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    MVP- Wes Welker

    Biggest Surprise- TBC

    Biggest Disappointment- A.Thomas and D. Burgess

    Best Rookie- S. Vollmer

    Underachieving Rookie- R. Brace

    Offensive MVP- Wes Welker

    Defensive MVP- B. Meriweather
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      MVP - London Fletcher

      Biggest Surprise - Fred Davis

      Biggest Disappointment - Clinton Portis

      Best Rookie - Brian Orakpo

      Underachieving Rookie - Kevin Barnes

      Offensive MVP - Derrick Dockery

      Defensive MVP - Andre Carter!


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        MVP: Peyton Manning

        Biggest Surprise: Pierre Garçon

        Biggest Disappointment: Bob Sanders

        Best Rookie: Austin Collie

        Underachieving Rookie: Fili Moala

        Offensive MVP: Peyton Manning

        Defensive MVP: Dwight Freeney
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        In Baseball the object is to go home and be safe.


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          MVP-Calvin Johnson

          Biggest Surprise- Play of DeAndre Levy and Sammie Lee Hill

          Biggest Disappointment- Kevin Smith

          Best Rookie-Matt Stafford

          Underachieving Rookie-Derrick Williams

          Offensive MVP-Calvin Johnson

          Defensive MVP- Louis Delmas
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            MVP- Tony Romo

            Biggest Surprise- Miles Austin...a lot of people thought he'd be good, not this good.

            Biggest Disappointment
            - Nick Folk, wtf happened? Hip surgery may have ended his career.

            Best Rookie- I'd probably go Victor Butler by default. Had 3 sacks and was solid on special teams. John Phillips, David Buehler, and Kevin Ogletree could also garner mentions.

            Underachieving Rookie
            - None of them really underachieved, the whole class was either injured or only played on ST. Which is was pretty much expected.

            Offensive MVP- Tony Romo

            Defensive MVP
            - Demarcus Ware...I wouldnt argue if someone put Spencer, Brooking, or Jenkins.

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              MVP- Nobody :(

              Biggest Surprise-
              Josh Freeman

              Biggest Disappointment-
              Antonio Bryant

              Best Rookie-
              Josh Freeman

              Underachieving Rookie-
              Kyle Moore

              Offensive MVP-

              Defensive MVP-
              Aqib Talib or Tanard Jackson


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                MVP - Wes Welker

                Biggest Surprise - Sebastian Vollmer as an elite tackle on both sides of the line. Julian Edelman classifies as a nice surprise. Myron Pryor as well. Tully Banta-Cain leading the Patriots in sacks. Trading away Richard Seymour before any football was played.

                Biggest Disappointment - Randy Moss's loss of a gear, the pass rush, Ron Brace's limited playing time being highlighted by lots of mistakes and poor form.

                Best Rookie - Sebastian Vollmer, without question.

                Underachieving Rookie - Ron Brace. Just didn't contribute at all almost. When he did, it was disappointing at best.

                Offensive MVP - Wes Welker

                Defensive MVP - Brandon Meriweather and Jerod Mayo both made strong cases. Not really sure which to take. Meriweather was burned a few times for long passing gains (see the Saints game for lots of examples) but Mayo was questionable in run support a few times as well. Both made great plays though. Mike Wright was the most consistent producer on the defensive line.
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                  Originally posted by vidae View Post

                  MVP - Jamaal Charles

                  Biggest surprise: Tamba Hali

                  Best rookie: Ryan Succop

                  Under achieving rookie: Tyson Jackson

                  Offensive MVP: Jamaal Charles

                  Defensive MVP: Tamba Hali

                  We have three good players! GO CHIEFS!
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                    Originally posted by Monomach View Post
                    MVP- Jay Cutler, no matter how much crap people who haven't watched the Bears say about him. Without him, we're maybe 4-12.

                    Biggest Surprise- Devin Aromashodu looking like Jerry freaking Rice

                    Biggest Disappointment- Oh, so many. Orlando Pace, I guess.

                    Best Rookie- Johnny Knox

                    Underachieving Rookie- All of them not named Johnny Knox

                    Offensive MVP- Jay Cutler

                    Defensive MVP- Lance Briggs
                    As opposed to 7-9? 3 win swing? God Jay Cutler must really be a baller haha


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          's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                      Originally posted by prock View Post
                      As opposed to 7-9? 3 win swing? God Jay Cutler must really be a baller haha
                      I guess what they're saying is that even though he hasn't been his usual self, Jay is still an enormous upgrade over Sexy Rexy. Or Kyle Orton for that matter.

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                        MVP - Aaron Rodgers. Could make a case for Woodson, but without Rodgers, this team is nothing.

                        Biggest Surprise - Clay Matthews. He was an absolute force. Started the year as a backup, and worked his way all the way to the ProBowl. Stud. Could have said Jermichael Finley but many Packer fans (including me) were expecting a big breakout year.

                        Biggest Disappointment - Allen Barbre.... was supposed to be the starting RT for the year, but his beyond awful play made us scramble and resign an old and injured Mark Tauscher... Barbre went from RT of the future (and present) to inactive for most of the games at the end.

                        Best Rookie - Clay Matthews. Easy call.

                        Under Achieving Rookie - Brandon Underwood If you can't beat out Jarrett Bush for playing time, theres something wrong.

                        Offensive MVP - Aaron Rodgers No brainer.

                        Deffensive MVP - Charles Woodson. No brainer.


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                          MVP - Wes Welker

                          Biggest Surprise - Julian Edelman

                          Biggest Disappointment - Don't know, maybe Adalius Thomas?

                          Best Rookie - Edelman/Butler

                          Underachieving Rookie - None

                          Offensive MVP - Welker

                          Defensive MVP - Tully Banta-Cain


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                            MVP- Jon Ryan

                            Biggest Surprise- Rob Sims

                            Biggest Disappointment- Entire Organization

                            Best Rookie- Max Unger

                            Underachieving Rookie- Aaron Curry

                            Offensive MVP- Nate Burleson, tough call, but the offense really went down the crapper when he was injured

                            Defensive MVP- David Hawthorne


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                              MVP - Drew Brees

                              Biggest Surprise - Mike Bell

                              Biggest Disappointment - Reggie Bush

                              Best Rookie - Thomas Morstead

                              Underachieving Rookie - Malcolm Jenkins

                              Offensive MVP - Drew Brees

                              Defensive MVP - Darren Sharper/ Will Smith

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                                Originally posted by Addict View Post
                                I guess what they're saying is that even though he hasn't been his usual self, Jay is still an enormous upgrade over Sexy Rexy. Or Kyle Orton for that matter.
                                definitely is an upgrade. when they made that trade, as a vikings fan, i was very worried. but all im saying is that if jay cutlerception was your mvp, your year must have sucked lol. and i also think that you guys would have been just as well off with orton and your first round picks, because while cutler was the reason they one a few games, he also single handedly took them out of some.


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                      's rocket surgery now, folks.



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