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    No offense, but signing Langston Walker at all, much less for 25 mil over 5 years, automatically requires you be given the title of worst offseason.


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      Originally posted by Draft King View Post
      The Bills lost a solid starter in Fletcher, a top 15 corner in Clements, and an above-average RB in McGahee. But they have also finally decided to make vast changes to their offensive line, which should really help. I think if this team can draft Marshawn Lynch in the 1st round he should put up some big numbers, and then go with a linebacker or a guy like Eric Wright in the 2nd they should be set, not to mention the other 3rd round draft pick they recieved. I feel all in all, this team won't even regress much going into next season, I expect something like a 7-9 record from them.
      i ask you guys this...if you consider Willis Mcgahee and above average you also consider these guys as an above average back?

      1. Ladell Betts
      2. Jamal Lewis
      3. Warrick Dunn
      4. Julius Jones
      5. Ahman Green
      6. Ronnie Brown

      They rushed for more than Willis did. Mcgahee is no where near an above average back. To me, above average includes players like LJ, LT, Steve Jackson, Frank Gore and Willie Parker. No way does Willis fit in the same line as these guys.


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        Willis McGahee is an elite back, and could be a pro-bowler. When you playing with the Bills o-line, and there passing game, it is pretty hard to look very good.

        You think if ladainian tomlinson didn't have san diego's o-line and antonio gates taking pressure off of him he would have broke the TD record? not even close. I bet 1 million bucks if he were on ANY OTHER TEAM in the NFL, he wouldn't have broke it. Dielman and McNeil made is so much easier. I am not saying LT isn't a great back and the best in the NFL, because he is, it is just with his o-line it is pretty easy.


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          Patriots were big winners and yes the Bills did improve their O-line but they have some big holes now

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            Originally posted by Non_Sequitur View Post
            They got more peanuts than the Bills got, yes, I was saying this yesterday. But they still only got a 3rd round pick value for a top level RB.
            Jones is also 28 years old and the Bears have another RB that can start in the league. They traded away an unneeded piece, the Bills traded away McGahee without another starting RB,

            Also Billingsley you are reaching so far it's ridiculous. Those guys you listed (for the most part) are very good backs. LT and LJ are average? Seriously, just stop.

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              i think you guys are underappreciating welker....he was the best WR miami had last whether he is a slot or not, he was their best WR, and best special teams player....insert him on a team like the pats where brady spreads the ball out, and he may return punts as well, i think its a HUGE upgrade for a superbowl team already, it just seems like everyone is saying welker is an ok signing because he's not randy moss, but you have to look at his effect on the team...i think he will have a big year no matter if he's slot or not

              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.



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