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Rank the NFC West and their likely records

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  • Rank the NFC West and their likely records

    Everyone else is doing why not NFCW. Projections?

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    yah i was thinking about making one but i didn't want to me an ass

    this is what i predict

    49ers 10-6
    Cardinals 8-8
    Seahawks 7-9
    Rams 5-11


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      Seahawks - Division Winner
      then the rest stay out of the playoffs


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        Seahawks - 10-6
        49ers - 8-8
        Cardinals - 7-9
        Rams - 4-12

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          1. Seahawks 10-6
          2. 49ers 9-7
          3. Cardinals 7-9
          4. Rams 7-9
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            if the cardinals could just win half of there games out side the NFC west we would be in the playoffs


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              Originally posted by fenikz View Post
              if the cardinals could just win half of there games out side the NFC west we would be in the playoffs
              Too bad they won't do that. They're cursed! CURSED!


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                Seahawks: 10-6
                49ers: 9-7
                Cardinals: 8-8
                Rams: 6-10

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                  1. Seahawks (10-6)
                  2. 49ers (9-7)
                  3. Cardinals (8-8)
                  4. Rams (6-10)



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                    Seahawks: 9-7
                    Niners: 9-7
                    Rams: 8-8
                    Cardinals: 7-9



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                      49ers: 10-6
                      Seahawks: 9-7
                      St Louis: 9-7
                      Cardinals: 6-9


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                        Seahawks 12-4
                        49ers- 9-7 (theyll have a harder schedule this year and have no WRS)
                        Rams- 8-8
                        Cardinals- 6-10

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                          Originally posted by dhoe20 View Post
                          Too bad they won't do that. They're cursed! CURSED!
                          im starting to believe that

                          we lost like 4 games in the 4th that just should not happen


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                            As of now, I'd probably guess

                            1. St. Louis - Yeah, this one's probably out of the blue. But they played real well down the stretch when Olson took over the PC. The offense has improved in personnel. The draft will probably be used to upgrade the defensive personnel, and they've gotten some pass rush help with James Hall. Not a great team, but has the makings to be solid if everyone's healthy. Current win range guess: 6-10.

                            2. Seattle - Still a very solid all-around club ... but where are the big improvements. Let's not start with Patrick Kerney, who holds a soft spot in my heart for being a UVA guy ... but is an aging end who is best served in a situational role. THis is a defense that badly needs a healthy Marcus Tubbs to dominate the middle and free up the linebackers. You figure, at some point, their secondary will stay healthy ... right? That belies the offensive questions. There's no running back depth behind an aging Shaun Alexander, and the receiving options are only average. Even if we assume young growth on the OL improving that aspect, the weapons aren't as good as they seem. I don't see a bad team, I just don't see a good team. That said, current win guess range: 7-9 wins.

                            3. San Francisco 49ers - It's the loss of Norv Turner that really shifts them down for me. If Norv's there, it's a huge difference. Offensively, Ashley Lelie? Really ... Ashley Lelie? I mean, granted, he's probably better than anything currently on the roster ... but still. I think the OL is solid ... but I'm not sure if I see a dominant OL. That said, it should be good in the run. Alex still needs more weapons. Defensively, a lot of key assets added, but the pass rush off the edge still looks quite average, and deep support is also somewhat questionable on paper. The DL is solid for a 3-4 as of now. Estimated win range guess: 6-8 wins.

                            4. Arizona Cardinals - I don't really want to place them last. I like Whisenhunt and I like Grimm. I like the controlled offseason they've had. But I just like the other three teams slightly better. If I had to state reasons, it would start with an average secondary, whether or not they can consistently bring pressue from base sets, the 2nd tier in coverage, the ability of the run game to be a dangerous threat. That said, their current win range guess: 6-8 wins, which is similar to all the other teams. In short, don't see that much separation ... as of now.

                            Tis early, and a lot of time to go.


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                              idk why everyone has the rams at the bottom. Our Offense is loaded now, it's going to be just as good as last year, and no one on that offense as proved that they've lost a step at all. The niners went out and spent money, but they're being overly hyped, despite their offseason so far, they're not going to leap the whole division. The cardinals also looks like they could improve a lot, but they're the cardinals, and you just can't trust their "hype". The seahawks are still the best team in the division, until they prove that they're reign is over, i have no reason to assume they won't beat all three of the other teams.



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