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Pick your ideal system on both side of the ball..

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    If the 99 Minny offense somehow formed a squad with the 00 Ravens, I don't think even Voltron could stop them.
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      Spread offense with a ZBS running game
      OC-Josh McDaniels

      QB-Its a toss up between Brady and Brees. Based on this year I would say Brees but Brady has obviously shown in the past that he can put up monster numbers in this system.

      RB-I would have Chris Johnson as the primary ball carrier because he has the patience to wait for a crease then absolutely nail it. He is also good in pass protection and catching out of the backfield.

      WR-Naturally in the system im going to put Randy Moss there to stretch the field because there is still no one better. Opposite him I would have Andre Johnson because his middle name is beast, and his first name is beast and his last name is...well you see where im going. Welker in the slot is obvious and then I would have Steve Smith as the fourth in 4 WR sets.

      TE-Cant really say anyone except for Dallas Clark this year in that offense.


      Aggressive 2 gap 34 defense
      DC-Dick LeBeau

      DE-My two DEs would be Richard Seymour and Haloti Ngata. Dont really need to explain.

      NT-Vince Wilfork. As far as young dominant 2 gap NTs go there is none better than Wilfork.

      OLB-Demarcus Ware and Shawne Merriman. When both are healthy they are the two best OLBs and can in the system

      ILB-P Willy speaks for himself and I would put either Mayo or David Harris beside. Im leaning more toward Mayo because he's a Pat and Harris is a Jet :( lol and Mayo has more range.

      S-Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu, thanks for calling

      CB-Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomghua. In this system the CBs will need to be on an island most of the time. The two best at that in the league. At nickel I wont be greedy and just take Charles Woodson lol

      As HC I would take Belichick and for GM Bill Polian

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