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    Don't be fooled, McFadden by far is Oakland's best RB, but if he doesn't get 20+ carries/game, he'll never flash.

    He's the second coming of OJ Simpson but DMC needs to carry the rock fulltime, not in a platoon type situation.

    He's still the same prospect he was coming out of Arkansas IMO, he just needs to get fully healthy.


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      Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck View Post
      McFadden's been hurt this year too though. Trust me, I want them to use him more too, but the game yesterday was apparently the first game where he's been healthy enough to be used as he was.

      With the quarterback situation in shambles, it'll be interesting to see how the team uses McFadden in the next three games.

      I guess you have some experience in that, huh?

      It's just the way it is. I said that Benson would look nice in a better situation for a long while, and everyone was like BUSTTTTTT

      It's hard to hit homerun plays when you get 2-5 carries and establish 0 rhythm.
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        I thought that he could be better than AD when he was a prospect. He still has that explosiveness, balance and foot speed. I haven't watched oakland enough to know what's going wrong but until he no longer has those tools I'm not ready to say he's done. That said if oakland wants to ship him out I'd love to have him in a giants uni. Jacobs, Bradshaw, Run DMC and Brown? Viktoriezzz!!


        Originally posted by AcheTen
        JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
        Originally posted by abaddon41_80
        Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
        Originally posted by JBCX
        Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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          We need better interior line play. DMC is a willing inside runner,and will stick his head down and churn,but he's usually just running into a brick wall because Satele,*random RG* aren't getting any push. Gallery's been good,and Henderson is ok,but without good interior line play,he'll continue to look bad.

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          Originally posted by scottyboy
          like honestly lebron, instead of south beach, why don't you take your talents and just shove them up your ass.


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            Run DMC reminds me in ways of Chris Johnson in his running, the major difference is that CJ has the elite line that gets him to the 2nd level and DMC doesn't. If he gets 20 carries and gets a hole on 15 of them, he will put up close to 100 yards and at least one big play.

            Of course the other big problem is that he can't stay healthy, a lot of questionable injuries, the kind that you question how much the player really wants to be out there and to be honest, who would blame him for doing his time and getting out of a bad situation. Certainly has the Ced Benson or Thomas Jones, blow up when you get a chance in a decent situation vibe going.

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              All this stuff about o-line I mean come on. Maybe it is a factor, but it doesn't mean the guy shouldn't make a big play every now and then.

              Don't tell me that if CJ and DMC switched teams they would have similar production.

              I mean who blocks for Steven Jackson? Even Jamaal Charles busts some big runs and the Chiefs line is terrible. Both teams are not a pass threat either.

              The 49ers have put frank gore over 1,000 3 years in a row, and they don't have a good line. Alex Smith/Shaun Hill don't take pressure off.

              Even Fred Jackson and Lynch have a game every now and then.

              DMC is busted. He's a wuss.

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                No. He'll have a breakthrough season next year or the following. Just wait.


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                  Of course he's not done. He's in his second year as a professional player. Some people need to temper expectations, especially based on the team he's on. He's not going to dominate the league running behind that OL or with that offense, but give the kid time.

                  People are too quick to call someone a bust.

                  Originally posted by fenikz
                  His soft D really turns me off
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                    No I wouldn't consider him done. Way too early in his career and its not like he's the worst in the league or anything up til this point.

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                      He'll do really well once he goes to another team and splits carries. I envision him averaging 12 carries at 5.5 YPC and 40 yards receiving if he played for Dallas or New Orleans instead of F Jones, Bush.

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                        Originally posted by Stash View Post
                        I'd say McFadden's disappointing start is a combination of a few things that have been mentioned. The Raiders line hasn't blocked as well this year, he was hurt a lot the previous year, and they haven't exactly used him right either. But to me the bigger problem is they just aren't using him enough. He's getting less than 10 carries a game and around 2 catches a game this season. It's just plain stupid not to put the ball in the hands of your most explosive/dynamic player more than that. Then again, when Russell is your QB and your splitting time with 2 other backs, touches can be hard to come by.
                        I was thinking this, but I was wanting a Raider fan to confirm since we don't get many Raider games here. It seems like they just don't use him enough. If he was getting a substantial amount of carries then I'd wonder if he's a bust, but it seems like he's stuck in a terrible offense that doesn't even use him. As was posted earlier, he's averaging more yards per carry than the other two Oakland backs. For whatever reason he's just not being given the ball. I figured they would force feed him the ball because of his huge draft status and contract, but that's not the case for some reason.
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                          Trade him to the Lou, let him back Steven Jackson up! I promise I won't complain.
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                            I voted yes. I can't/don't watch many Raiders games.. But he doesn't seem too agile to make open field moves to me

                            Oh wait.. didn't see the trade option. As I'll admit I've never seen the o-line block good enuff out in Raider land
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                              McFadden will be a good back in my book once he sheds himself of his 'fumblitis'. Until then he can be productive (like in yesterday's game) and it's not going to mean very much if he's going to make that one costly turnover that almost costs his team the game.

                              The run blocking on this team has certainly improved greatly over the course of the last few weeks, but so has McFadden's health. In reality he hasn't been completely healthy since the first quarter of his rookie year. The player you saw yesterday and who you'll see in the final two weeks of the season is a better indication of what to expect from him in the coming years. A guy who'll be the lightning to another guy's thunder (Michael Bush) who'll find a way to make explosive plays that can shift the momentum of the game in his team's favor with his 15-20 touches a games.


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                                I think with the acquisition of a LT in the offseason Bush and DMC will both have big years for the Raiders next season.



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