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    Agree with Voodoo, but I'm leaning more towards Mario over Andre.


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      Packers- Rodgers
      Bears- ummmmm....Lance Briggs I suppose.
      Lions- Calvin Johnson


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        SD: Tough one between Vincent Jackson and Shawne Merriman, but we need a real receiver and I think Merriman hasn't been that productive lately, so Vincent Jackson.
        KC: Matt Cassel.
        DEN: Ryan Clady

        There, now our offense can do something and let the defense get a rest. Have Jamarcus play LS and pulling Guard, and we're awesome.


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          AZ - Adrian Wilson - we need help at safety
          STL - Jason Smith - we need a new RT
          SEA - Lawrence Jackson - pass rush help

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            Originally posted by Brent View Post
            AZ - Adrian Wilson - we need help at safety
            STL - Jason Smith - we need a new RT
            SEA - Lawrence Jackson - pass rush help
            For some reason I've always thought you rooted for the Packers.


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              Packers---Greg Jennings


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                I'll do something slightly different for the Titans, since there are a lot of great players in the AFC South to choose from.

                Colts - Peyton Manning, QB
                Texans - Owen Daniels, TE
                Jaguars - Rashean Mathis, CB

                I went with Peyton Manning because he's the best player in the AFCS (And NFL, IMO). He alone makes the WR's better, and opens up lanes for Chris Johnson. Plus, Manning at QB for the Tennessee Titans is every Tennessee Vols fan's wet dream. Purrrrrr...

                I went Owen Daniels over guys like Andre Johnson and Mario Williams because I feel OD would add a dimension that they wouldn't - He could be Peyton's new Dallas Clark. Kenny Britt's upside at WR lessens the need for AJ, and I think an upgraded secondary with Rashean Mathis would help the current pass-rush so that the DEF could get by without a talent like Super Mario. Plus, I don't think the Titans have a guy on the roster that could be that go to receiver at TE.

                MJD is the best player on the Jags, but with CJ in Tennessee, taking somebody like Mathis is a luxury that can be affored. It was hard not to go with Big John here, but Jason Jones is a star in the making so I went with Mathis who would fill a need at #2 CB since Nick Harper is a FA and sucks ass.
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                Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                  If age is a factor

                  Vikings: DE Jared Allen. Pass rushers are so hard to find
                  Packers: WR Greg Jennings. Woodson is a little older than I prefer, Calvin/Jennings combo is guranteed winner with Stafford
                  Bears: DT Tommie Harris. We need a DT, Harris isn't dominant like he once was but is still good.

                  Vikings: Favre
                  Bears: Culter

                  Then trade them all out of division for a gagillion 1st round picks. Browns or Rams can have Rodgers,Skins can have Cutler and I would force Favre to retire so everyone would just **** about him. Starting QBs of Hannie,Flynn and Tavaris Jackson. Sounds good


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                    Originally posted by njx9
                    Take Players From Your Rivals

                    KC - um... no thanks.
                    SD - rivers. just so they can't have him. maybe sproles, so we don't have to kick to him.
                    OAK - aso or seymour... i'd have to flip a coin.
                    Really? Don't you have interior oline problems? What about Branden Albert at G! Give me that at least! Come on!

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                    His soft D really turns me off
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                      Originally posted by SuperMcgee View Post

                      NE - Tom Brady - QB
                      NYJ - David Harris - LB
                      MIA - Jake Long - T

                      Boom. Team just got 80x better.
                      Probably how I'd go too although I may choose D'Brick from the Jets


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                        Bills- M. Lynch or A. Maybin (as an OLB)
                        Dolphins- J. Long (Vollmer is looking like the replacement for RT and Long takes over the left side)
                        Jets- D. Revis (A shut down corner. Nuff said)
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                          New England- Ty Warren DE
                          Miami- Vernon Carey RT
                          Buffalo- Lee Evans WR

                          Warren and Carey fill big needs and Evans adds some playmaking ability on offense.

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                            Damarcus Ware, Corey Webster, and Sheldon Brown. Who needs an offense.

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                              short term (considering injuries & everything
                              Atlanta: John Abraham
                              Tampa:Jeff Faine
                              Carolina: Jordan Gross

                              Long Term
                              Atlanta: Thomas DeCoud
                              Tampa: Tanard Jackson
                              Carolina: Jon Beason (Williams will find a way to make him & vilma together work)

                              Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                              - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                              - Corner or Wideout in the first
                              - No reaching
                              - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                                DEN - Clady
                                SD - Vincent Jackson
                                Oak - Zack Miller



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