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Who is the dirtiest player in the league?

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  • Originally posted by *** Ork Wang View Post
    TO with the sharpie, Horn with the cellphone?

    Also, my point was Flozell deserved a much higher fine.
    And were they not fined a **** load of money?


    • comparing the incidents and comparing the fines, no it was a relative low fine.


      • actually never mind, compared to the other fines it was alright, but then ocho cincos is very harsh.


        • Originally posted by Supporting Caste View Post
          I'm sorry, does your butt hurt? I didn't keep notes, so I guess you're going to have to just cry a while longer.

          I do remember him hitting Tony Romo after a turnover after the whistle was blown. Most of the other stuff I've seen him do is ripping at guys in piles after the whistle is blown.
          Yeah, my butt hurts because I called you out. That's it. You got me.

          Ripping at guys in the pile? Explain further please. That isn't dirty, that's being a lineman.

          I'll look for today when I rewatch the Cowboys game.

          Here's what has available. From the turnovers in the Cowboys game, here's the interception. Johnny Jolly is 97. Watch him run over to Woodson immediately after he picks the ball off. So, no late hit on Tony there.

          Woodson picks off Romo

          This is the Romo strip sack. Romo is on the ground. Jolly is the one that strips is from Felix Jones the second time. So, no hit after the whistle there.

          Woodson sack-fumble

          If you consider Jolly stopping Romo from running and complaining to the ref on the Roy Williams fumble near the end of the video, dirty, then your definition is far more extreme than mine. That would make BJ Raji a dirty player as well.

          Roy Williams catch and fumble

          Let's get a general consensus here on that play. Near the end of the video where Jolly confronts Romo and they talk a little bit. Is that considered dirty? Anyone, anyone at all...



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