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Buffalo signs Brian Brohm away from Green Bay

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  • Originally posted by descendency View Post
    You mean go to a team where the chances of getting released and never being heard from again is a good thing? Seriously, I think he'll be a training camp cut when the new coach tries to install "his guys" onto the team.

    I mean, what do you do with someone else's 3rd QB.

    At least as a packer he would sit on the bench collecting a check.
    Well if he had the kind of zero self confidence it would take to act like you've proposed he shouldn't be in the NFL anyway, he can get a real job.

    Because it's a 'ZOMG aww fence". You don't put Water-pistol Pennington into the Al Davis offense. You need that big arm to play in it. Obviously it's easy to look back and say that was stupid but maybe they thought he'd work hard when he got into the NFL.

    I really don't know what he was like at LSU.
    When they drafted him the offense was run by a guy they brought off the street from running a bed and breakfast. It was easy to look at it and say it was stupid at the time. I obviously don't have a problem with a deep ball centered passing game but somewhere along the line someone needed to call BS on Jamarcus as a #1 pick. His accuracy is honestly hilarious. He was a late first or later prospect until facing the Notre Dame defense which was even more horrible than usual that year. As far as reading defenses, well we are 3 years down the line and he is still the worst in the NFL at it so you can imagine what he was like as a collegiate. The arm is absolutely the only reason he was drafted so high.


    • His accuracy is honestly hilarious.
      I may be way off base here, but I could have sworn that the accuracy he displayed in the SEC was a big reason people rated him higher than Quinn and that it had improved each season. I may be thinking of someone else, but I'm almost certain it was Russell.

      The other thing I remember was people kept mentioning his mobility and that he was more mobile than Quinn despite the fact that there was absolutely nothing to support it, he was bigger, slower, had worse YPC averages, less rushing yards but I remember people arguing passionately he was mobile.

      Of course, the work ethic thing is what has done him in, it was not any kind of lack of natural ability and really, that has been a consistent failure with players at the Raiders. See Randy Moss, Russell, Gallery, Woodson and Huff as recent guys who had all the talent in the world but never did anything at Oakland, Woodson and Moss so far have really shown it to be a symptom of being a Raider as much as anything. It seems to take the truly special guys to do anything there which is pretty much Aso over the last 5 years.

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