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Pick your ideal system on both side of the ball..

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  • Pick your ideal system on both side of the ball..

    I normally don't start generalized topics but I am curious to see the wide variety of answers so here goes. Not so worried about the HC. But more so coordinators. You control the details.


    -Pro ( I Pro family, usually a 1 X 1 or 2 X 1 set wr set max)

    Air Raid
    Run and Shoot
    Air C.


    Zone blocking scheme
    Man on man ( Iso, Power, lead, trap, counter)

    (Obviously you can run both and have a mix, but if the system were to have more of 1 than another, what would it be?)


    -Base front

    Cover 2
    Tampa 2
    Aggressive 4-3 ( Jim Johnson)


    Traditional 2 Gap (Pats, ravens..)
    1 gap/ 50 base D ( Dallas)


    2 .Now after you picked your food, or system, who would you like to cook it? What coaches do you want for your respective system?

    3. Players/Attributes for your system

    4. GM to draft your team

    Here is mine:


    Passing: Air C. - Turner variation
    Running: Man to man

    OC: Turner


    base front: Aggressive 4-3
    DC: Spags

    GM: Reese

    Players for this offense:

    OL: Giants
    RB: Jackson, Bradshaw, Sproles
    FB: I like Madison Hedgecock for blocking

    WR. V. Jackson, Steve Smith, Andre Johnson, Welker (Not so much these individuals but their skills sets) Big physical WRs with 2 WRs that can get open in any situation.

    TE: Any TE who can fit the Jay Novachek model of Turner variant Air C. Gates, Boss, Celek... take your pick. If I had to make a choice I would go Celek. Damn guy is a beast!

    QB: Right now Rivers is running this offense the best of this variant. If someone choses Martz's version or Al Saunders or others, you can go with Warner from the Martz's version.


    LE: Tuck
    LDT: Harris
    RE: Cole

    Again went with complete DEs, who can play against the run. So looking at that frame work. I want a very speedy 1 gap 3 T and someone strong in the middle who can push the pocket and command double teams. Fat Albert for that.

    Not putting Cbs and safties, because it will end up being an all star cast in terms of what the people are instead.. I will list what I am looking for

    Cbs: Must be able to excel in press coverage and be big enough to jam opposing Wrs. Must have good technique for when they play trail, catch and trail and so on.

    Safties: Leader in the secondary to make all the calls. I want all my safties to be able to play left or right safety. Positions like free or strong is something I want to get away from. Instead I want them both to know it, so I can do more with my coverages


    Same as above. I don't want these positions to turn into an all star debate. That's where this thread differs from past ones regarding ideal players for each position. I am instead looking for ideal attributes for specific systems!

    Sam - Someone who can cover the TE and be physical strong side LB. Should be able to rush and defeat the TE when blitzing.

    Mike- I want this guy to be the leader of the defense. He should be the brain of the defense like Antonio Pierce is for us. But the difference being someone much more physically gifted if possible. I will settle for less impressive measurables for someone who can without a doubt play chess with opposing QBs and match wits with them. That is a must for my system.

    WIll - Must be an excellent blitzer, but has to be able to keep with RBs from opposing teams. He should be the fastest out of all the LBs so covering a TE or RB, in terms of speed should not be an issue.

    Overall scheme:

    65% pass 35% run

    A lot of 3-7 step drops, one thing I like from the pro scheme are the screens, so I would have them. Otherwise I would stick with the normal Turner variant on offense.

    Defense: 60-75% blitzes perhaps more. I want to see a lot of stunts and loops in my system from spags, which is a stable in his defense. I also want to see use of his different personnel packages. From putting 3 safties on the field at once, or putting a more CBs and taking a safety out.

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    Definitely like this thread and where it's going but due to lack of time, I'm going to have to get back to this in depth.


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      Ive always like the crazy blitz defenses like Philly's. I also enjoy the run&gun type off offences. Establish the run and have things open up on play action

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        For me I simply loved what Spags did defensively for us so I'd have a similar base but hopefully possessing better safeties and linebackers one could get more creative with one's coverages and cause absolute chaos and confusion. This means a 4-3 team that twists and stunts very often on passing downs, brings blitzers up the middle and works in a lot of zone blitzes that focus on confusing the quarterback while overloading a part of the OL. Positionally I would want:
        This is a crucial position if one has a versatile and powerful pass rusher like justin tuck, ideal this player will be versatile enough to bring pressure outside as an end and inside while being a strong run defender, a great versatile LE is really what set the giants pass rush apart and using this scheme that player would be huge. As a backup I'd be looking for someone who can come in and bring pressure but isn't necessarily a sack wizard since being able to play the run well enough to force those 3rd and longs is crucial.

        Spags preferred smaller quicker pass rushers, but personal I 'd prefer to have DTs that had a huge frame, but weren't your NT type block eaters. Guys like Vince Oghobaase or albert haynesworth who are huge, but are also tall and long which lets them use their power against the run, but who also push the pocket and are good at using their arms to keep blockers off of them so they can break off of blockers and make plays. two of those guys with two of the smaller penetrator types would give an ideal rotation, especially if you have the versatile LE who can come inside and create pressure on passing downs.

        This position is simpler to fill because you're just looking for a stud, someone who can hold his own in the run game and cover the edge, while being a force on passing downs. As a back up have a guy who's more of a speed rusher who'll come in on passing downs when the LE slides inside and comes in to give our ends a breather to keep them fresh and dangerous throughout the game.

        This is a position where I think you could fill that backup situational pass rusher role since I want a guy who's big and strong against the run and can be a real threat as a blitzer. As long as this guy isn't a liability in zone coverage I think we'll be good.

        I love the big thumpers, a guy who'll come forward well and be able to deliver some hits against the run. Ideally this guy will also be a good interior blitzer can blow his way through gaps to help force the QB outside to your ends. As a backup I'd actually prefer a guy who's better in coverage while still being a good tackler. Someone who can come in in the nickel package and cover some ground for us.

        Clearly this guys cover skills will be a huge boon to the defense, someone who can cover a lot of ground and is a good tackler. Hopefully also with the quickness to explode in on delayed blitzes.

        I love the type of corners the giants have assembled. Guy's who are strong and have long arms to make it hard on receivers to get a lot of separation. top end speed isn't as important as is initial quickness as well as the aforementioned upper body strength and length to press guys effectively. Give me 2 or 3 guys like that and one smaller guy who's quick enough in the slot to neutralize guys like Steve Smith (NYG) and West Welker, and I'll be happy since with the confusion and pressure these guys shouldn't have to cover guys long and deep and can instead focus on taking away the shorter stuff and throwing off timing routes with the jam. It would be nice to have a ballhawk here who could bump guys well when forced to play man, but getting those long bump n run guys is more important.

        My safeties would be fairly interchangeable. Guys who can cover ground and are long to again interfere with jump balls and can tackle well in the open field as well as when they sneak into the box. Being a great blitzer would be nice as well although I'll take a great center fielder over a great blitzer for this D unless I have options deep.

        This came out looking a lot more like the giants current make up than I meant it to but I really do love the style of D steve Spagnulo ran here and I think with some minor tweaks you could make something really dominant.


        Originally posted by AcheTen
        JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
        Originally posted by abaddon41_80
        Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
        Originally posted by JBCX
        Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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          HC- Sean Payton(i like his willingness to just keep scoring, im not much for leaving it close if you're the better team prove it. He seems to be agressive and that's what i want in a head coach)

          O Coordinator-Josh McDaniels(was the Coordinator for the best offense in NFL history)

          D Coordinator- Dick Lebeau(similar to McDaniels and love his blitzing)

          My offense would be just like the patriots in 2007
          My Defence would be just like the Steelers in the last 5 years

          DE- i would want someone similar to Darnell Docket, i know he plays DT but i think he would be a very good DE in a 3-4

          DT- i would want a Vince Wilfork/Casey Hampton to man the middle

          OLB-Elvis Doomervil/James Harrison

          MLB-Johnathan Vilma/DJ Williams

          CB-some one that can do it all i would want a Champ Bailey or Charles Woodson

          FS- i would want a Coverage FS some one like Darren Sharper

          SS- i would want a Troy Polomalu or similar that is the enforcer
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            power running and 3-4. what the steelers' bread and butter is...what the browns wish they were.


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              Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
              power running and 3-4. what the steelers' bread and butter was...what the browns wish they were.
              Fixed that for ya.

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                Originally posted by Denver Bronco27 View Post
                MLB-Johnathan Vilma/DJ Williams
                Vilma is a horrible fit in the 3-4....

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                  obviously the system is dependant on the personell but I have a few things I do prefer.

                  I would like to run a somewhat balanced offense that runs the ball about 40-50 % of the time and utilises a power blocking scheme (zone blocking is something that doesnt make that much sense to me). Moving the receivers around and creating matchups are vital. I love the plays of Sean Payton and would be fine with his playcalling except on second down and fourth down.

                  4-3 is preferable cuz it allows for more funky blitz packages. A lot of distractions. This is however dependant on having good corners. with lesser corners id like a 4-3.

                  Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                  - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                  - Corner or Wideout in the first
                  - No reaching
                  - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                    offense- I would have a ball control offense.
                    QB-A guy that would be more of a game manager then a gun slinger, but isnt a check down freak like Edwards or Quinn. EX.Peyton Manning
                    RB-A complete RB that can catch out of the backfield and block as well. They also have the ability to take the ball between the tackles 20 times a game if necessary. EX. Rice, Johnson, Jones-Drew
                    FB-A FB that is best at blocking, but can be a check down if necessary and a short yardage back. EX. LeRon McClain
                    WR-They need to have great routes and have the ability to go over the middle. A big physical WR EX. Boldin,Brandon Marshall
                    TE-There best skill is a reciever instead of a blocking TE. They should be to fast for LBs, yet to big for nickels. They should have the ability to motion to the slot and be a WR. EX. Gates
                    Oline- a quick and agile o-line, they have to be able to move for screen passes and pulls in the running game. can get to LBs as well on running plays

                    Organized Chaos like Rex Ryan runs (I love you Rex you are welcome back in baltimore any time)

                    DE-One they need to be versatile, they need to be able to play UT in a 43 or LE as well. A player who is great at this is Trevor Pryce
                    DT-A big boy, a 34 NT who can also be a 43 space eater as well. players like Ngata,Rogers etc.
                    OLB-One OLB is a pass rusher who would be a 43 RE. he cant be completly out in left field when it comes to coverage. players like Terrell Suggs fit this mold. The other OLB should be better in coverage and can play SLB in a 43. He also has to be able to blitz as well.
                    ILB-I want one to be the true leader of this team. One of the LBs has to be well rounded and willing to take up blocks. Bart Scott fits that mold great, he was well rounded in blitzing,coverage and run stuffing and was willing to take on blocks to give Ray Lewis all the glory.

                    yes as you guys can see I miss the Ravens 2006 defense


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                      First of all, I'll make this clear : I have practically no knowledge of football. I've never played it. I've been watching religiously for about 8-9 years, but I've got no idea how the schemes work except for the bribes I've read here. However, I'm a creative mind, and I saw this thread as an opportunity to think out of the box and maybe try something else. I have absolutely no clue if it would actually work or not. I don't know either if it has already been tried or not. Right now I can't see why it wouldn't work with the right personnel, but some of you might, and I'd love to debate about it. So here's my unusual scheme.

                      I'll start with defense as it is what inspires me the most, and what i'm most instinctive at in any sport. I'd like to try some kind of 2-5 base defense, focusing heavily on many linebackers shuffling around, attacking from everywhere.

                      DL - I'd basically want two NTs. Not much else for my base defense. I want space eaters who can take on double teams and clear the path for my heavy-blitzing scheme. Maybe lined-up mostly on the guards, but I don't know **** about gaps and things like that. Or maybe I'd like to shuffle them around on the line, attacking different players every time. Not sure yet.

                      LBs - At least one pass-rushing specialist, maybe two, but preferably just a bunch of complete linebackers who can cover, blitz and stop the run relatively well. I figure the unpredictability of the scheme would perhaps allow me to get rid of the SLB/MLB/WLB distinction, and have the guys shuffling around consistently, giving no clue of the defense's intentions. I'd be kinda doing with my LBs what Bossing would do with his safeties, wanting my LBs to be able to play every linebacker position to allow for more flexibility.

                      CBs - Considering I want to blitz a lot, I want CBs who are good at playing man coverage or bump-and-run.

                      Safeties - I'd love to have a rover kind fo safety. Not necessarily one who'll create a lot of turnovers, but moreso one who will break-up any attempt at a deep pass. I love Taylor Mays as a prospect and would absolutely love to have that kind of player on my squad.
                      I'd like my other safety to be kind of a CB/safety tweener. Someone who can play man-to-man if need be, and is decent enough at tackling that I can place him in the box on running plays.

                      On offense, I'd probably want to use as base a 2RB, 1TE shotgun formation. I'd want one of my RBs almost directly next to the QB and closer to him than usual. The other one at times acting as a fullback and other times as in a regular 2-RB shotgun. I'd go roughly 50/50 running and passing, mostly using direct snaps to the RBs to run the ball. Also, it's a team game and I might actually want my QB to block on running plays. To hell with conventions.

                      Now, of course I'd want the all-stars at every position, but I'll be listing the qualities I'd be looking into the most.

                      QBs - The one thing I want is an accurate QB with a quick release. A QB who's gonna get the ball out of his hands fast. Don't care too much about arm strength, though of course it has to be somewhat respectable.

                      RBs - One speedster and one all-around back, or two complete backs. I want both of them to block for the other back and for the QB when not running routes. I'd probably prefer some man-to-man blocking, but I'm not very sure as I don't know much about schemes.

                      WRs - Precise route-running would be the most important skill.

                      OL - I want my Oline to specialize in run-blocking. Which is basically why I want my QB to be very fast at getting rid of the ball.

                      TE - Primarily a good blocker who can be counted on in the short-passing game.

                      HC - Josh McDaniels. There, I said it. I've been impressed by his coaching, but more impressed even with his not being afraid of going against the grain and taking care of business with his players.
                      OC - To be honest I really don't know, but I want someone who's creative and won't hesitate to bring in new ideas or try the unconventional.
                      DC - Agressive, creative type. Like a Spags or Rex Ryan, but both are HCs now.

                      GM - I like the work of the Colts' Bill Polian and he's been very successful drafting for them. However, his drafting has been for the Colts' system which is a total opposite of what I'd be trying here. Would it be a bad idea to have him scout for that kind of system?

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                        I believe in doing whatever the players fit best into. so if i have small linebackers id want more down lineman to protect them, but i did this assuming i could get any type of players i wanted.


                        I like your idea of the 2-5 and have always thought of creating some sort of variation of it that is a hybrid of the Jim Johnson D and the 3-4 the ravens use. It would ideally become more of a 2-4 due to the number of spread formations used in todays game. There would be two down lineman, nose tackle sized to absorb blockers. The four backers would double as d-ends, moving around between being all standing, all down, some down and then dropping, etc. just anything to create caos and confusion for the offense. Itd be similar to the jim johnson scheme in that no matter who had their hand down (if anybody) anyone could rush.

                        The outside linebackers in this would line up with their inside shoulder on the tackles outside shoulder. They would line up head on a TE if there is one next to the tackle on the line. The goal of this would be to contain outside runs, its a similar technique as that used by the titans. there first step would be upfield (assuming theyre rushing) to keep the run from getting the corner. from there they could rush the passer or set the corner and force backs into the heart of the D. there would be nonstop motion on defense until the snap, especially on passing downs to create confusion like what the ravens do.

                        The linebackers would all need to be versatile olb/de types that could put their hand down or rush like a blitzer while also having to drop into coverage. really just your typical olb in a 3-4. the db's would be playing a lot of different coverages but would rarely see blitz oppurtunities except in short yardage situations or certain very specific situations but i want them in coverage almost all the time.

                        The safeties would be asked a lot and would probably be the toughest spot to play on this D. Theyd need to be able to play run support well and make tackles as the front seven will often tie up most of the blockers leaving the safeties free to roam. They'll line up around twelve yards off the line of scrimmage in line with the O-tackles and often drop into a cover 2 or cover 3 scheme if a linebacker drops down the middle or a corner takes the other third.

                        depending on the formation, the D could have either a fifth linebacker, more dbacks, or a third safety that could play a bit of a rover role and take away the strength of the offense.

                        Offense to come later
                        Originally posted by Thumper/JBCX/Bixby
                        Orton will never be in the same class as the Drew Brees or the Peyton Mannings or the Tom Bradys of the world. Kevin Kolb has the potential to be that kind of player.


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                          I'm not going to go into as much detail as some of the other posters here, props to them for that. As far as offense I'm a huge fan of zone blocking, I think if you base your offense around that and really commit to it its the best choice with the active defenses of today. I actually have studied and plan to implement an offense which bases all of its running plays off zone concepts, it really simplifies technique. I prefer the spread, you can still get a downhill running game if you position the RB far enough back, though it leaves him out of position if he needs to pick up the opposite edge. I'd look to run a lot of flex and would put getting those TE/WR hybrids as my top priority receiver wise. I'd go with a lot of screen type stuff to take advantage of the spread and poor overall tackling I see in the NFL, though of course you need at least 1 legit downfield receiver to be sucessful. As far as QB I'd prefer a prototype guy, it would be nice to have scrambling ability but if you have enough pocket presence it really is a non-factor, both are effective.
                          I don't know much about technical defense but I'd either prefer a 4-3 athletic defense with safeties creeping in and out of the box and the OLB's able to cover so we don't get completely burnt but can still mix up our blitzes. Of course I need some size up front and would prefer one solid 330 type NT so we can make a good showing against the run at least. I think if you focus on pressuring the QB and defending the pass you can be much more effective especially in turnovers provided you don't completely get run over for say 5 a pop. I've always felt like more speed on defense = more negative plays which gives you the best chance to win in the NFL. I like what GB does in passing situations with 1-2 down lineman and would consider that at least situationally.


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                            I'm a guy that is all about balance. For me I would need to be dangerous in multiple areas. I'd rather be a jack of all trades, because in that scenario you don't really have any big weaknesses that could be exploited.

                            My passing game would involve using a mid range game to gain first downs. I'd rather be a more methodical drive team than a big play one. My running game would be the focal point, and I'd have to have a versatile back to do my job. Having an Emmitt or LT would be wonderful, but since HoF backs are hard to come by I would use a guy like Clinton Portis, Jamal Lewis, or Corey Dillon. I would need a guy that could make the big play, but can squeeze the life out of your defense throughout the entire game.

                            My defense would have to be very physical. I'm talking tight man coverage with my corners, and a tight knit line. I would probably have two 2 DTs, and my DEs would be lined up in 7s. Offenses would have to run outside on us to be successful, because they aren't getting anything up the middle. I'd probably have quicker linebackers than bigger ones. They would be have to be speedy, because the goal would be to hide them behind a big or physical line like you would a small tailback behind a big O-line.
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                              West Coast Offense

                              Mike Holmgren - HC
                              Brian Billick - OC

                              Traditional 2 Gap

                              Rex Ryan - co-DC
                              Marvin Lewis - co-DC

                              99 Minny Offense with the 00 Ravens D


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                              Originally posted by Job
                              On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                              Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                              So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!



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