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    No way to prove and no reason for anyone to believe me, but I wanted Michael Roos out of Eastern Washington


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      2005, 1st round, 4th pick- Cedric Benson, RB
      Wanted: Braylon Edwards, Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson
      -Unfortunately, the two guys I wanted went before Benson. I preferred Benson to Cadillac Williams, but wasn't crazy about having that pick in general.

      2005, 2nd round pick, pick #39- Mark Bradley, WR
      Wanted: Brodney Pool, Khalif Barnes, Roscoe Parrish
      -None of these three would have been great picks, but they would have been better than Bradley.

      2006, 1st round, pick #26- traded for Danieal Manning and Dusty Dvoracek
      Wanted: Santonio Holmes, Marcedes Lewis, Sinorice Moss
      -Holmes, once again, went 1 pick before ours. Danieal Manning has been better than my other two guys.

      2006, 2nd round, pick #57- Devin Hester, WR
      Wanted: Greg Jennings, Richard Marshall, Eric Winston
      - I did not want Devin Hester. I am stupid.

      2007, 1st round, pick #30- Greg Olsen, TE
      Wanted: Greg Olsen, Joe Staley
      -Slam dunk. I didn't think Olsen would fall to us, but I pooped myself when he did.

      2007, 2nd round, pick #62- Dan Bazuin, DE
      Wanted: Brandon Mebane
      -Stupid Dan Bazuin. Brandon Mebane was taken 23 picks later, and is having a great career.

      2008, 1st round, pick #14- Chris Williams, OT
      Wanted: Jeff Otah, Chris Williams
      -I would have been fine with either. I did not want Brandon Albert.

      2008, 2nd round, pick #44- Matt Forte, RB
      Wanted: Desean Jackson, Matt Forte
      -Another win-win situation.

      Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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        I've been generally satisfied with first rounders...I wanted Pacman, VY, Griffin and Britt.

        I was actually pretty disgusted when I heard we took Chris Johnson, and almost had a heart attack when ESPN showed Chris Wells on the phone during the Titans pick.


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          2006 1st round pick- Vince Young
          Wanted: Jay Cutler,Vince Young

          I was holding out hope that the saints would pass on Bush, but I was thrilled when we took Vince...not so much now.

          2006 2nd round- LenDale White

          Wanted LenDale the whole time and I **** myself when we got him. He has been okay for us.

          2007 1st round- Michael Griffin
          Wanted:Robert Meachem, Dwayne Bowe

          I was suprised by this pick, but okay with it and I still am. I REALLY wanted Bowe though.

          2007 2nd Round- Chris Henry (RB)
          Wanted: Steve Smith or Eric Wright

          I hated this pick! We drafted a running back a year before and this guy never did **** in college. Never ended doing much in the NFL. Steve or Eric would have been great Picks.

          2007 Round 3- Paul Williams
          Wanted-Tank Tyler or Jonnie Lee Higgins

          This pick sucked then and it sucks now. I stopped watching the draft at this point. Tank and Jonnie have had good careers.

          2008-1st Round-Chris Johnson
          Wanted anyone but Chris. Mainly-Devin Thomas, Malcome Kelly.

          I remember prior to this the Titans making the pick chanting: NOT CHRIS JOHNSON, NOT CHRIS JOHNSON. Boy was I pissed.

          2008 Round 2- Jason Jones
          Wanted-Sweed, Doucet, Earl Bennett

          ******* pissed we did not take a reciver. I wanted us to trade up for Sweed but the Steelers stole him. Earl was the pick I wanted us to make after Sweed was picked. We got Jason, who is great when healthy.

          2009- 1st Round- Kenny Britt
          Wanted-Rey Maualuga, Sean Smith, Clint Sintim

          If I thought we would pick a WR, Kenny would be on the list. Loved this pick when it was made, I almost cried.

          2009 2nd Round-SenDerrick Marks
          Wanted- Shawn Nelson, Jared Cook, Roy Miller, D.J Moore.
          This pick was a head scratcher at the time. But I was so happy we picked Kenny I didn't even care.
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          Originally posted by Jurrell Casey
          I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


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            For first rounders since I started really seriously following the draft:
            2005: Wanted Aaron Rodgers, got Cedric Benson.

            2006: Wanted Santonio Holmes reeeeeally badly. He was taken one pick before us. I threw things. We traded out of the first. I was so angry at the Steelers, I didn't care.

            2007: Greg Olsen was the no-brainer. I was psyched. Didn't imagine he'd fall to us there.

            2008: wanted Ryan Clady or Brandon Albert, took Chris Williams. Wasn't disappointed. Coulda lived with any of these or Otah.

            2009: Wanted Cutler, got Cutler. Had we kept Orton and the pick, I would have been pretty jazzed to see Oher on the board (duh).


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              2005 Round 1, #6 - Adam "Pacman" Jones
              Wanted: Antrel Rolle, Mike Williams, Carlos Rogers
              Looking back on it, either of the two top corners would have been better. Though Rolle wouldn't have been a good one considering he moved to safety. Sadly, wanted Mike Williams the most though. God I eventualkly like this pick until he just decided to do stupid **** and get himself ostracized out of the league.

              2006 Round 1, #3 - Vince Young
              Wanted: Vince Young
              Enamored after that incredible Rose Bowl performance. Looking back, we probably should have drafted Cutler.

              2007 Round 1, #19 - Michael Griffin
              Wanted: Robert Meachem, Sidney Rice, Dwayne Jarrett
              Didn't like the pick at first, love it now considering the others have yet to produce at a Pro Bowl level.

              2008 Round 1, #24 - Chris Johnson
              Wanted: Limas Sweed, Malcolm Kelly, DeSean Jackson
              Hated the pick at first, would have meant we drafted 3 RB's in 3 consecutive drafts in the first 2 rounds. Also means we would have drafted another workout warrior. God, I was so wrong.

              2009 Round 1, # 30 - Kenny Britt
              Wanted: Kenny Britt, Rey Maualuga
              Too early to call, but I loved it when we drafted this guy. After years of passing on this damn position, we drafted probably the guy with the best skills out of any of the previous possible draftees.

              Originally posted by bearsfan_51
              Show me your Wang, if you will.


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                In '06 I wanted Cutler, but I'm down with D'Brick and Mangold. It's later when we don't pick MJD (Clemens), Gocong (I like him), and Gabe Watson because we had no 3-4 DL at the time.

                In '07 we got Revis and Harris...only thing I'd change is getting Woodley instead. I still swear we gave the Steelers Woodley for taking Revis right from them.

                In '08 there was Gholston...ah Vernon Gholston. Some of the guys I wanted in this draft include Chilo Rachal, Jason Jones, and Kendall Langford. I really liked all 3 of those guys...Tavares Gooden would have been nice as a developmental LBer. Also liked Kyle Moore alot as a developmental DL.

                '09 I really liked Maclin. If he stays healthy he'll be dangerous for the Eagles. I wanted McCoy in the 2nd, but I realized how improbable that was.


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                  This thread really punctuates how horrible the 2005 class was.


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                    2005- Wanted Tuck in the second round. Got him in the third and Webster in the second, so can't complain.

                    2006- Loved Demeco Ryans. Still not crazy about this draft. Would have loved to either have Santonio Holmes or Demeco Ryans on that Giants right now.

                    2007-Going back in the Giants thread, I had this draft for us. Would have had to trade up for Revis but I wanted him so bad.

                    1. Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
                    2. Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio St/Steve Smith WR USC
                    3. Stewart Bradley OLB Nebraska/Justin Durant OLB Hampton
                    4. Darius Walker RB Notre Dame
                    5. Jay Alford DT Penn St
                    6. Tyler Ecker TE Michigan

                    Can't complain with our 2007 draft. It was excellent and we ended up getting two of the guys on my list anyway. Walker and Ecker ended up being nothings so I'm glad Reese is our GM and not me.


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                      I wanted Suggs > Bryant Johnson and Calvin Pace and I wanted AD > Levi Brown, I was right on both occasions


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                        I wanted someone in the 2005 draft who wouldn't get arrested, a broken neck or get hooked on drugs instead of phonics

                        The Twitters


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                          Oh man did I want Tuck in '05.

                          Still, nothing beats recent Jets drafts like when the Texans and anyone in the top 3 refused to let us get Andre Johnson in '03.


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                            Only went to 2004 since thats when I started getting into the NFL draft and all this good stuff

                            2009 Draft
                            Round 1 WR Darrius Heyward-Bey
                            Wanted: Crabtree, Maclin, Monroe or trade down

                            Pretty obvious to why I didnt like this pick, Maclin is playing good and Crabtree made a impact today. Would be great to have Monroe and Henderson as 2 young OT's

                            Round 1 RB Darren McFadden
                            Wanted: Darren McFadden
                            I was really happy when we drafted him, thought he would make a impact Reggie Bush should have made. Now he is injury prone and has only had 1 great game

                            Round 1 QB JaMarcus Russell
                            Wanted: Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson
                            I had a feeling Russell wasnt going to be good and well look at him now. I remember watching AP as a freshman and said he was a future NFL RB. I remember watching highlights on youtube for CJ and nearly ejaculated

                            Round 1 FS Michael Huff
                            Wanted: Matt Lienart, Jay Cutler
                            I remember sitting on my couch, seeing Lienart there and thought man I am going to buy his jersey soon. Huff is now starting to play good

                            Round 1 CB Fabian Washington
                            Wanted: Aaron Rodgers
                            Rodgers is a Chico,Ca native and my Dad went to college there and just hearing about Chico made me want him. Also the fact he went to Cal would have been cool since he would have alot of support.

                            Round1: OT/OG Robert Gallery
                            Wanted: Gallery, Fitzgerald
                            Thought we got our future LT that we could build around. Also wanted Fitz since Rice and Brown were gone.

                            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                              1st I wanted the saints to trade down. apparently they tried but they couldnt find a taker. I wanted Jenkins as a safety cuz i didnt see him starting over greer and porter. I stand by that but Jenkins was the right choice at that point.
                              4th I never really considered chip vaughn cuz i didnt expect him to fall but I was fine with the pick when it happened. I however REALLY wanted Gerald McRath over Stanley Arnoux, that still bumms me. I think McRath would have been playing a lot by now already.
                              5th I just didnt wanna trade up for a punter. But the kid is doing really good so I guess I should be okay with it.

                              2008. Outside of Mehlaff they drafted everyone I wanted. I know I was so psyched when they got nicks and pressley in the fifth. Loved the trade up for ellis and had a mancrush on porter. This draft was pure gold.

                              I wasnt thrilled about maechem cuz I wanted greg Olsen
                              I was fine with usama young
                              I wanted Marvin White or LeRoy Harris over Pittman
                              Was fine with Bushrod

                              Wanted Bush and got him
                              I was fine with Roman Harper
                              I didnt know what to think of the Jahri Evans pick

                              Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                              - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                              - Corner or Wideout in the first
                              - No reaching
                              - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                                I wanted to win yesterday. I got one of the most embarrassing losses ever



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