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  • MVP- Roddy White

    Biggest Surprise- Thomas DeCoud stepping up and playing very well. Mike Smith even picked him as our defensive MVP.

    Biggest Disappointment- Matt Ryan. Expected so many things and he took a step backwards. And the draft class (2 projected starters, first and second round picks, Jerry and Moore getting hurt.)

    Best Rookie-Chris Owens

    Underachieving Rookie-Peria Jerry. Looked good, but then got hurt for the rest of the season after just 2 games.

    Offensive MVP- To change up from Roddy White the MVP, I'll go with Tony Gonzalez. Still a beast.

    Defensive MVP- Curtis Lofton. Machine.


    • Steelers:

      MVP- Ben Roethlisberger. First Steelers 4,000 yard passer, and even with iffy games, he is the MVP.

      Biggest Surprise- Mike Wallace. Loved him as a prospect, but surprised he contributed so much.

      Biggest Disappointment- Can I pick the whole secondary? Honestly, Ike Taylor just didn't have the same cover ability he had before.

      Best Rookie-Mike Wallace.

      Underachieving Rookie-Kraig Urbik. With about 5 O-line injuries, he couldn't even crack a starting lineup.

      Offensive MVP- Rashard Mendenhall. Came through and proved he wasn't going to be a bust.

      Defensive MVP- James Harrison. Though Woodley was better late in the year, Harrison still did more over the whole season.

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      • MVP- Ben Roethlisberger

        Biggest Surprise- Mike Wallace. 750 yards and 6 TD's from a 3rd round draft pick is amazing.

        Biggest Disappointment- Limas Sweed/ Injuries. Losing Aaron Smith and Polamalu killed our season.

        Best Rookie-Mike Wallace.

        Underachieving Rookie- I have learned never to expect much from Steelers rookies as their first seasons are almost always just development seasons.

        Offensive MVP- Ben

        Defensive MVP- Lamaar Woodley. He was a beast in the second half of the season after a slow start. James Harrison was great as well, but Woodley was the bigger playmaker this year(even though it can still be attributed to James drawing more attention).



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