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    Originally posted by Ward View Post
    Denver not getting deserving guys in is a separate issue, one I tend to agree with when it comes to most historic greats who played D. Like I said, I realize nobody feels bad for us, but all I'm saying is that it's not like we catch all the breaks (and we have some injustice as well).
    Yes, so the Cowboys have the same amount of luck, good and bad, as every other team. Every team does not make a thread about it.

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      Originally posted by njx9
      i'd like you to square this with your original point, that the cowboys are more penalized than anyone else and that there's a clear bias.
      You must have misunderstood me.

      1. I said I didn't have a problem with Dallas getting called for horsecollars and such. Those should be called.

      2. I said non-calls against Dallas' opponents affects the ratio. How can you not understand this?

      since the statements basically have nothing whatsoever to do with each other, can you at least be honest about your intentions for starting this thread? it clearly no longer has anything to do with your original intent and is now solely focused on your whining about how bad the poor cowboys have it.
      What? I thought that was my intention from the beginning.

      My intention was to post a statistic that no one has explained. The best explanation (and it's a bad one), is that "Well, if you take away 19 years in a row in that one time, turns out Dallas only got called for more penalties 19 our of 30 times."

      Compelling stuff.

      oh stop it. you complained about the cowboys getting flagged mroe than anyone. now, you want to suggest that your problem isn't that they flagged when they make obviously dirty plays, you just want to complain because every so often the refs miss a call against YOUR team, which is clearly a national ****ing emergency.
      You're the one who has trouble following logic.

      I didn't dispute the merit of flagging Roy Williams for a horse collar, and you've tried to discredit my argument with that, all the while saying that I complain that Dallas gets called for too many penalties.


      You keep coming up with the harebrained, half-premises before letting your spastic anger get the best of you and abandoning your arguments mid-point.

      How the hell does me admitting there are some penalties that should be called against Dallas at all affect the claim that they face a different standard than other teams?

      i feel really bad for some of the cowboys fans on this site, sometimes.
      No. I feel bad for you.

      See what I did there? I pity you more than you pity me, so now I'm better than you.


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        Originally posted by dabears10 View Post
        Not every team has been penalized more than their opponent 78% of the time.
        Fixed it for you.


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            Originally posted by njx9
            so the cowboys have more penalties called against them than anyone else, because other teams don't get penalties called when they play the cowboys?
            You need to stop thinking in binaries. You guys keep making hyperbolized strawmen and then taking each moderated point I make to absurd extremes.

            Of course, you might not take what you're saying entirely seriously, but it doesn't seem like it for the most part.

            no, you initially argued that the cowboys have been more penalized by anyone for a few of the last 40+ years, and that there is an explicit refereeing bias against them. which is somewhat undermined when you admit that they commit a rather large amount of penalties and instead try to explain the difference away by saying "well they missed a holding call by the giants".
            See above. I never said Dallas commits a large amount of penalties. I said nothing more than they deserve to have some penalties called on them.

            intriguing strawman, but i've never mentioned roy williams. and you WERE saying that the cowboys were called for a lot of penalties. i've gone over this above.
            That's not what a strawman is. You referred to the Roy Williams example by more generically saying "you admit that they commit a rather large amount of penalties." Just because you skipped specifics doesn't mean it isn't the same argument.

            you're basically saying:

            well a happens, implying a bias against the cowboys. and sure, there's a lot of b in a, but neither actually have anything to do with my argument, which is just that the giants didn't get called for holding.
            This doesn't make any sense. What is the B variable? Is the A variable "bias against the Cowboys"? If so, what is the logical path you attempted to but failed to make here? Listing variables with no premise context and no conclusion isn't a logical argument.

            it's all fairly simple english, try to keep up.
            Just as soon as you start speaking it.

            just... put down the thesaurus.
            You needed a thesaurus to learn those words?

            point out a single argument i "abandoned", or better, look up the word. i've rather consistently suggested that you've tried to deflect the argument when it was pointed out that you were, simply, incorrect in your assumption of refereeing bias. now, you're trying to make the discussion focus on a couple of times other teams weren't flagged when you thought they should've been.
            Ok, here is what you said.

            oh stop it. you complained about the cowboys getting flagged mroe than anyone. now, you want to suggest that your problem isn't that they flagged when they make obviously dirty plays, you just want to complain because every so often the refs miss a call against YOUR team, which is clearly a national ****ing emergency.
            P1: You suggest that Dallas faces stricter penalty standards than other teams
            P2: You suggest that you don't have a problem with Dallas getting penalties they deserve
            C: You want to complain about how refs missed a call against your team, which is clearly a national ******* emergency.

            Go ahead. Explain how this is an argument as opposed to a bunch of scatterbrained, nonsensical crap.

            well guess what? every single fan in the nfl can probably think of 50 examples from this season that either did, or could have substantially changed games. just none of them were silly enough to start a thread to whine about it and actually expect some sympathy. that, or this has been a fairly successful troll.
            Guess what not every single fan can point out? 38 out of 49.

            1. dallas gets called for WAY more penalties than anyone else!
            2. well yes. some of them are legit.
            3. ok, you're right, a lot of them are.
            4. but they didn't call holding on the giants and leonard davis got a foul for intentional roughness!
            5. what? i wasn't talking about more penalties as an example of bias! that doesn't have anything to do with anything!
            Number two implies that I argued Dallas never had a legitimate penalty called against them. Nice strawman.

            I flat out never said number three. Nice strawman.

            On four: So my point that the magnitude of a penalty's impact matters detracts from my other points how, exactly?

            On five: Reword in English, plz. Either it's such a fantastic strawman that I can't even figure out what you constructed it out of or it doesn't make any sense.

            except the point was that i don't pit you. nice try, though.
            I still pity you, though (which still makes me better than you).


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              i want to invent a machine so i can punch people through the internet.

              Reading this thread actually makes you dumber than before

              im from ******* europe and can understand the arguments of NJX. how hard is it to understand english?
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                The Raiders get flagged alot cuz their bad boyz, but the Cowboys get flagged alot and it's a CONSPIRACY

                by BoneKrusher
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                  2005. Dallas cowboys top3 in least penalized. WHATS UP WITH THAT? CONSPIRACY?


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                    it's threads like these that further develop my intense internet man crush for njx.
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                    Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                    BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.



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