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Darren McFadden getting a pass on criticism.

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  • Originally posted by vidae View Post
    Yeah, real nice of him to start kicking ass now. [sarcasm] I'm so excited to play him twice a year. [/sarcasm]
    I wonder if McFadden's been watching tape of Charles, or if it's the other way around. ;)

    Both teams are becoming loaded with great physical talents. It's awesome!


    • Charles > McFadden


      • Thin legs and lack of lower body power can get you in trouble when you get hit before you really can start moving, like getting hit in the backfield.

        But if your offensive line is letting your backs get hit before they are moving on a consistent basis, you have bigger issues anyway.

        McFadden might not blow guys away that get to him before he really gets churning, but he's special in the open field. I truly believe that it's the lines job to get the running back past the first level, so whether or not a guy can drag linemen for 3 yards really doesn't mean much to me, I want the guy that can make things happen in the open.
        Originally posted by SNIPER26
        fwiw, i amz deunks ofs myt ass. ilo vez drinmoinz befotre i post. wha t a hreat ideas.z.


        • Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
          Charles > McFadden
          Says the Texas fan...


          • I will have to say i think DMAC has worked his lower body more his legs seem to be much thicker then his rookie year.


            • Originally posted by 619 View Post
              That's all it was. CJ was the superior change-of-pace/combo back at the time (if anyone bothered to watch the film...), and Mendenhall was rated as the top back on more than a few teams' boards. Jerry's antics never fails to amuse me.
              You know how many Arkansas players are on Dallas? One.

              And Felix Jones was widely viewed as the superior talent. The fact that Chris played for ECU didnt help his case. As for the pick itself...Felix was getting fringe 1st round grades and the Titans were enamored with him, just a few picks after us. He went in a fine range...the fact that we passed on Mendenhall made sense. He was similar to Marion,to a point. Felix added the different dimension they were looking for. A speed back that could compliment Barber, help in the return game, and line up all over the field. And Jason Garrett, not Jerry Jones, seemed to steamhead the Felix camp. Which is surprising, because he never used the guy properly for years...but anyway, Garrett really wanted Felix. It came down to Jones/ mention of CJ, who was getting 2nd round grades, and we took the better fit for the team and the scheme. At the time, Barber was still a great back, and they were looking for a dynamic complimnent to his powerful running style. I absolutely loved the pick, myself.

              But know what CJ/Mendenhall would do for this team today? Absolutely nothing, we probably have the worst run blocking offensive line in the league. It's pathetic. I hate Garrett...but i dont even blame him for not trying to establish the run anymore...because it's not going to happen. Our backs are getting crushed in the backfield. I dont care who our RB would be right now, they're not doing anything behind that line.

              Thanks BoneKrusher^

     (the man)
              KO KNOWS


              • I'm really glad DMAC is starting to produce, people use such revisionist history on hating him as a prospect. He's been in the most defunct franchise in the NFL with the worst QB play and has battled injuries. People forget how dominant he was in college, and he was doing it against the SEC when the SEC was as good as its been.

                Now I'm tooting my own horn because I've always been a big fan of his, and he's on my fantasy team. But still, he's awesome.


                • Originally posted by BuddyCHRIST View Post
                  He's been in the most defunct franchise in the NFL with the worst QB play
                  For the record, there is a difference between defunct and dysfunctional.

                  Originally posted by Webster definition of defunct
                  1. no longer in effect or use; not operating or functioning: a defunct law; a defunct organization.
                  2. no longer in existence; dead; extinct: a defunct person; a defunct tribe of Indians.
                  3. the defunct, the dead person referred to: the survivors of the defunct.


                  • For a while though, the Raiders weren't far from being "no longer in use" at least from a practical standpoint...

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
                    Originally posted by njx9
                    do i tell you when to flip the burger?



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