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Why are young players called busts so quickly now?

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    It's a good question, considering a few players do turn it around. Roddy White, for example, was viewed as a huge bust and some Falcons' fans wanted to see him cut from the team. He's turned it around to be one of the NFL's most productive receivers over the past three seasons, also registering two pro bowls to his resume.
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      I think it mostly has to do with the vast difference in time cycles. When a player is going through the draft process, all that really matters about him takes place in less than a full year. His last year of college play is followed by the offseason, during which he is measured in every way possible and we make all sorts of conclusions and extrapolations based on that. Once they hit the NFL, it's logically necessary to take a much more nuanced approach, watching a guy develop or even switch teams before finding a real foothold in the league.

      Neither internet discussion that's used to a annual cycle nor the 24-hour sports news cycle are particularly well known for their patience.

      The "bust" tag is applied pretty widely and in many cases it's applied to players it has no business describing, but there are players who distinguish themselves with their uselessness or awful play early on. The OP mentioned Vernon Gholston, but I think that one is fully deserved. For a player to play a position that sees quite a bit of rotation on a defense that relies heavily on that position to not even distinguish himself enough in practice to play meaningful snaps in the regular season even when he's being paid like Pro Bowler is goddamn meaningful. It's ridiculous when Jets fans pretend that, since Gholston hasn't played enough for us to make any judgement, the book is yet to be written on Gholston. The Jets coaches have written that book, and it's not exactly glowing.


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        Well hey they said they're going to play him more.

        There's examples...Gabe Watson is a serviceable NT now...Thomas Jones ended up not being a bust...Vrabel, Harrison....Becht is now considered one of the best blocking TE in the league....lots of DTS...

        It takes lots of players time to click in this league.
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          Originally posted by SenorGato View Post
          Well hey they said they're going to play him more.
          Anything at all would qualify as more.


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            It's a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league.


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              I think it is that a lot of these first round draft picks are coming in and being the highest, or one of the highest, paid players on their team.

              If a couple years go by and this players salary does not match his production, a lot of people see a problem with that. Its a waste of cap really. Some of that money could be going to resigning the players that actually produce.


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                Originally posted by Dirty Thirty View Post
                i cant wait for everyone to apologize for immediately hating on dhb.



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                  Originally posted by Jvig43 View Post
                  I'm sure it also has to do with the fact that there are also alot of young players excelling their first few years. Peterson, Johnson, Harvin, Ryan, Flacco, Heyward bey, etc......
                  What has Heyward Bey done?


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                    hindsight is 20/20

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                      Originally posted by wordofi View Post
                      What has Heyward Bey done?
                      Me think he make joke


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                        Originally posted by Ness View Post
                        Because people are way to impatient now and days. Just like with everything else in life.
                        Exactly. The Microwave Mentality Culture.
                        And we're lazier.
                        We don't even have to get off our azzes on the couch... we can order pizza right from there, have it delivered, feed the leftover to our dog who can sh*t in the yard, and I can have the Pet Butler come and pick it up for me.
                        We don't even have to go to the video store anymore to get a DVD.
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                          Originally posted by SenorGato View Post
                          ...Thomas Jones ended up not being a bust....
                          Thomas Jones was not a bust.
                          Ryan Leaf was a bust.
                          Charles Rogers was a bust.
                          Jamarcus is a bust.
                          Mike Williams was a bust.
                          Thomas Jones failed in Arizona, but mostly because the team was horrible.
                          He went to Tampa Bay, and we saw how he did there. It was because of the team and OL. He didn't just forget how to run in Arizona in between Virginia and Florida.
                          Then he ran well in Chicago.
                          And then in New York.

                          He's a classic case of a guy not being flashy like Chris Johnson, but simply producing, not getting the credit he deserved: thrown away by AZ, TB, Chicago, and now the Jets.


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                            Originally posted by njx9
                            it's interesting that you give thomas jones a pass for finally being mediocre in his 6th season after going to chicago simply because his initial team sucked. and yet you mark jamarcus as a bust, mike williams as a bust, etc. in spite of them being on godawful teams.

                            by any real definition, thomas jones busted. completely. he also resurrected a garbage career eventually. that doesn't mean he was ever, EVER worth the 7th overall pick. thus, bust.

                            but yeah, i'm sure you thought you knew what you were talking about.
                            I see what you're saying, and I never saw it that way but I am inclined to agree with you. A bust is not the player's overall career but his career with that certain team who drafted him. Thus Thomas Jones is a huge bust, because he didn't do squat for Arizona and their #7 overall pick. I guess I just never thought of it that way.

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                              They are payed more money than veterans so people expect them to product very quickly

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