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How to fix/rebuild the worst teams in the NFL

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    For the Browns, it simply comes down to adding talent.

    There were maybe 8 or 9 legitimately good NFL players when Mangini/Kokinis got here. He traded 2 of them (Winslow was damaged goods and Braylon wanted out) for picks and players because the team was so filled with holes. Despite that, Phil Savage had already hijacked Mangini's first draft by trading away 3 of its picks, so even with the trades down, the Browns only ended up with 8 picks.

    Currently, the Browns have 11 picks in the 2010 Draft, so the FO has to make those picks count if they want to turn this team around.

    Personally, because of the horrible lack of talent, I think quarterback is a bad idea. I also think if they do not get a QB with their 1st pick, it's a waste of time. Suh, Berry, and McCoy are the 3 elite talents in this draft, so getting one of them would be ideal.

    They need to finish building the offensive line (the right side is attrocious), develop a consistent running game, and build Rob Ryan's defense. Go with what Mangini knows.

    And then it's imperative to fire Brian Daboll, who is a horrible OC.


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      People rag on the Pettigrew pick but Pettigrew is Oline aid for sure. Think if the Lions draft Okung(or another stud LT) with Pettigrew next to him and Gosder on the other side. Now that is a fierce looking Tackle/Tight End blocking combo for years. Run off tackle every play since our guards suck. Loper not working out, and Peterman was resigned but just doesn't cut it.

      Lions stud DT and stud LT however they fall in Round 1 and 2. Corner in free agency and pay for one as stated. Then a corner or guard in Round 3. Pass rush needs to be more consistent. Decent number of sacks this year but its not consistent. I think a stud DT getting interior rush will help our DEs especially Avril. Julian Peterson can still do some things in that department as well.

      Haven't really followed the other teams this year enough to comment.


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        KC Chiefs
        Cleveland Browns
        St. Louis Rams
        Tennessee Titans
        Tampa Bay Bucs
        Buffalo Bills
        Washington Redskins
        Oakland Raiders
        Detroit Lions
        Carolina Panthers
        Seattle Seahawks
        It's been many a season since I've seen this many teams with this many godawful W-L rcds. this far into the yr. I expect polarization within 32 teams, haves & have-nots, but damn!

        Of these teams, 2 (Skins, Raiders) have meddlesome owners who need to be taken out behind a bldg. & shot for anything meaningful to happen that might turn their teams around.

        One (Buffalo) has a 91-yr-old owner just inducted into the HoF & one foot in Toronto where the League is forcing out across an international border to eat into the CFL mkt. I can't see how that is in any way going to improve the W-L rcd. & is almost almost guaranteed to make things far worse.

        And one other (Rams) is the most demoralized team I've ever seen, the most likely to go winless but Cleveland could be another one. And they're for sale for an asking price of twice or more what they're worth in this down economy, no takers..... the future for St. Louis looks gloomier than anywhere in the NFL IMO. I wouldn't be surprised to see their draft picks go the UFL or CFL rather than play there.
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          Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
          Damn that's depressing. Same for the Raiders and Uncle Al I guess.
          but Al at least is old

          Saints 2014 draft wish list:
          - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
          - Corner or Wideout in the first
          - No reaching
          - No Kelvin Benjamin


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            Originally posted by drowe View Post
            4-If I'm running the Cleveland Browns;
            -This is tough. We need everything. and we really needed to come away with more impact players than we did in the 2009 draft. things are rough. my o-line is solid. but, we have terrible QB play, WRs that we can only hope will emerge, no weapons at RB, a bad secondary and zero pass rush.
            -In the draft, I'm going BPA. If that means a QB in the top 10, then that's what will happen. there is no area of our team that the best player available would be a bad idea.
            -In free agency, I'm fully aware that we are more than a good signing or 2 away from competing. we have a roster full of underachievers and Jets backups. So, i'm going bargain hunting. If i can get a couple pieces at the right price, I'm doing it.
            -So, yeah, i'm going into the offseason with no plan.
            hhmmmm . . . this sounds suspiciously like drowe = Eric Mangini??

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              KC Chiefs-Find a a franchise left tackle, an elite pass rusher and a coach that the team will respect

              Cleveland Browns-Find a franchise QB, an elite pass rusher and another receiver

              St. Louis Rams-Find franchise QB and an elite pass rusher

              Tennessee Titans-Fire Jeff Fisher, draft Gerald Mccoy or Suh, give Vince Young one more chance

              Tampa Bay Bucs-Draft Mccoy, find franchise Qb and elite pass rusher

              Buffalo Bills-Fire Dick decide if Edwards is the future

              Washington Redskins-Fire Zorn..hire Holmgren...decide once and for all if campbell is the future

              Oakland Raiders-suffocate Al Davis, Trade Russel, drop drafting solely on 40 times

              Detroit Lions-Find franchise Left Tackle and elite pass rusher

              Carolina Panthers-Find some way to get rid of Jake, find a number 2 reciever

              Seattle Seahawks-Fire Mora...find a replacement for Hassleback

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                The Titans and Raiders are a consistent quarterback away. The Titans secondary needs some help as well and the Raiders are just too young and immature.

                The Redskins need to decide what they're future is. They sign players to be contracts yet are still up in the air about their franchise quarterback. Spend the money wisely. Find a capable GM and have a plan.


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                  draft them more Rutgers players
                  We ALL bleed scarlet
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                  Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                  BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                    Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                    draft them more Rutgers players
                    I'd welcome Savage to Sanu in 2 years


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                      For Oakland I really believe we have alot of talent. The defense is as talented as most any other D's, sure we could use a SLB and a DT but they are good enough to win games. The offence is the problem. Russell is not our future QB, if we can get a vet QB, a RG and a RT we should be alright. Bush, Fargas and DMC are good RB's and our WR's are young.

                      Only way we make big changes to the coaching scheme is when Al is gone. We are finally blitzing more which is showing us that our D is good, but enough of the deep passing game

                      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                        For Oakland I really believe we have alot of talent. The defense is as talented as most any other D's, sure we could use a SLB and a DT but they are good enough to win games. The offence is the problem. Russell is not our future QB, if we can get a vet QB, a RG and a RT we should be alright. Bush, Fargas and DMC are good RB's and our WR's are young.

                        Only way we make big changes to the coaching scheme is when Al is gone. We are finally blitzing more which is showing us that our D is good, but enough of the deep passing game
                        Oakland isn't among the horrible teams for a change this yr. They can get it done with that defense Ryan built. I've always been a big Kirk Morrison & Ndami Asomugha fan, they were smart to FP Asomugha.

                        Their offense on the other hand, ohhhh (facepalm) Well, they have to rebuild the o-line, & they have a Pro Bowl quality TE as a cornerstone. They have 3 RBs who, when healthy are as good as any in the AFC West not named Moreno, maybe better, & they need a new QB. Some better receivers (I have zero faith in Heyward-Bey), 2-3 OLs & a QB, they're 3 drafts away.


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                          Firing Fisher isn't the #1 way for the Titans to rebound. He's not the reason for the losses. The losing has been caused by several minor problems, unfortunate circumstances, and outright bad luck, which has all combined into a snowball effect, fittingly culminating to pointbreak in a game played in a blizzard (Well, a blizzard compared to Tennessean standards! ;)).

                          If I had reign over the Titans, I'd put Fisher in charge of defensive play-calling. Chuck Cecil will remain DC in title, but by not having play-calling responsibilities, he can catch up to the role and also spend extra time on the secondary. Marcus Robertson took over the DB Coach position when Cecil was promoted, and the secondary now looks worse under Robertson. By having Cecil contribute as a position coach again, he'll be able to coach up the rookies who've been thrusted into starting roles and also help bridge the gap between his intentions as a DC and the roles and responsibilities that the Safeties will have.

                          Early in his career, Jim Schwartz fielded terrible defenses. Titans fans hated Statistical Jim, and didn't like his conservative scheme for a defense that lacked talent. In 2006, the Titans DEF was the worst in the NFL, although it greatly improved toward the end of the season when Haynesworth returned from suspension. Patience paid off with Schwartz, so perhaps the same will hold true for Cecil.

                          As for the QB situation, Kerry Collins should get the Jacksonville game to prove whether or not it's in the team's best interest to start Vince Young for the rest of the season. It's imperative to make a decision on the QB of the future before the Draft. If VY shows he's ready, then pass on a 1st RD QB and take the pass-rusher. If VY doesn't show enough, then it's time to move on and invest that early 1st RD pick on a franchise QB. BBD was right when he doubted the Titans because the inferior QB play. The Titans will never win the Super Bowl without a franchise QB who can lead the team to victory. VY has said that he'll restructure his deal to stay in Tennessee, but I hope he doesn't have to by returning to the player we all know he can be.

                          The team is also set to lose several starters/contributing players - LenDale White, Kevin Mawae*, Eugene Amano, Kyle Vanden Bosch*, Tony Brown, Jevon Kearse*, Keith Bulluck*, Stephen Tulloch, and Nick Harper* (*Signifies a player over the age of 30 years old; Players in italics would be RFA's in CBA isn't extended). If it's possible to tender LenWhale or Brown, and trade them for picks, then that may be a wise decision since a big draft class is needed to help fill in the roster after losing so many guys. Moves in FA would also take place, but I expect mostly low-key signings - although, I wouldn't be surprised if the team goes after a single position and pays at or above market value for him, preferrably CB or LB. They'll have an early 1st RD'er, an early 3rd RD'er, and a 3rd RD compensatory pick for losing Haynesworth that they'll be able to use to fill needs through the Draft.

                          I think things can be turned around fairly quickly, thanks to the OL and young, marquee players like Chris Johnson, Cortland Finnegan, Michael Griffin, Jason Jones, and Kenny Britt if he continues to get better. If Fisher does go, the next HC certainly doesn't have an empty cupboard.
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                          Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                          Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                            For the Chiefs:

                            On offense, we need to ditch LJ completely and rebuild that offensive line. Cassel could use another weapon and we need to get a RB here who can carry the workload and isn't an asshat.

                            On defense, we need a pass rushing OLB opposite Tamba Hali and we are in huge need of a playmaking safety. NT is a trouble spot now that we traded away Tank Tyler, but no one from this draft would make the impact that a safety or OLB would. Eric Berry please.

                            I'd also like to see us hire an Offensive Coordinator rather than let Haley call his own plays. That was one of the biggest mistakes this year for this team. Not necessarily the firing of Chan Gailey but the decision to call his own plays.
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                            Originally posted by fenikz
                            His soft D really turns me off
                            ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                              good WR, good QB, more depth on defense. actually to fix the browns, you probably need a new owner, gm, coach, and city.....worked last time. cleveland is cursed.


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                                The Whisenhunt approach:

                                Bring in hard-nosed, veteran coaches, to help establish a winning atmosphere(Grimm, Haley, Davis, Austin, Aiken, Miller).

                                Figure out your core and build around it(Wilson, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Warner, Dansby, Dockett).

                                Don't skip in scouting, late round steals can become cheap starters(Breaston - 5th, Ben Patrick - 7th, Kenny Iwebema - 4th, Tim Hightower - 5th, LaRod Stephens-Howling - 7th).

                                Rookies must contribute on special teams, I don't know how many times this year & last that a rookie of ours has made a huge tackle or opened up a big hole for a return.
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