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JaMarcus Russell won't consider a pay cut

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  • Originally posted by Shiver View Post
    DeAngelo Hall and Matt McBriar want a word with you.
    McBriar's a punter, that hardly counts.

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    I remember NFLDC
    don't tell anyone, but Charlie Casserly is a dope fiend


    • Denver only got DJ Williams out of that draft, really. He's pretty good, but not as good as was predicted. Tatum Bell was good for a little while, too. Could get you good yards per carry as long as he didn't get too many carries.

      2006 draft was where Denver destroyed, though.

      Even Domenik Hixon, who was a bust here, is doing good things in the league in NY.

      If Cutler hadn't had that falling out last year, that would have been 4 crucial pieces of our franchise for the next several years. Cutler himself turned into 2 first rounders and Kyle Orton who might still turn out to be a QB capable of taking us somewhere. Even if you leave him out though, that's a solid ass draft.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
      Originally posted by njx9
      do i tell you when to flip the burger?


      • The Chiefs don't have one player left on their roster from the 2004 draft as much as I love and respect Dick Vermil his drafting was the worst.

        That is a huge reason why the Chiefs are in the mess they are now they had great starters under DV but no depth when all those older guys left they had no one to replace them with.


        • Benjamin Watson, Marquise Hill (RIP), Guss Scott, Dexter Reid, Cedric Cobbs, P.K. Sam and Christian Morton.

          How lame.


          • Chris Perry - gone.
            Keiwan Ratliff - gone.
            Caleb Miller - gone.
            Landon Johnson - gone.
            Matthias Askew - gone.
            Stacey Andrews - gone.
            Maurice Mann - gone.
            Greg Brooks - gone.
            Casey Bramlet - gone.

            9 picks and none of them are with us 5 years later. That's the definition of a dreamy draft story.

            2004 was Marvin's worst draft (and despite people ripping the Bengals for their drafting, I think we actually do a pretty good job usually).


            • Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
              It seems like everyone has their dreamy 04 draft story. It really was one of the best ever.
              Originally posted by Mr.Regular View Post
              Check out our dreamy first three rounds:

              Ahmad Carrol.... uber bust... one of the worst players I've ever seen.
              Joey Thomas.... uber bust.
              Donnel Washington.... uber bust. Never played a game for us.
              BJ Sander... a punter... that sucked a lot.....uber bust.
              But our 2005 draft was sick!

              Aaron Rodgers
              Nick Collins

              That's all you need to know. Seriously, don't look at the rest of it.



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