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    Originally posted by tylerb929 View Post
    Sorry, I couldn't find an article with the actual quote.

    Outside the Lines reported that Cromartie could only read two words a minute, this is just the rebuttal.

    I'm not saying its true, it was just on ESPN one time. It was based off this story, but its not mentioned in the article.
    Thats also a BS OTL story where the two people they interview are someone who is suing the university and a former player who was only there one semester and has an extensive rap sheet. Not reputable sources, but leave it to ESPN to make a 30 minute trash piece out of that.


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      I'd trade a 3rd round pick to pair him with Aqib Talib.


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        id have him opposite finnegan, cecil will make him tough or make him gtfo


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          I like how just a few short seasons ago, he was supposed to be on his way to becoming what Revis is now.

          Now, obviously, he's laughably bad at times....


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            Cromartie and Ladarius Webb as starters
            Fabian Washington @ nickel
            Chris Carr @ Dime

            GO RAVENS


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              The video gif's were deleted on here, somebody needs to put those back up. I love the part where he runs behind him for the shoulder bump in the endzone then comes back and post "got him! OWNED" lol, classic stuff.

              edit: I take that back, I'm at work and I can't see videos/gifs at work so that could be the only reason why.
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              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                Cromartie=Deangelo Hall.

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                  Browns could trade eric wright for him and we could line up with cromartie and mcdonald the worst two ******* tacklers in the entire league.


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                    Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
                    Browns could trade eric wright for him and we could line up with cromartie and mcdonald the worst two ******* tacklers in the entire league.
                    I think u forgot about laron landry
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                      Originally posted by stephenson86 View Post
                      id have him opposite finnegan, cecil will make him tough or make him gtfo
                      Titans will never take Cromartie. Look at this season. They left Nick Harper in even though he was complete garbage against the pass because he was a "good" tackler and benched Rod Hood even though he was making plays against the pass because he couldn't tackle.
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                        I will trade you guys Jarret Bush for him.

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                          Some of you guys are saying that you wouldn't mind him as a 2nd CB if you already have a great one, but I wouldn't want him for that. He'll get feasted on. In 06, Champ was having the best season by a corner since the rule change, and Darrent Williams(RIP), who was much better than Cro is, got continually exposed. Over and over again. Because eventually, teams gave up throwing towards Champ when he was locked up man to man. It was useless. They focused on burning Darrent, and they burned him bad. The same thing would happen to Cro, only worse because Cro sucks and Darrent at least played hard.

                          Originally posted by Scott Wright
                          Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
                          Originally posted by njx9
                          do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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                            Cromartie is one of those guys that if he just was a little more consistent, you'd almost like him in that role opposite a great corner because he could wind up making quite a few plays on the ball due to be targeted so much.

                            That said, he's just not a starting corner right now in terms of his approach to the game. I hope he can pull it together, because we know he can be amazing.


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                              Why would anyone care if he had langage deficiencies? Lester Hayes had a speech problem but he was a nasty SOB that helped the Raiders win the Super Bowl.

                              People who want him on their team need to understand they will have to live with a guy that plays like a girl. If your ready to give that up to improve slightly your coverage ability then maybe its fine. His value is at best a 3rd round pick IMO.


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                                And BTW, Ron Rivera, why was he even on the field on that winning run of TJ?

                                A high school linebacker would have been more help!

                                [Hey not that it bothers me. The San Diego Super Chokers can go to hell as far as Im concerned....]



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