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Dungy: Vick could end up with Bills

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    Originally posted by Rosebud View Post
    And I've watched each of Trent's starts until this season. Sure he's never focused on attack teams deep, but he threw in the 10-20 yard range fairly consistently and pretty well. He doesn't even do that any more and just seems scared since being hurt and having a ****** OL.

    Edit: Vox writing the same thing in greater depth and detail.
    I still think that's more of a coaching issue that necessarily his issue. He's been conditioned to panic when no one is open, or to look for the easy completion.

    Statistically it's more likely to achieve third down success than throwing it past the down marker anyway, so it could be the result of some stupid offensive assistant designing plays for shorter routes trying to get the WRs and Backs in space.

    I don't know, but Vick certainly would not be an upgrade. You'd get a downgrade as a passer.


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      Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
      I don't think he will make any team better. Actually, maybe the Browns.
      this would be awesome, it would at least be more exciting than what we have, and at the same time, everyone would flip out about Vick playing in front of the dawg pound.


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        Vick is a running QB who's getting up in years. Vick hasn't shown the same burst this season, but that could just be due to rust. Even if its not his explosiveness should start dropping off at his age.

        I cant see Vick leading a team to the SuperBowl and with each passing year his running ability will keep declining. I could see him being a decent stop-gag QB for a team like Washington until they draft a QB of the future.


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          Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
          everyone would flip out about Vick playing in front of the dawg pound.
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            Finally Lee Evans would have someone who could hit him in stride.


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              Originally posted by Vox Populi View Post
              From another Bills fan, you've got a revisionist view on Edwards' history as a passer. He was making good throws that were behind the first down line before that concussion. His passes weren't 30+ yard bombs, but he had a lot more 10-20 yard completions from the start of last year than he has since and the offensive line wasn't even that great at the time other than the Seahawks game. For those weeks we were all wanting to put Peters' head on a stake because of his terrible pass pro. Our line was good at run blocking though. Trent was fine until the concussion, and he really turned into captain checkdown after the 1st quarter of the Monday night game last year when we played the Browns. Thats when it first got BAD. I was at that game, he through 3 INT's in the first quarter and then from then on, every pass was a check down to Lynch or someone else short other than a couple of passes about 20-25 yards down the middle to Stevie Johnson.

              So, he was fine until Adrian Wilson lit him up and caused that concussion, started playing with no confidence after that, through 3 INT's against the Browns and then lost all of his swagger and turned into captain check down. Hes been the same ever since, and I actually think he would be better at not checking down if we didn't have Owens on the team this year because he has gone deep to Owens at least 3 times where its been a nearly perfect throw that Owens just completely dropped. Edwards seems to still have a decent deep ball when he throws it from the Bills end of the field, but when the field gets shorter, and he goes deeper towards the goal line it seems to get picked off most of the time.

              For the Bills, I'd rather them fix up the rest of the roster before picking up a legit franchise quarterback and if the team wants to pick up Vick to bring some excitement and sell some tickets while they rebuild the foundation of the roster, I'd be fine with that as a fan.

              during that 4-0 start he wasnt that impressive either

              in those games they played
              the seahawks
              Jaguars (who we had to comeback and beat)
              Raiders (had to comeback and beat)
              The Rams (who we were losing to till the 4th quarter

              lets look at the fact that he doesnt make any plays...

              in his rookie year he threw 7tds in 10 games
              4 tds came in 1 game agains the 1-15 dolphins
              so he threw 3tds in 9games

              last year he threw 10 tds in 14 games
              he played dreadfully in the end of the season

              this year hes throws 5 tds and 6 ints

              he threw 4tds in two games... so that means hes throw 1 td and 5 ints in his last 4 starts..

              the guy isnt a franchise QB... anytime u have to worry about yur QB playing scared, and not making plays.. hes not a franchise qb


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                This will not make the Bills any better. Sorry Bills fans. Develop Edwards. Don't let him checkdown all the time. I was really hoping Edwards would take the Bills places.

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                  Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                  The Bills are weak from coach to assistants to personnel on both sides of the ball. IMO they need to be gutted and rebuilt, there's a decent nucleus at certain positions to build around, they just need a better coach and some better players at other positions.

                  Edwards needs coaching at this point imo, not really a veteran who isn't a good passer to "push" him. I think having Vick there would do something of stunting his development.
                  The Bills problems begin and end with the owner who simply isn't rich enough to provide the resources to have a competitive team. the Bills have basically stunk since FA was introduced by the NFL.
                  The Bills practically never retain their top FA's and their fans have to put up with an endless exodus of stars out of town as FA's.
                  Fans in Buffalo are getting bored with Wilson inability or unwillingness to build a winner because he won't spend a whole lot of money and Wilson is signing players like TO to keep fans buying tickets. If he signs Vick, it will be for the same purpose. He already has sold a # of home games to Toronto to add to his revenue but it hasn't provided enough.
                  As for the coaches and the management team, their is no HC or GM that could turn this franchise into a winner and blaming them for the team's failure is a complete waste of time. Do you really believe it was their decision to let their all pro LT go in a trade. How does anyone expect a QB to develop with an OL built on the cheap. Year after year, Buffalo is forced to use the draft to replace FA's who have walked instead of using it to improve the other weak areas on the team.
                  This is another dead franchise in the NFL along with Oakland, Detroit and Cleveland who all have little chance of ever being champion. They all have owners who appear incapable of winning much of anything.
                  And proud of it!!!


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                    The last thing the Bills need at this point is Vick anyway. They should be getting back to Vegas, especially with a guy like Marshawn to pound the rock for a few years. Build the lines, develop a QB, and stay the hell away from sideshows like TO and Vick. That's the only way back to legitimacy.


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                      dear Tony Dungy,

                      We get it. You really like Michael Vick. That doesnt mean he is an NFL starter any more.


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                        Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
                        The last thing the Bills need at this point is Vick anyway. They should be getting back to Vegas, especially with a guy like Marshawn to pound the rock for a few years. Build the lines, develop a QB, and stay the hell away from sideshows like TO and Vick. That's the only way back to legitimacy.

                        Build the lines--- we've got 3 rookies starting, and a 2nd year "rookie" at LT
                        we need another DT but Kyle Williams and Stroud are good enough

                        The BIlls need a legit QB in order to become a legit team.
                        we've tried trading for an up and comer (rob johnson)
                        we've tried trading for a vet (bledsoe)
                        We've tried drafting the project QB (losman)
                        and we've tried the late round player (Edwards)
                        time to give the Big time QB prospect a shot (trade up and get the best QB in the draft)

                        no QB will ever succeed as long as Dick Jauron is the Head coach. Ralph Wilson as of right now is a Joke of an Owner


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                          I don't think Dungy should tell people if a team had interest in Vick. QBs can be fickle when it comes to confidence, knowing management considered bringing in someone else can hurt confidence and cause a distraction. Now all the players will get asked how they'd like it if they had a different QB.



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