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    Chicago - Lance Briggs
    Green Bay - Charles Woodson
    Minnesota - Steve Hutchinson


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      Arizona- Larry Fitzgerald
      San Francisco- Nate Clements
      Seattle- Aaron Curry


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        Our offense is fine, so i'll go all defense.

        Washington: LaRon Landry

        Philadelphia: Sheldon Brown

        New York: Justin Tuck


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          Packers - Charles Woodsen
          Bears - Lance Briggs
          Lions - Calvin Johnson

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          You are just a terrible person.
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            Originally posted by Shiver View Post
            How is Kamerion Wimbley doing for you?

            Not bad actually. He's tied for 4th in the league in sacks with 5. Still would rather have Ngata though...


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              ARI: Larry Fitzgerald
              SEA: Aaron Curry
              SF: Nate Clemens
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                Originally posted by njx9
                oi! i already made that joke.
                Yours was better. He could take Bowe and Clady, but nooo, he takes Eddie Royal. I guess it's for his "special teams" play!

                Originally posted by fenikz
                His soft D really turns me off
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                  Jets- Braylon Edwards
                  Patriots- Tom Brady
                  Bills- Lee Evans

                  aka a passing game!

                  That is correct comahan
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                    Originally posted by SuperKevin View Post
                    You wouldn't go with Jason Peters at LT over a WR that has a similar style to every other WR on your team?
                    Ha yeah I kinda just threw out some random names. I just wasn't sure who the best available lineman in the division was.

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                      Originally posted by Xonraider View Post
                      the Packers.

                      seriously, you did?

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                        Originally posted by holt_bruce81 View Post

                        Arizona- Larry Fitzgerald
                        San Francisco- Nate Clements
                        Seattle- Aaron Curry
                        You might as well take one of your rivals' whole damn team.

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                        do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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                          KC-Derrick Johnson(have him line up inside next to DJ Williams...I know Andra Davis has been a good player but Derrick and DJ would prob. give us 2 physical freaks at MLB)

                          OAK- Nmamdi(him and champ arguably the best 2 Corners in the game...they would have to throw at one or the other...and no one wants to have to throw at either)

                          SD-Jamal Williams(Healthy prob. the best NT in the game and would only help our D)


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                            Originally posted by datchapin View Post

                            Our division is packed with talent and it was hard to choose who I wanted.

                            Colts- Manning, now we win the division.

                            Jags- Henderson

                            Titans- VY.... I kid. Michael Griffin

                            You wouldn't take Chris Johnson? Really?


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                              Chiefs : Brandon Flowers
                              Chargers: Mike Scifres
                              Raiders: Richard Seymour (Wanted to say Aso, but Seymour fills a bigger need)
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                              NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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                                All the people taking Nate Clements over Willis baffles me.

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