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Chargers release Ladainian Tomlinson

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  • Originally posted by San Diego Chicken View Post
    I tend to agree with you. Last year, the Chargers run blocking was awful - the worst I've seen in years. It wasn't just Tomlinson who struggled - Sproles averages 4.5 YPC for his career and he only mustered 3.7 this year. I feel LT could get back around 4.0 with a team that is more committed to the run, and just maybe have another 1000 yard season.

    Speaking of Sproles, the Chargers decided not to tender him today, so he'll either be extended or walk as a UFA.
    He'll walk, I'd stake...lots on it. Somebody will pay him as a valued weapon, if not a feature back.

    I don't think Chargers will go into the season with rookies at the RB1 and RB2 spots. I'm sure one of the vets will eventually drift on over to be paired with a rookie.


    • I think letting him walk is the right move. I honestly think Sproles is the product of the system out there.

      That passing game and those weapons are so deadly, you have to drop everyone back in coverage, and little ol Sproles and his speed makes for a great checkdown for Rivers, but that's really his main game right there.

      Sure he can do some running too and kickoff returns, but once SD gets a real RB in there (and a real FB) that offense will be damn near impossible to stop.

      Ive said it before during the season, and I'll say it again. The Chargers in my eyes, not the Saints, have the best weapons and system on offense in the league.

      Once they get a run game they'll be scary good offensively.



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