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Rank the AFC West and their likely records

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    SD 10-6
    Den 9-7
    Oak 8-8
    KC 7-9

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      1.Chargers: 11-5
      2.Broncos: 10-6
      3.Cheifs: 9-7
      4.Raiders: 6-10
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        Originally posted by jetsfan3 View Post
        Yeah but they've never been this good before.


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          beat me to it splat.
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            1. Denver - I forsee good things for Cutler in year 2, and they have the assets to really make things happen in the draft.

            2. Kansas City - One final run? Probably tough to give the edge to KC here

            3. San Diego -DUnno ... all the changes makes me worried, and KC/Denver are solid teams.

            4. Oakland - Here's hoping Lane gets time. The defense has some pieces, but it'll take time to build up the O.

            Tough division. and tis early.


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              1. Broncos (11-5)
              2. Chargers (10-6)
              3. Chiefs (8-8)
              4. Raiders (4-12)



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                  San Diego-12-4 Rivers with Norv's tutoring and the continuity in the O-Line wtih Dielman's return, as well as a maturing defense keep them #1

                  Denver 10-6 Cutler takes his steps but still has minor hiccups, keeping them number 2 in the division.

                  KC 9-7 Still shaky, LJ is good but with 410+ carries on his wheels, how effective wil he be next year? Subpar WR's and a severly aging Oline, along with some inherent QB concerns, nothing is guaranteed for KC.

                  Oak 6-10 Improvements, the Defense is strong, but whether they draft a rookie, go wtih Walter, or bring in an older veteran, the QB and leadership roles are still lacking, especially on offense.


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                    San Diego 14-2 LT will have another MVP like season, and Rivers will be the starter in the pro bowl.

                    Denver 8-8 Denver a good team imo & Cutler will have a soild year, but Cutler will also have his fair share of mistakes, which will cost Denver a few games and out of the playoffs.

                    Oakand 7-9 The defiance will carry this team, with a good draft the offiance should be improved enough for them to actually score some points and win a few games.

                    KC 3-13 It's going to be a long season for KC fans, teams will do what the Colts did to KC in the playoff. LJ will have a off year and with there inconsistent QB play, lack of big time playmaker, and at best a ave defiance I just cant see them winning to many games.


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                      San Diego 11-5
                      Kansas City 10-6
                      Denver 7-9
                      Oakland 6-10

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                        San Diego 12-4
                        Denver 11-5
                        Kansas City 9-7
                        Oaklans 2-14


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                          1. Raiders 16-0 + SB

                          everyone else? who cares


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                            Denver 10-6 Still have a strong defense and Cutler should grow plus I’m sure Henry will run all over the place.

                            San Diego 9-7 They will win games because they do have so much talent but in the end Norv Turner is the head coach and he will find ways to mess things up.

                            Kansas City 7-9 Chiefs could be in some real trouble soon, when I look at that roster it doesn't really scare me, minus Larry Johnson of course but he can't do it all.

                            Oakland 6-10 New head coach and maybe even a rookie QB, as a fan I'm just hoping we can win more than 5 damn games. Are defense is pretty good and if the offense can do anything we should at least compete every Sunday.
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                              Sd: 10-6
                              Dn: 10-6
                              Kc: 8-8
                              Oa: 5-11


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                                Originally posted by elway777 View Post
                                People are overating Denver. I think it will be a very average year with Cutler at the helm behind a very average line.
                                They upgraded at runningback I thought, I like Tatum Bell but Travis Henry is a better fit for the offense and Mike Shanahan. The whole drama of who the quarterback is is completely over, it's Jay Cutler's team. Javon Walker played at a Pro Bowl level last year and now has a year in the offense, and Brandon Marshall is a stud who has his rookie season under his belt. The team overpaid for Daniel Graham, but he's a proven player in this league, so they upgraded at TE as well.

                                Acquiring Dre Bly was a good move, although we'll see how his demands for a contract extension play out in Denver. If he plays out his contract year, that's a definite positive for the Broncos, but for now I'll leave that neutral until we see what becomes of the situation.

                                They still haven't addressed the DE position (pass rush particularly) imo if they want any chance at returning to the Super Bowl, although they did well not to foolishly overpay for Patrick Kerney like Seattle did. If Big Daddy Wilkinson retires as he's considering, that leaves them where they were last year in the interior of the defensive line. So DE and potentially DT remain as sore points. There is the Draft, of course.

                                Also, I'm surprised people are expecting Champ Bailey to repeat his 2006 performance. I concur with Eric Allen, Bailey had a stellar year where everything worked right for him: he was reading the quarterbacks just right, breaking down the film just right, staying healthy, and so on. He was in a groove, a superb groove if anyone saw what he did last year, but personally I can't expect him to hit that same perfect groove for another season.

                                Still, I expect Denver and New England to be popular picks as the favorites for this season.
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