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WR Class of '96 v. WR Class of '01

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    '96 without question.


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      I give it to 96, they have the slight edge in championships and they are the deeper class


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        Originally posted by Mr. Stiller View Post
        Maybe Wait till the 96 Class finally retires and you gotta figure... the 01 class only had 5 years vs. the 10 years.

        The 96 class has already won this debate. There are 10 guys in that class still playing today. 10 Wr's in one draft class playing for 11 seasons. 9 of them still either the #1 or #2 receiver. Amazing.


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          Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
          01 has some pretty big names, but 96 is collectively solid
          Agreed, and how'd you get up to 2,200 posts? A couple of months ago you had like 500?


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            Originally posted by MaxV View Post
            Yes, if history is any indication, atleast one of those guys might turn out to be a bust.
            Will be Bowe IMO

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              Originally posted by Shiver View Post
              How pray tell does '01 have better quality? Right now I don't think any of the '01 Receivers are slated to be Hall of Fame-rs. Where as Harrison is, Owens on numbers alone is.
              The '96 class also has 5 years on the '01 receivers. the '01 receivers have only been around for 6 years. 6 years into TO's career he only had 2 pro bowls, and 6 years into Marvin he had 3, the same amount that Steve Smith has and 1 less than Chad Johnson.

              And TO doesn't necessarily have "HOF numbers". He has one HOF number, and that's his amt of Touchdowns but that's it. He's not a HoFer. And if you say that the '01 class has no HoF talent then you're an idiot. Only Gale Sayers could be inducted into the hall with 6 years of work. Give it time and Chad Johnson will be a HoF'er and there may be another.



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