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Is getting a first round bye really that important?

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  • Is getting a first round bye really that important?

    2008 - 1-3
    2007 - 2-2
    2006 - 2-2
    2005 - 2-2
    2004 - 4-0

    Total - 11-9

    That's the records of teams with a bye in the first round of the playoffs in the divisional round.

    2 out of the last 5 years a team with a first round bye has won the Super Bowl (New England 2004 and Pittsburgh 2008).

    So, is it really that important?

    (I realize this sounds ironic coming from a Vikings fan whose team is in danger of blowing their chance at a first round bye, lol)
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    it really depends on the team. Example: Saints. They are a terrible cold weather team, so they benefit from playing in the Dome during the playoffs, then having to travel to say Philly or Green Bay.


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      I think it depends on the health of your team. Last year if we would of had a first round bye we would of had a much better shot at the Steelers.
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        I believe that it makes them complacent. And they think that they shouldn't go hard since they have a bye.

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          It's like handing a playoff win to a team before the playoffs even start. It's the best advantage of any playoff system in any sport.

          Playoff wins are extremely tough to get, it's a gigantic advantage if you have to get one less than the others...

          Are there some perceived negatives (lack of rhythm, etc.)? Sure. But you take a guaranteed week off-and-advance over a possible loss every single time.
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            It the Steelers they got hot at the end of the year, and kept ridding the streak.

            Same with the Giants, they got hot end of regular season and kept riding that.

            Its all about the type of momentum you go in with.


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              Winning playoff games=not easy. One less playoff game to win to get to the Super Bowl.


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                Personally I would want the bye week but that is just because I'm an Eagles fan and the Eagles have a great history coming off of bye weeks under Andy Reid (14-0 counting playoffs).

                But, I can definitely see where other people don't like the bye-week, you lose the rhythm, get complacent all those things.

                Like everyone says it really depends on the team.
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                  thing is: you never want to lose in the regular season


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                    I think there can be valid arguments made for both sides..

                    having the Bye is really nice as it allows you to rest players, possibly get guys back from injury and let guys rehab a little longer. You also have an extra week to prepare, and of course it's one less Play Off game you have to play.

                    then again if you're on a really hot streak heading into the playoffs, I think as a team you want to continue that rhythm and kind of ride that proverbial wave of confidence. Where as having a Bye might disturb your streak, and cause you to get out of rhythm. (this is all speculation obviously, but just my observation from teams that ended the season strong, compared to teams that sat on a large division lead and rested starters down the stretch)


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                      Plus it gives some banged up players an extra week of rest, if you saw the chargers game last night we were falling like flies. We could def use it to let our players rest a week.


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                        In the case of the Colts, for example, our whole season has been a "streak" but I wouldn't call us hotter right now than we were at any point in the season.

                        With all our injuries it will be nice to have the week off. I don't think you lose your timing after just one week. The problems begin when you lock up HFA and then sit your starters the last 2-3 games of the season, then have a bye. 3-4 weeks with no football is a bad thing for a team trying to win in the playoffs.


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                          Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
                          Winning playoff games=not easy. One less playoff game to win to get to the Super Bowl.
                          This is the correct answer imo.

                          Along the lines the OP said, this decade, 12 of the 18 super bowl teams came from the #1 or #2 seeds. Over 9 years thats 36 teams have had a 1st round bye, 12 made the SB (1 out of 3 teams). Over the past 9 years, 72 have not had a 1st round bye, 4 have made the super bowl (1 out of 18). I'll take the bye week any day I can get it.

                          Granted, the 1st round bye teams are generally better then the others, but those are big number differences. If anyone wants to chart out the record of teams in each playoff spot that might be interesting to see too.
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                            I dont think that the bye is overlly important unless teams have injuries to get over. Teams like the Colts who notoriously rest their starters don't need the bye as they have been rested once playoffs have been secured normally. The important thing is homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, particularly if you are a dome team. Teams like the Saints and Colts will greatly benefit from not having to go to places like Green Bay, New England etc

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                              Try playing the Patriots in Foxborough in January.



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