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    Originally posted by Timbathia View Post
    Most of Denver want Simms to start after the preseason games, and then about half wanted him starting again after the Steelers and Ravens losses. Now he is the worst starting QB in the NFL after being throw in mid-game and struggling.

    Why does the NFL thrive so much on over-reaction and absolutes?
    After the pre-season? Understandable. He threw a ******* left handed interception. Shades of Jake the Snake there. After the first two games? I was in that boat, I thought we were winning despite him. But since then, a light has popped up in Orton's head and he's been great. He wasn't great against Baltimore or Pittsburgh(where he threw his first 2 real picks of the season), but that's okay. He's been playing great football this year since the first 2 games. I don't recall hearing anyone with half a brain suggesting replacing Orton with Simms on a 6-2 team that lost to the Ravens and Steelers.

    Also, I wasn't expecting Simms to light the world on fire. I know that being thrown into the action against a solid defense is tough. But what he did was an abomination. He was what? 3/13 for 13 goddam yards and a pick? He has an excellent OL, great WRs, and he leads our offense to a whole 36 second half yards? Ex-******* scuse me? The man is a bonafide scrub. No QB who is capable of taking that loud of a dump on a football field deserves to even be in the NFL. Games like that should be an automatic opt-out clause for the team.

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
    Originally posted by njx9
    do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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      Responding to both above posts......

      I agree - Woody Paige does not have half a brain so him calling for Simms to start the Washington game does not count. :)

      Simms performance on sunday was exceptionally bad. Based on only that sample size, only Jamarcus Russell is a worse starting QB than Simms (as he has crapped on the field for 10 games in a row now, and against worse defenses than the Redskins). Whoever starts in Cleveland may also be regularly as bad as Simms was on sunday. There are quite a number of QBs currently starting in the NFL that have played for periods of games this year about as badly as Simms did on Sunday (Cutler, Sanchez, etc., etc.), and they at least took reps during the week before it.

      I empathize with the positions taken, but IMO to repeatedly state that Denver should forfeit this week rather than embarrass themselves by playing is a tad of an over-reaction to the situation. I think if Simms plays this week he will be better than last week. I am certainly not saying I am happy about it if he does play, or we are much of a chance of winning. However, I would prefer to reserve judgment until waiting to see what he does against an average NFL defense after a full week preparations before voiding his contract. Call me crazy if you will.


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        and to call the o-line we had in on sunday as excellent is a massive over-statement.


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          Originally posted by fenikz View Post
          renji still living in the past
          im talking about getting the running play going. but also the seahawks are not that much more impressiv than the bears



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