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    Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
    Floyd would be a good pickup for Cutler actually, he has a gigantor frame with long arms and sticky hands. He also caught Philip Rivers' first touchdown pass, which is notable because the ball turned into a glowing light and ascended towards the heavens only moments later. (Little known fact!)
    What are the chances you guys keep him and VJ?


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      San Francisco 49ers

      Who would you fire? Jimmy Raye (OC), Chris Foerster (OL)

      Who would you hire?Young, creative OC. Unfortunately the 49ers let Frank Cignetti, Jr. go in 2008 with the Martz hire.

      What kind of offense would you run? Shotgun, multipe wide sets which would utilize the abilities of Alex Smith and Nate Davis as well as the current WRs and TEs on the roster.

      What kind of defense would you run? Same defense that current DC Greg Manusky runs.

      Who do you like in the draft for your team? Stud OT (Bulaga, Campbell, Davis), versatile Interior OL (Mike Iupati), Pass Rush specialist (Jerry Hughes, Derrick Morgan, Greg Romeus), Ball-Hawking FS, Return Specialist.

      Players you would cut? Let OG - David Baas walk (replace with Iupati), WR -Arnaz Battle, WR - Isaac Bruce, DE - Demetric Evans (replace with Ricky Jean-Francois), QB - Shaun Hill, SS - Michael Lewis (replace with Reggie Smith), S - Mark Roman (replace with Curtis Taylor)

      Player you would sign long term? Aubrayo Franklin, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Shawntae Spencer, Tarell Brown

      I would promote FB - Britt Miller and OT - Alex Boone from the Practice Squad.


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        Roy Williams: Be the Go-To Guy, or Cut Losses

        Last resort time for WR Roy Williams. He thinks he has a pass on his underachievement b/c Jerry Jones put his own considerable ego on the line bringing him to Dallas in a highly profiled big trade with the Lions. He should be forced to learn otherwise.

        The Dallas Cowboys should hire the best WR position specialist, even a HS coach if necessary, tell him to bring along videos & a text on Playing WR 101.

        1st build a cone of silence around what you're doing & under no circumstances tell Jerry Jones the player career rehab you are about to do. If he or his minions inquire, lie about it. Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission in this case.

        Sit Roy Williams down in a p/o the Valley Ranch facility where Jerry Jones has no access, reset the cypherlock key code if necessary to the freaking room, give him the Come To Jesus speech: a brutal browbeating on how his pro career is jeopardized by his unacceptable drops & not paying attention to the small details of route running, getting separation from the DB, using his huge body to shield the ball from the DB, avoiding offensive PI, etc. Tell him he has lost his starting job to Hurd or Crayton or whomever, & unless he works with the team on this rehab for the full wk. they will hold him accountable in front of the entire team -- Humiliation & ridicule have always been the strongest weapons known to man.

        Break his resistance, ego & spirit by threatening to release him from the team outright if he doesn't turn it around & showing him in 72-point bright red type on a PowerPoint slide just how much $ in gamechecks that will cost him this yr. alone if that transpires. The following slide s/b a list of the leading WRs available as UFAs & in the 2010 draft this offseason, then give Dez Bryant wearing a Dallas no. 11 jersey his own slide with captioned quotes from Dallas assts. on how high they are on him.

        Then take him back to the basics, WR 101, a full wk. of back to school on playing the position. Grade him daily, even hourly: Chart his progress on a Powerpoint slide every day & show milestones missed & achieved. Show him what the role of a primary WR is, what it means to be that Go-To Guy, then compare the slides with slides charting the meteoric rise of Miles Austin, his primary competitor, as the Cowboys' Go-To Guy. At the end of the wk. if he passes, allow him to keep his job. If he doesn't, or shows a resistive bad attitude about this rehab, or worse case runs to Jones or any other Cowboys executive with a complaint, show him the door.

        Wade Phillips won't do it, circumventing Jones can be career-limiting in that organization, but his own job may well rest on how Roy Williams develops or not.
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          As far as Houston goes, I think that a good short yardage back and a good center field type of safety added to the current team would put them over the top into a perennial playoff team. You could argue that Houston would have 7-8 wins right now if they could run it in from the 1 yard line.



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