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    Steriod use in the NFL exploded in the 80s, that's around the time the NFL tried to get a handle on it. Most guys around here are too young to remember the NY Jets 'Sack Exchange', or remember the season when Gastineau and Klecko both had 20 sacks apiece.
    Gastineau was 6'6, 280# and ran a 4.5, rumored that the only thing really 'natural' about him was his height and desire for the game.

    Most fans IMO would be shocked about the level that many NFL players go to gain an illegal competitive advantage through PEDs.

    PEDs don't make you an NFL football player, but they can make you a better one.

    Perfect example of a guy I look at as clean, Taylor Mays. He's 6'3, 230#, likely runs a 4.3.
    If a naturally gifted athlete like Mays went on a 6 month cycle and put on roughly 20 pounds of muscle at the same height/speed, he could literally paralyze or kill WRs.

    I commend the NFL for making an attempt to keep pace with the chemical warfare going on in NFL lockerrooms, but the NFL league office seems to always be about ten years behind where the cheaters are currently.

    Bigbluedefense is 100% correct, when gene doping becomes perfected, a process that many believe will be undetectable outside predetermined subjective parameters of what 'normal performance' for an athlete should be, the NFL will start to resemble watching the latest X-Men movie, where the game is played on Sundays by genetically mutated superhumans.

    It would still be cool to watch, but it wouldn't be the game many of us grew up playing.



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