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What you wanted and what you got.

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  • What you wanted and what you got.

    I was just sitting around bored watching these big 10 games and I was wondering how much different your teams would be if you were drafting.

    For me there would have been no Joe Thomas, there would have been no Brady Quinn, it would have been a completely different franchise as far as first and second round picks went.

    2006 - This is where the Browns would have changed a lot compared to what we actually did... I wanted Haloti Ngata in round one and Marcus McNeil in round two. Yeah McNeil went 50th overall and we were picking 34th but I still remembering thinking that he would be amazing in the pros. I also wanted Jones-Drew but I don't know how he would have turned out in Cleveland.

    2007 - We would have had McNeil in place and we wouldn't have needed to go Joe Thomas third overall... I remember wanting to draft Adrian Peterson but we signed Jamal Lewis and I knew that was the end to that. I still would have done the trade for Brady Quinn, I believed it was right at the time. Quinn could still pan out he just really needs to fix some flaws in his game.

    2008 - Couldn't really do anything with this draft... Browns didn't have a pick for the first three picks because we traded for a 4-3 end and put him in the 3-4.

    2009 - With the 5th pick I would have wanted a lot more than what we got from the Jets... We got David Veikune in that trade and I'm not sure if he has even seen the field besides special teams, as well as Alex Mack (very good player) and Abe Elam as well as some stop gap players... Anyways, if we had the 5th pick I would have selected Crabtree and put him opposite Braylon Edwards, I think that would have provided a huge boost to our offense. Then with the 36th pick I would have wanted to take Ray Malaluga and with the 50th pick Lesean McCoy or Phil Loadholt to put at right tackle.

    EDIT : Oh yeah, we wouldn't have had the 50th pick because I never would have traded Kellen Winslow... Imagine an offense with Edwards/Crabtree/Winslow... **** the Browns

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    In 2006 we traded for John Abraham. That was an excellent decision, it was either him or draft Tamba Hali. We picked future bust Jimmy Williams in the 2nd round ahead of Richard Marshall much to my chagrin. I loved Marshall that year and while he isn't an all-pro or anything, he would have helped a lot. Norwood has been a good contributor, just not a healthy one. C+

    2007 was the most disappointing draft in recent memory for my Falcons. All the players I wanted: Peterson, Landry, Brown were gone. I did not want Jamaal Anderson, instead I wanted Patrick Willis. Anderson has been a disaster; although he does well in run defense he is just too slow to make an impact in terms of pass rushing, so much so that the team has moved him inside. I loved the Justin Blalock and Chris Houston picks in the 2nd round, only Blalock has been good for us. D

    2008 draft: Matt Ryan, Sam Baker, Curtis Lofton, Harry Douglas, Thomas Decoud, Kroy Biermann, nuff said. A+
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      Be glad you have Thomas over McNeil.

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        i wanted Britt and we got Nicks

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        BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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          What i wanted: Steven Jackson

          What i got: Shaft.

          That was by far one of the ugliest drafts i've ever seen a team make. Jacob Rogers, Julia Jones, Stephen Peterman, Bruce Thornton, Sean Ryan and Nathan Jones. We did get Patrick Crayton in the 7th, but i don't think that was anywhere near enough to salvage that abortion of a draft.


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            Dont even get me started with the Raiders.....I would finish typing by midnight

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              In 2002 I wanted the Jets to draft Ed Reed, they took Bryan Thomas....I'm still not over it.


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                Last year I thought the Steelers stole our draft when they took Sweed and Mendy ahead of us. We ended up getting Chris Johnson and Jason Jones instead, I was wrong.

                I hated the 2007 draft and I still do.

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                  Im happy the Saints took Malcom Jenkins this past year, he is who I was hoping for through the whole process. I would have been pissed if they drafted Beanie Wells like was much talked about, Pierre Thomas is so underrated by the media.

                  Moorestead has been fine but I wish we drafted Graham Gano, because we have 2 kickers now anyways.
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                    last year's draft for the bengals was pretty awesome. I was ******** myself the closer we got to Maualuga. I wanted us to take Duke Robinson later in the draft, though.

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                      I wanted Calvin Johnson..... we got a dlinemen playing QB

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                        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                        I wanted Calvin Johnson..... we got a dlinemen playing QB
                        I wanted Johnson as well....or Fitz or Cutler or any of the horde of ace players the raiders passed over for busts cuz they had impressive physiques

                        "Dying ain't much of a living, boy" -Josey Wales
                        Originally posted by TitanHope
                        R4L does security, and strips on the weekend.
                        He told me the best part is being able to wear the same uniform to both jobs.


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                          Only pick I really disagreed with is Aaron Ross over Chris Houston, but Ross stepped in as a rookie on a superbowl bound team and I'm not sure Houston could've done the same.


                          Originally posted by AcheTen
                          JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
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                          Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
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                          Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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                            06 - I wanted Ngata.

                            07 - I wanted Joe Thomas.

                            08 - I liked our trades. Don't hate on Williams, he's been a good end for us. And he was a tackle in Green Bay.

                            09 - I like our trades.

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                              2007 Draft: JUSTIN HARRELL OH GAWD NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
                              Im not doubting that Harrell could be a good player, but he cant stay healthy.
                              I dont really remember what we needed that draft, but I think Olsen or Miller wouldve made decent picks, even though Donald Lee ended up having a nice season.

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