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Extremely in-depth sabermetrics link

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  • Extremely in-depth sabermetrics link

    Just found this incredible football link and I figured it would be much appreciated by people on here. Hopefully this doesn't break any rules, I'm just trying to help out people who are looking for in-depth statistics for NFL players. It gives sabermetrics for all positions on the field, really amazing stuff. For example, it gives all kinds of statistics related to cornerbacks, which I know was a big thing last year when Tony Pisano released his list of the top 50 cornerbacks in the league.


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    i think alot of people are aware of this website already, i saw it initially in "NFC East: Best DB" when comparing mike jenkins and corey webster.

    I posted it less than a week ago in the Charles Woodson vs Darrelle Revis debate


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      yeah this site is used a lot because they kind of keep stats of O-linemen as well

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      I remember NFLDC
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        uh i have some issues with the rankings on here. they dont weight their grades differently. for example, in their running back ratings, they have adrian peterson number 17. they weight the receiving ability equally to the running ability on a half back. i appreciate the effort this takes to rate each player on each category like this, but there is so much more to ranking players than formulas and statistics.


        Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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          Technically this isn't Sabr it would be Safr. Sabr stands for the Society of American Baseball Research.

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            Great site. A lot of in depth stuff there.


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              some of it is skewed, or not accurate. Andra Davis is not better than DJ Williams...and Brandon Marshall isnt the 32nd best WR


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                That website is a joke.


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                  Originally posted by Thumper View Post
                  That website is a joke.
                  Agreed. Kerry Rhodes was not the second best saftey this year and Im pretty sure that Santana Moss ain't the 105th best WR. And David Bowens is better than guys like David Harris and Demeco Ryans?
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                    Just looking at my team, REggie Bush is the 11th best back in the league this year, but he loses points on blocking and running, and makes it up receiving! He didn't even do much as a receiver this year at all, and was exceptional as a blocker, and consistent as a runner.

                    Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks top 5 guards(1 and 4 I believe). Nice!

                    Will Smith is the 63rd best DE in the league with 13 sacks, ,and apparently he absolutely sucks against the run, lol.
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                      Apparently Malcolm Floyd's 45 catches 700 yards and 1 TD is enough for him to be the 7th best receiver.


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                        Ernie Sims second to last in outside linebackers in the 4-3 defense, supporting my point.

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                          Vernon Davis was not the 57th best TE this season, Todd Heap wasn't the 2nd best either.


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                            Nnamdi thrown at 28 times this season..... nuff said. Best CB in the NFL

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                              Sites like this don't account for the different roles defensive schemes call on CBs to perform. For instance, Ike Taylor is always really low on lists like this. He's not a terrific CB, but he's certainly not in the 60s either, and definitely better than William ***.



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