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    06- Marcedes was good enough for me. Although I really wanted MJD and was glad we got him.

    07- I wanted Darrelle Revis, but of course he was gone. I kinda wanted Brady Quinn but I was glad with Reggie Nelson

    08- grumble grumble. weird move. I liked the trade because it was fair, but that doesn't count for anything now

    09- I liked Monroe, but I was tempted by Crabtree. It's a good pick so far because Monroe is progressing well and we have a good WR corps now.

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      Haha I'm new at following the draft so...

      2006- I was enamored with Chad Greenway, Haloti Ngata and Michael Huff for the Eagles who were picking just outside the top 10 if I remembered correctly and they got Brodrick Bunkley who is the third best 4-3 NT in the NFC behind Pat Williams and Big Albert Haynesworth. Bunkley has turned out great so I am happy.

      2007- Haha I wanted Michael Griffin or Brandon Meriweather and who do I get? Kevin Kolb after trading out of the first.

      2008- I REALLY wanted a LT after the whole Winston Justice debacle. I really like Ryan Clady and wanted to trade up to get him and if they didn't trade up for him I liked Chris Williams. After they had both gone off the board I was 100% sure that Otah was going to be the pick. I was also a big proponent of Felix Jones and Chris Johnson who I wanted to have to replace Westbrook. Instead the Eagles traded down and got DeSean Jackson in the second round.

      2009- I REALLY want Knowshon Moreno, Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt or Louis Delmas but instead Maclin slid and the Eagles snatched him up, I was thrilled.

      The past 3 drafts I have yelled at my TV in 2007 I yelled at the Titans when they took Griffin and when the Eagles traded with the Cowboys, in 2008 I yelled at Andy for trading out of the first again when Jeff Otah was there for the taking and in 2009 I got super ticked when the Broncos took Moreno I was calling Josh McDaniels an idiot for screwing up the Eagles draft and drafting a RB when they already had a bunch of them.


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        I wasn't planning on it, but I'll try:

        1999 - Steelers drafted: WR Troy Edwards. I wanted Troy Edwards. We needed a big time WR, and I thought he was it. I even went out and bought his jersey. I wear it once a wear after a big Steeler loss.

        2000 - Steelers drafted: Plaxico Burress. I actually wanted Deltha O'Neal as our corners needed some work. I guess we made the right choice ultimately.

        2001 - Steelers drafted: Casey Hampton. I was very cool with that, and it was who I wanted when push came to shove, though I was a bigger fan of Marcus Stroud who went before our pick.

        2002 - Steelers drafted: Kendall Simmons. I actually wanted Tank Williams at that point, wasn't a big fan of the safety play of the Steelers. Ultimately, Ed Reed was the guy I wanted for us (no joke,) and the Ravens got him before us.

        2003 - Steelers drafted Troy Polamalu. That was who I wanted as well. We traded up for him, he was our target, needed that SS bad at this point.

        2004 - Steelers drafted Ben Roethlisberger. REALLY wanted Ben, he was my #1 rated prospect at that time. Would have been happy with Dunta. Bills actually tried to trade up with the Texans for Ben, but the Texans declined because we would have then taken Dunta. Bills ended up with JP Losman. We also traded up in the second, I thought we were going for Ben Troupe, I was so pumped. Instead we got stupid Ricardo Colclough.

        2005 - Steelers drafted Heath Miller. Very expected, and I wanted him. Also really wanted David Bass, would have been happy with him.

        2006 - Steelers drafted Santonio Holmes. Obviously, I wanted him. Would have been happy with Chad Jackson as well.

        2007 - Steelers drafted Lawrence Timmons. REALLY didn't want him. Hoping for Darrelle Revis, he went a pick above us, so I ultimately would have taken Ugoh or Staley.

        2008 - Steelers drafted Rashard Mendenhall. Was fine with BPA, but at that time wanted either Jenkins, Cason, Porter, or Flowers.

        2009 - Steelers drafted Ziggy Hood. I wanted Eben Britton.
        2006 -

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          I wanted Steve Smith over Chris Henry in the 07 draft.
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            2004 - I wanted Sean Taylor BAD. This was one of the only times I was really big on a first round prospect that the Skins could have gotten.
            2005 - I wanted Mike Williams (WR). The team grabbed Carlos Rogers. Oops! I wanted Roddy White, and the team grabbed Jason Campbell.
            2006 - I wanted to get Rocky McIntosh and the team traded up to get him.
            2007 - I wanted Jamaal Anderson, and the team grabbed LaRon Landry. Big-time Oops.
            2008 - I wanted the team to stay and pick up Lawrence Jackson. Instead they traded down to get Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly.
            2009 - I wanted Michael Oher. They grabbed Brian Orakpo.

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              2001: I wanted Drew Brees, we took Jamar Fletcher because "Brees is no better than Jay Fiedler"
              2002: Traded first rounder for Ricky Williams, loved it. Only had a few picks but I loved the Seth McKinney and Randy McMichael picks.
              2003: Saints got our first rounder again because of Ricky winning the rushing title, I hated that we traded two first rounders for him but i was still ok with it. First pick was Eddie Moore though, really wanted Anquan Boldin or Anthony Adams.
              2004: Moved up to get Vernon Carey who is exactly who I wanted although didn't like giving up a fourth rounder to move up one spot. Was also one of the few that loved the A.J. Feeley trade but he never got a legit chance thanks to Wandstache's man-crush on Jay Fiedler.
              2005: Drafted Ronnie Brown but wanted either Benson or Braylon, turns out I was wrong. Loved the Matt Roth and Channing Crowder picks in rounds 2 and 3 though.
              2006: Drafted Jason Allen. I wanted pretty much anyone else but Bobby Carpenter was the one i wanted the most, turns out would have been bad either way.
              2007: Wanted Brady Quinn more than anything, took the Ted Ginn Family instead. After Ginn I really wanted either Kevin Kolb or Drew Stanton in the second round, Kolb went before us and we took John Beck over Drew Stanton. Also really wanted Jeremy Kapinos in the seventh to be our new punter but we took Brandon Fields instead.
              2008: Wanted either Jake or Chris Long, was happy with either. Hated the Henne pick and didn't really like any QBs in this draft save for Flacco and Brennan but its turned out alright so far.
              2009: Wanted Vontae Davis, got Vontae Davis. Hated the Pat White pick and was actually hoping for Tyler Lorenzen in the seventh to try him as a wildcat QB if we insisted on taking one.
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                02. all I remember was wanting Ed Reed.

                03. I wanted Chris Simms and Willis McGahee :)

                04. I wanted Eli Manning but I was happy with Gallery.

                05. I wanted Derrick Johnson

                06. I wanted Matt Leinart

                07. I wanted Russell or Quinn, Again I was so sick of passing on QBs while we had guys like Tui, Collins, Walter and Brooks playing QB.

                08. I wanted Jake Long but he went #1 overall, I was happy with McFadden.

                09. I wanted Michael Oher. After reading the Blind side I was a huge fan.
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                  2006-I wanted Haloti and thank goodness we got him. in the 2nd round I wanted Ko simpson but Chester is the starting guard on a elite OL so I cant complain.
                  2007-I wanted Ben Grubbs, I loved his athletic ability and size, we tok Grubbs
                  2008-I wanted Mike Jenkins, I was slightly upset we took Flacco. I also hated the Rice pick, I was wrong you can make a case they are our 2 best players
                  2009-I wanted Rey Malugala or Nicks/Britt, but I had no idea that Oher would slip I am really glad we took him.


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                    2001-I wanted Drew Brees or Chad Johnson but we got Jamar Fletcher... ugh

                    2002-No first but I was cool with what we got. We did get a couple good years out of McMichael.

                    2003-Actually wanted Tyrone Calico or Victor Hobson. Got Eddie Moore... ugh

                    2004-Wanted Shawn Andrews, and that's obvious who we were going for but the Iggles traded up. After that I wanted Vince Wilfork or Chris Snee, but we took Vernon Carey. Carey is a solid player, but hated trading up one pick for him.

                    2005-Wanted either Ronnie Brown, Alex Smith, or Braylon Edwards. Was leaning towards Ronnie because we didn't know if Ricky would be back or not. Also loved Matt Roth and Channing Crowder picks. 3 solid players, but Roth and Crowder could be upgraded.

                    2006-Wanted Donte Whitner and the Bills took him. Then I wanted Manny Lawson. We took Jason Allen. Ugh...

                    2007-Originally wanted Brady Quinn, but by draft day I wanted Patrick Willis or Adam Carriker. We took Ted Ginn. I was pissed at the time, and Teddy still frustrates me, but he's not too bad. The rest of the draft I loved, but for all but 3 players are gone (Ginn, Solia, and Fields)

                    2008-Wanted one of the Longs. Loved getting Merling and Langford as well.

                    2009-Wanted Rey Mauluga, Darius Butler, or Sean Smith in round 1. We got Vontae Davis (who I completely forgot was on the board) which I was ok with. Wasn't a fan of Pat White. Actually wanted Paul Kruger, or Connor Barwin. Loved getting Smith so late in round 2. Wasn't thrilled with Turner or Hartline (couldn't tell you who I wanted, but just not them). Couldn't care less with the rest, but I had never heard of any of the other guys.


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                      Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                      2007 Draft: JUSTIN HARRELL OH GAWD NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
                      Im not doubting that Harrell could be a good player, but he cant stay healthy.
                      I dont really remember what we needed that draft, but I think Olsen or Miller wouldve made decent picks, even though Donald Lee ended up having a nice season.
                      Apparently Shanahan would have taken Harrell if he were still there a pick later instead of Jarvis Moss. That man should not be allowed to draft defensive players if he ever gets a coaching gig again.


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                        2006- Woulden't have minded Bush but in no trade up. Would have been fine with D'Brick, Cutler, Leinart. Got D'Brick. No complaints. Was cool with Mangold, who looked like a surefire lock there. Loved the Abraham deal, send a guy who didn't want to be here and a guy who would never play in the playoffs out of town. Didn't love or hate Clemens but I was hoping LenDale White would have fell. Did want MJD though under those circumstances though, he was sick at UCLA.

                        2007- Since I didn't have any clue we would do a draft day trade, at 25 I wanted Woodley. Badly. If we got Greg Olsen I wanted to punch someone, wanted no part of him on that day. Deal up for Revis was awesome though, liked it then. Like it now. Was hoping Jarrett would have fell to us in round 2 but we got David Harris so lets chalk that one up under the glad I didn't get my wish department.

                        2008- Since McFadden was taken, I wanted and had gotten Gholston. So no complaints there. Wanted Kelly or Devin Thomas in the 2nd round but we traded up for Keller at the time. Wasn't sure of the move since I liked Chris Baker but Keller isn't such a bad guy

                        2009- Was hoping Maclin would fall to us(And he did had we stayed in our spot) but we dealt up for Sanchez and I was A-OK for the move after I saw what was given up. Was questionable to deal more picks for Shonn Greene though, I wanted a Wide Out there. Ramses Barden I think was the guy I was hoping we'd nab to open up Day 2.


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                          The only big one I can think of was round 2 of the 2008 draft, we got Jerome Simpson but I wanted DeSean Jackson or Limas Sweed.

                          Speaking of which, I remember a few Saints fans trying to rub it in our face that they got Sedrick Ellis that year, but I was, and currently still am, glad that we didn't trade up for him because Keith Rivers is the man. That's not to say that I thought Ellis was a bad pick, it just wasn't as big of a need for us.


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                            Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
                            I was just sitting around bored watching these big 10 games and I was wondering how much different your teams would be if you were drafting.

                            For me there would have been no Joe Thomas, there would have been no Brady Quinn, it would have been a completely different franchise as far as first and second round picks went.

                            2006 - This is where the Browns would have changed a lot compared to what we actually did... I wanted Haloti Ngata in round one and Marcus McNeil in round two. Yeah McNeil went 50th overall and we were picking 34th but I still remembering thinking that he would be amazing in the pros. I also wanted Jones-Drew but I don't know how he would have turned out in Cleveland.

                            2007 - We would have had McNeil in place and we wouldn't have needed to go Joe Thomas third overall... I remember wanting to draft Adrian Peterson but we signed Jamal Lewis and I knew that was the end to that. I still would have done the trade for Brady Quinn, I believed it was right at the time. Quinn could still pan out he just really needs to fix some flaws in his game.

                            2008 - Couldn't really do anything with this draft... Browns didn't have a pick for the first three picks because we traded for a 4-3 end and put him in the 3-4.

                            2009 - With the 5th pick I would have wanted a lot more than what we got from the Jets... We got David Veikune in that trade and I'm not sure if he has even seen the field besides special teams, as well as Alex Mack (very good player) and Abe Elam as well as some stop gap players... Anyways, if we had the 5th pick I would have selected Crabtree and put him opposite Braylon Edwards, I think that would have provided a huge boost to our offense. Then with the 36th pick I would have wanted to take Ray Malaluga and with the 50th pick Lesean McCoy or Phil Loadholt to put at right tackle.

                            EDIT : Oh yeah, we wouldn't have had the 50th pick because I never would have traded Kellen Winslow... Imagine an offense with Edwards/Crabtree/Winslow... **** the Browns
                            How are you angry over the Thomas pick?


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                              Originally posted by wordofi View Post
                              How are you angry over the Thomas pick?
                              Don't think he's angry about it, it's just that he would have drafted McNeil the year before and would've had no need for a left tackle with the #3 overall pick.

                              This isn't a 20/20 exercise, just what you wanted on the day.


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                                2004 Round 1, #6 - WR Roy Williams
                                Wanted: Sean Taylor, Kellen Winslow
                                Both were picked ahead of us, I was very happy with what we got in the trade down but naturally, none of the picks turned out.

                                2004 Round 1, #30 - RB Kevin Jones
                                Wanted: Ben Watson, Ben Troupe, Kevin Jones, Tatum Bell
                                When I saw that we traded for the pick, I was thinking we'd select one of those four. I didn't have anything against any of them. Liked the pick quite a bit.

                                2005 Round 1, #10 - WR Mike Williams
                                Wanted: Antrel Rolle, Derrick Johnson, Erasmus James
                                Anybody else in the draft would've been a better pick. I hated it.

                                2006 Round 1, #9 - LB Ernie Sims
                                Wanted: Michael Huff, Vernon Davis
                                I was worried that we'd select Matt Leinart or Jay Cutler.. I didn't want either. I was glad that we picked Ernie Sims.

                                2006 Round 2, #40 - S Daniel Bullocks
                                Wanted: Mathias Kiwanuka, Jimmy Williams, Winston Justice, Roman Harper
                                If I remember correctly, Kiwi, Jimmy Williams and Winston all had pretty big draft day falls. I was hoping they'd make it to our Round 2 pick. Not disappointed with the Daniel Bullocks pick.

                                2007 Round 1, #2 - WR Calvin Johnson
                                Wanted: Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis
                                I wanted Willis very bad. I would've loved a trade down for him. Nervous when Oakland came up to the podium and my day was made when they selected JaMarcus. I wasn't a big fan of Gaines Adams so I'm glad we didn't make a move for him.

                                2007 Round 2, #43 - QB Drew Stanton
                                Wanted: LaMarr Woodley, David Harris, Victor Abiamiri, Josh Wilson
                                What a disaster, I did not want Drew freakin Stanton.

                                2007 Round 2, #58 - DE Ikaika Alama-Francis
                                Wanted: Victor Abiamiri, Quentin Moses, Marcus McCauley
                                I hated that we traded up one spot AFTER Abiamiri went. I was indifferent to this pick.

                                2007 Round 2, #61 - S Gerald Alexander
                                Wanted: Quentin Moses, Marcus McCauley, Dante Hughes, Charles Johnson
                                I don't recall ever hearing of Gerald Alexander before we picked him. At this point I was lost, wondering what was going on with our draft. Bah.

                                2008 Round 1, #17 - OT Gosder Cherilus
                                Wanted: Derrick Harvey, Jerod Mayo, Jonathan Stewart, Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Williams, Branden Albert
                                I hated this pick. I came around to it, and he's solid enough now.. but.. still.. GOSDER?

                                2008 Round 2, #45 - LB Jordon Dizon
                                Wanted: Calais Campbell, Matt Forte, Brandon Flowers, Curtis Lofton, Quentin Groves
                                This pick disgusted me, I completely hated it. I look forward to the draft all year and we came away with Gosder and Jordon. Ugh.

                                2009 Round 1, #1 - QB Matt Stafford
                                Wanted: Matt Stafford
                                Loved the pick of course. Did not want Jason Smith or Aaron Curry. I was relieved when we signed him prior to the draft, I couldn't stand the thought of selecting Aaron Curry #1.

                                2009 Round 1, #20 - TE Brandon Pettigrew
                                Wanted: Michael Oher, Rey Maualuga, Vontae Davis, Ziggy Hood
                                Was not a fan of the pick at first.. I've came around to it though.

                                2009 Round 2, #33 - S Louis Delmas
                                Wanted: Rey Maualuga, Darius Butler, Everette Brown
                                Satisfying pick. Nothing against it.. I had my hopes up for Maualuga, but Delmas was a fine pick.
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