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QBs working with pitching coaches?

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  • QBs working with pitching coaches?

    Joe Flacco has been working with USC pitching coaches to work on his craft. The Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron suggested it. I was wondering has this ever happened before, if so did the QB improve? I dont understand why a QB would go work with a pitching coach.

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    I've never heard of something like that. Maybe he's working on a gyro ball?

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      he is going to throw curve passes


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        Kind of an odd choice for Flacco to work with USC pitching coaches. They might have a better program though, I don't follow NCAA Baseball at all.


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          Originally posted by coordinator0 View Post
          Kind of an odd choice for Flacco to work with USC pitching coaches. They might have a better program though, I don't follow NCAA Baseball at all.
          If Cameron recommended it he probably has some ties there from his Chargers days.


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            Pitching coaches know how to improve shoulder strength, and velocity on the football. Not like it can hurt any.

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              Like Renji said, hes gunna learn to curve passes around defenders. THEN HE WILL REIGN SUPREME!
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              The APS is strong in this one.
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                Isn't that how Tebow learned to throw a football?

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                  Ive heard of pitchers learning to throw with a football but not the other way around.

                  Im a USC fan, but idk why anyone would want to work with USC's pitching coach, he has destroyed arms over the years.

                  Originally posted by 49erNation85
                  I wouldn't be sir prized if he passed McCoy on the depth chart. I think he might have a better arm and accurate arm then him from the highlights I thought. He also got some wheels too help us prepare for QB's as Wilson , RG3 and other runners etc.


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                    2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack


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                      football toss can help warm up the arm strength and thats it. I dont see football throwing could help a pitcher to pitch better due to elbow and grip difference.

                      Working with pitching coach? I guess it is about torso or release.


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                        Hes learning to throw the nuckle ball, McNabb has mastered that.

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                          that must be where brady quinn learned to throw his eephus pass


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                            Possibly to improve his "arm strength"? Who knows? I'd imagine he has to be working on something involving his core/legs though, he can't be getting mechanics tips from a pitching coach.

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                              Originally posted by *** Ork Wang View Post
                              he is going to throw curve passes
                              the best possible joke. This is known as getting Renjied.



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