was wrong.

        3. Derek Cox, CB B+

        I hate giving up next year's 2nd, but he has been great, starting from day 1. He also allowed us to cut overpaid Brian Williams. He has 2 picks on the year.

        4. Mike Thomas, WR/PR B

        Our slot receiver and punt returner. He is an electric part of our offense.

        5. Jarett Dillard, WR, C

        Only has 3 catches on the year. Looks like the plan is to have him take over for Holt as the posession receiver in a couple of years. Not an immediate impact, though.

        6. Zach Miller, TE, C+

        Has been great on special teams and has 5 catches so far. Should get more PT next year in double TE sets.

        7. Rashad Jennings, RB, C+

        Was great value and is 1 of 2 RBs on the roster. Played well against Tennessee, but hasn't been as powerful as I originally thought.

        7. Tiquan Underwood, WR/KR, C-

        Only on the active roster because of Williamson's injury. Pretty decent kick returner, though. Has a long ways to go as a WR.
        I agree for the most part, but:
        I'd knock Monroe's grade to a B-. He's done well, though not quite as well as you'd hope a top-8 pick would at this point. He'll get there.
        I'd up Knighton's grade to an A+. He's playing OUTSTANDING football for a third round pick.
        I'd up Mike Thomas's grade to a B+. He was a great pick for where he was selected. His electric athleticism and playmaking ability help complete the A-team of the Jaguars wide-recievers: Holt, the wily vet leader, Sims-Walker, the brash, physical and talented muscle, and Thomas, the tantalizing newcomer.

        Overall, this draft has done wonders for our offense, which (barring a long-term franchise QB and an injection of new interior O-line talent) appears to be set for the next 7-odd years. Overall grade: A


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          Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
          an F for McCourty, I'm killing you doughboy
          It's a little harsh considering he is only a sixth round pick, but the soft way he plays and the way he blows sunshine up the other players asses pisses me the **** off.
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            1. Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
            We all knew he wasnt going to come in be a good WR. We wont know about until 3-4 years D-

            2. Mike Mitchell, S, Ohio University
            Back up right now since the play of Branch and Huff. N/A

            3. Matt Shaughnessy, DE Wisconsin
            Back up right now, hopefully he learns from Seymour and Ellis. N/A

            4a. Louis Murphy, WR, Florida
            This guy looks like a baller. Has made good catches and blocks. Looks like a #2 guy B

            4b. Slade Norris, LB, Oregon State
            On the practice squad. N/A

            6a. Stryker Sulak, DE, Missouri
            Cut. F

            6b. Brandon Myers, TE, Iowa
            Looked good in preseason, Zach Miller clone. He needs more playing time. N/A

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              Originally posted by DoughBoy View Post
              It's a little harsh considering he is only a sixth round pick, but the soft way he plays and the way he blows sunshine up the other players asses pisses me the **** off.
              he's your future nickel, I guarantee it. Honestly, even if he is teh sex, you don't expect a 6th round rook to keep up with Moss and Welker
              We ALL bleed scarlet
              New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
              UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
              Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
              BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                Mouton has looked better Scotty :( it pains me it really does. I wasnt expecting him to come in and beast it up agianst Moss or Welker, I just think at this point in his career he could play with a little more fire. He has not looked terrible however. Maybe I will bump him up to a solid D. Would that make you happy Scotty?

                Originally posted by Jurrell Casey
                I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


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                  1st Round - 27th Overall - Donald Brown - RB - B-: Brown has been good but you expect a 1st Round pick to be good. If it wasn't for sub par O Line play then he would probably be doing much, much better but you shouldn't make excuses for a 1st Rounder.

                  2nd Round - 56th Overall - Fili Moala - DT - E: Hasn't contributed yet. He will play some snaps on Sunday so this rating could change in the next couple of weeks.

                  3rd Round - 92th Overall - Jerraud Powers - CB - A: Powers has started from Day 1 (missed one game through injury) and has looked very good this season. He shut down Larry Fitzgerald. Remember that. Not many CBs can claim that.

                  4th Round - 127th Overall - Austin Collie - WR - A-: It took Collie a couple of games to get going but the last few games he has been on fire. He is joint top in Receiving TDs for a Rookie and he caught all his TDs in the last two games.

                  4th Round - 136th Overall - Terrance Taylor - NT - F: In Ireland and the UK you have a grade U where if you have done so badly then you don't even get a grade. It just means ungraded. If I could I would give the Terrance Taylor pick that grade. Taylor was drafted in the 4th Round. He was expected to not on contribute but eventually start. He didn't make the 53 man roster. Hell he didn't even make the Practice Squad. In fact, he was recently cut from the Panthers Practice Squad.

                  6th Round - 201st Overall - Curtis Painter - QB - D: Painter has contributed this season, a fact that I thank Almighty God every day. It isn't that Painter is terrible its just he isn't Peyton Manning. Painter was always gonna be hard to rate considering he isn't even the main backup. But the team have seen something in Painter, which is why they chose to award him a roster spot.

                  7th Round - 222nd Overall - Pat McAfee - P - B+: McAfee has done well and is the top Rookie in both Average Punt and Net Average. He is also the top Rookie in Average Kickoff length, and 6th in the League Overall.

                  7th Round - 236th Overall - Jaimie Thomas - OG - D: Thomas hasn't contribute and won't contribute this season as he is on the Practice Squad. But when the Colts drafted him I think most Colts fans must have realised to some extent that Thomas was very raw around the edges. He wasn't in the best of condition and his technique needed work. Better to sort those out on the Practice Squad than as a member of the roster.
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                    1.Vontae Davis CB, Illinois B-: Vontae doesn't start, but will rotate in and out of the game. Had a pick 6 against Buffalo, is a decent ST player, and hasn't looked too bad at CB. He has given up a couple long passes, but with our safety play, and him being a rookie you expect that.

                    2.Pat White QB, West Virginia D: Sparano and Ireland can deny it all they want, but he was drafted to add another dimension to the Wildcat. Problem is, he doesn't have much confidence in his arm after overthrowing Ted Ginn badly week 1. Still has a long way to go, and with how Ricky and Ronnie have looked this season, it seems like a wasted pick.

                    3.Sean Smith CB, Utah B+: Smith has done a really good job in coverage all year and leads the team in break ups. Doesn't really get beat deep, but he has missed some tackles.

                    4.Patrick Turner WR, USC D: Looked great in camp, but looked scared during preseason. Hasn't been active yet, but coaches have said he's been making huge strides the past couple weeks.

                    5.Brian Hartline WR, Ohio State C: Probably the most hated pick by Fin fans during the draft, Hartline actually has looked really good. He can play out wide or in the slot, and did catch a TD against the Bills. He's also done a good job getting open. Right now though, he's the 4th WR on a running team so he won't get many looks.

                    6.John Nalbone TE, Monmouth D: Sparano and Ireland admitted that the only reason he made the team this year was because they were scared that if he got cut, he wouldn't make it to the practice squad. Really needs to work on his blocking, should see more time next year.

                    7.Chris Clemons S, Clemson D: Came into camp late, looked solid but unspectacular. Been inactive all season, but could get more time soon with Bell and Wilson struggling.

                    8.Andrew Gardner, Georgia Tech C-: Inactive, but looked good during preseason. Needs to get stronger.

                    9. JD Folsom LB, Weber State INC: Only reason I don't give an F is nobody expected or was planning on Folsom making the team, not even Folsom (who was stunned he got drafted). He actually didn't look terrible in preseason when he played, but he isn't ready for the NFL right now. On the practice squad.


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                      1. Beanie Wells - B- - he looks great as a RB, but needs to learn to block and to hold on to the ball

                      2. Cody Brown - INC - Out for the year with a broken wrist

                      3. Rashad Johnson - A - One of our best special team players, and slowy working his way on to the defense

                      4. Greg Toler - INC - He was a long term project won't be able to judge for a few seasons.

                      5. Herman Johnson - INC - Same as Toler, does seem like he will be sticking at OT though.

                      6. Will Davis - B - Good special teamer, not sure if his long term position on D will be at OLB or DE

                      7. Larod Stephens Howling - A+ - Great special teamer, good 3rd down back, excellent hands and a smart player.

                      7a. Trevor Canfield - INC - On the practice squad right now, not sure how he is progressing.


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                        1st - Knowshon Moreno (RB) - Grade: B+ - rookie rushing leader

                        1st - Robert Ayers (OLB) - Grade: B - started slow but has been really looking good the last few weeks

                        2nd - Alphonso Smith (CB) - Grade: C+ - played well early, but has been slowed a bit by an ankle injury

                        2nd - Darcel McBath (S) - Grade: B- - improving as season continues, played well subbing for Dawkins against SD

                        2nd - Richard Quinn (TE) - Grade: D - off-field issue and some bad penalties have overshadowed his overall play

                        4th - David Bruton (S) - Grade: B- - excellent special teams player

                        4th - Seth Olsen (OG) - Grade: ? - only active for 2 games covering injuries to Kuper and Hamilton

                        5th - Kenny McKinley (WR) - Grade: ? - only active for 3 games as a KR, is really buried in our good receiving corps

                        6th - Tom Brandstater (QB) - Grade: ? - inactive

                        7th - Blake Schlueter (C) - Grade: F - cut


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                          1st(13) Brian Orakpo: B: Skins are so flipping lucky he dropped to them. He's still lost at LB although he surprisingly is very fluid in the open field but more importantly is that when he puts his hand in the dirt and rushes the QB, he's nearly unstoppable. He already has 3.5 sacks and many more pressures in only 6 games and it makes you wonder how good he'd be if we utilized him correctly. Unfortunately he's better than anyone else we could be starting at his LB spot so he has to stay there.

                          3rd(Supplemental Draft): Jeremy Jarmon: C+: Looks like he could be a terrific steal for this team. He is a true DE who can get to the QB, he should be the long term replacement for Phillip Daniels. He is getting more pt as each week goes on.

                          3rd(80): Kevin Barnes: D: I love the kid but he hasn't seen the field this year at all and has been inactive for most games. He was terrible to start the preseason but really turned it on the last few games of the preseason.

                          5th Cody Glenn: F: Cut by the team. Horrible pick.

                          6th Robert Henson: F: Hasn't done anything and is only known for his comments on twitter.

                          7th Marko Mitchell: C: Can be a great steal for this team, was a superstar in preseason unfortunately he hasn't been activated for the regular season. He definitely projects into our future though. The Skins definitely made a statement by putting him on our active roster and not just ps considering he doesn't really contribute on special teams.

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                            Tennessee Titans 2009 Draft

                            1st RD: Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers - A-

                            Needs to work on concentration, but he's been credited with drops that were just bad passes from Collins. Other than that, he's been the best playmaker at WR.

                            2nd RD: SenDerrick Marks, UT, Auburn - D - Meh, I wasn't a big fan of the Marks pick since I wanted to go DT early in 2010. He's pretty much a project at this point, and has been mostly inactive behind Tony Brown, Jason Jones, Jovan Haye, and Kevin Vickerson. When he does play, he's invisible. No one expected him to be a dynamo, but to be a non-factor hasn't been encouraging. He was a Washburn pick, so hopefully Wash can develop him.

                            3rd RD (f/ NE): Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina - C - He was great in preseason, but was injured and wasn't 100% until about WK 4. Pretty much only lines up at WR, but has played well for a rookie. He gets a C because the Titans traded a future 2nd RD'er for him, which looks to be a Top 40 pick now. He has a promising future as a passing target with Britt.

                            3rd RD: Ryan Mouton, CB/RS, Hawaii - C- - Has been thrusted into the starting rotation as a rookie due to injuries, and has played as a rookie would. Totally bombed at PR/KR, and single handedly lost us the Jets game with a fumble KR and a muffed PR. Mark Jones was re-signed to take over RS duties.

                            4th RD: Gerald McRath, LB, Southern Miss - S - Loved this pick! Love, love, love, love, loved it. He was a tackling machine in the preseason, and plays on ST's right now. Keith Bulluck and Stephen Tulloch are set to be FA's (RFA for Tulluch if no CBA), so McRath will likely take over SLB or MIKE if they do. Hasn't seen playtime on defense yet, but he's been satisfactory so far.

                            4th RD: Troy Kropog, OT/OG, Tulane - S - This was a Munchak pick, and Munch has been a big part of the reason the Titans have had success with drafting and developing OL's. Kropog is the 4th OT behind Roos, Stewart, and Mike Otto, and hasn't needed to play. Next season, he'll be a swing OT/OG much like Daniel Loper was. He may even play LG with Eugene Amano set to be a FA. Very much a future pick like McRath, so he's been satisfactory.

                            5th RD: Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan State - S - Was a stud in preseason, but has been buried on the depth chart behind Chris Johnson and LenDale White. Tried KR duties, but didn't do so hot. Played in the New England game, and averaged 6.7 YPC. I didn't get to see it though, since CBS cut coverage. /cray

                            6th RD: Jason McCourty, CB, Rutgers - C - Like Mouton, was thrusted into the starting rotation due to injury. Hasn't exactly played the best, but he shouldn't be starting so early and struggles are expected. Hopefully the experience pays off down the road.

                            6th RD: Dominique Edison, WR, Stephen F. Austin - D - Unfortunately, Edison had to be cut in order to sign Roderick Hood for CB depth. He was excellent in preseason, and has hands of glue. Hopefully, he gets brought back whether on the PS or active roster.

                            7th RD: Ryan Durand, OG, Syracuse - - S - Another Munch pick, and is on the practice squad.

                            7th RD: Ryan Schommer, S, North Dakota State - S - The heir apparent to the Donnie Nickey. Is on the practice squad.
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                              Edison got brought back TH.

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                                Originally posted by DoughBoy View Post
                                Edison got brought back TH.
                                You positive about that Doughie? I haven't heard anything about it, and he doesn't appear on the PS roster on TitansOnline. I hope you're right though, and you'd think they'd bring back the guy who made the active roster through 5 weeks.
                                Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

                                Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                                Damn Ke$ha is sexy.



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