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Looks like Bills may have found their coach

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    Bills fire John Guy


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      as to whether or not Leslie Frazier is overrated...shrug. I mean his defense is fierce and productive. Any team that gets him is going to get a guy who prioritizes winning the game in the trenches, which already makes him a better coach than a lot of guys who currently have jobs.
      How much credit does he get for that though? From memory the only guy we have added in the trenches since he took over was Allen and that was a no brainer from the top down. I'm not saying he is a bad coach by any means, I just question the reasoning for why he is being rated so highly for basically doing what should be done and I always worry about a secondary coach whose secondary gets worse under him. Especially considered we have actually invested quite a bit in it.

      All of that of course is influenced by how much actual control he has of personnel and the like. It probably looks worse on him if he has more control because the defense has gotten worse each year he has been in charge of it.

      Props to BK on the sig!


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        Originally posted by wogitalia View Post
        Also... Rooney Rule, it must be about the most racist rule I have seen since, well I wasn't around for apartheid but probably since then. If I was black I would find it insulting, as a white I find it racist. Could you imagine if the rule existed in any other business... Only in the NFL.

        I like the idealism, I really do, but the Rooney Rule is not pragmatic, nor does it really benefit African-American coaches. Teams like the Redskins have made a mockery of it.



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