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    Originally posted by Bucs_Rule View Post
    Having a great season but falling short is way more fun than a season of being lousy. Cardinal fans really enjoyed last season, it ended in disappointed but it was so much better than any other.

    Raiders and Lions fans would love to have the Eagles past 6 years. Bad seasons stink, they are no fun.
    Okay, but plateauing is one of the most annoying things. It indicates a lack of effort to address glaring needs from the front office, and it also indicates a lack of coaching ability when Reid's been making the same mistakes since he arrived in Philadelphia. Poor clock management, terrible use of challenges, over-reliance on the passing game with generally sub-par receiving targets (this season and 2004 notwithstanding, and even 2004 only saw one reliable WR), a disdain for the running game, repeated failures to convert on 3rd and short, and a host of other things have made him an easy target for Philly fans.

    He will still call a four-yard pass on 3rd and 12 and hope that the receiver breaks 14 different tackles to get the first. He will still completely abandon the run way, way, WAY too early, despite a strong showing against playoff-caliber teams when the team balances the run and pass equally. The only time he ever learned was during Jeff Garcia's stay in Philadelphia. He didn't trust Garcia as much as he did McNabb, so he ran the ball a lot more and asked Garcia to make simple plays. Conversely, the defense stayed off the field more, and was a lot fresher when called upon. When they lost to New Orleans, it was because they (shockingly) strayed from the run.

    He failed to address linebacker for the longest time, passing on a guy like David Harris to take Kevin Kolb. He failed to address getting a dominant WR for the longest time, despite having a top-3 depth chart at WR consisting of Freddie Mitchell, Todd Pinkston and James Thrash. Reid's ego is uncontrollable. He is convinced that he can win throwing 40 times per game, when really, it's been proven that you can't. To appease the masses, he says that he considers screen passes running plays, so the numbers that we see are skewered, according to him. RUN THE ******* BALL. You'd think that as a former offensive lineman, he'd rely on the run. No. Shotgun incomplete, shotgun incomplete, play-action on 3rd and 10 when you never run and it's 3rd and ******* 10 ends in a sack is so ******* frustrating to watch. They'll look dominating one week and lose to the Raiders the next. They'll beat a good team with an almost 50/50 balance between run and pass, and then assume that that means they should throw it 48 times the next game.

    **** Reid. Until he learns to stop being such an egotistical douchebag, he can go **** himself.


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      The funniest thing about the Philly WR corps was that the Redskins WRs were so bad that they actually traded a draft pick for James Thrash. LMAO.



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