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    Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
    I'm just saying if I tried to be hopeful about the Vikings and post a record around .500, people would kill me. I'm pretty sure there's no way the Bears, Lions, and Packers will all be over .500. I won't say we'lll be .500 or over, just because I'm pessimestic and semi-realistic, but if I were to, I'd just point to some of the losses last year we gave up in the last minutes. But I'm sure the other people would just say "Look at all the wins you got lucky with". I don't know why I see these people saying that we're going to go 2-14 or 3-13. We didn't lose that much this offseason. There's no reason we can't be 5-11 or 6-10 at least.

    yea i dont get all the 2-14, 3-13's and so on this team is not that bad. With any semi-decent offense we would have been a 12 win team this year, a lot of the reasons we didnt have a good offense are due to 1.offensive penaties i dont know just who all to put the blame on for this but penalties are always drive killers 2. Bad Play calling, there is a reason andy reid didnt let childress call plays in philly and ill just leave it at that 3. Recievers, the reason they are three is that they may not have been as bad as it seems, due to the first two things on the list, when put in bad situations by offensive line geting penalized that makes it all the more important to call the right play to get the yards needed, the recievers have to still make the play but its a team game and when you have a mediocre corp. of recievers they have to be put in a good situation to be any good. and also i know there was a few times one of the recievers make a great play but than its called back by penalty like in the game aginst the packers at Lambeau travis taylor made a great catch that could of broke it wide open but it was called back from a penalty... But what i can say with one Realiable wide reciever on last years team thats at least 3 more wins right there
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      Originally posted by Ewing View Post
      Who's your offense? Jackson, Taylor, McMullen, and that bust Williamson? The chance of them winning anymore than four is slim with that group.
      No, they brought in Bobby Wade for something around $15 million and he'll likely be starting for them.

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        The fact is you reached for Jackson and now he *should* struggle mightily. Not only due to inexperience but lack of reliable options. Honestly the only thing he has going for him is his running attack and o-line. Now a couple years down the road could this team be good? Yes, but as of right now unless Jackson and your receivers are in perfect sync and he is far more advanced then I see him being, your team will struggle. On the positive, this year you should see your D growing by leaps and bounds with Greenway back.
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