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Where will Jason Campbell go?

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  • Where will Jason Campbell go?

    The Raiders, Bills, Jags, Panthers and a unknown team are all interested in Campbell. So where will he go? or will he stay....,232069

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    i like how the headline is

    "campbell found out about the trade from a reporter"

    Like the redskins cheated on him with McNABB and he's just now finding out from some acquaintance on the street

    Jason: Really? Ummm... I didn't know that, man.

    "reporter: I'm sorry I had to be the one who told you. I can't believe they didn't tell you."
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      I think the Panthers makes the most sense. Good OL, solid coaching staff, solid receivers, and an excellent running game. All he would have to do is manage the game, which I think he is more than capable of doing.

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        Bills or Panthers? Though I thought I read Carolina likes Matt Whatshisname enough already. I see the article mentions the Raiders, I really hope he doesn't go from Washington to Oakland. The guy's been through enough.


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          I don't know, but I'd bet money he'll have to learn an entirely new offensive system when he gets there.


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            Shannahan and Campbell had lunch today and talked things out I imagine. I think he'd be a decent fit for Gailey's offense in Buffalo as well.

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              I think Campbell has the talent/tools to be a solid QB in this league, but needs a strong supporting cast. Going from Washington to Oak or Buffalo won't help his cause


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                Have him and Matt Moore compete for the starting job in Carolina. Seems like a win-win situation.


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                  He still has plenty left to offer.


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                    I think Carolina seems like a good destination for him. Probably not Oakland or Jacksonville if you ask me.


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                      If he isn't traded before the draft and Clausen is off the board at 10, I'd like the Jags to trade for him and cut Garrard. Younger, cheaper, just as good now, and potentially better than Garrard. Makes sense.

                      Problem is some other teams might be more desparate and get a deal made before the draft.


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                        Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
                        Shannahan and Campbell had lunch today and talked things out I imagine. I think he'd be a decent fit for Gailey's offense in Buffalo as well.
                        Buffalo makes a lot of sense.

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                          The Panthers pretty much cut Jake Delhomme because they were afraid of having a guy who could potentially be called for if Moore faltered early on.

                          The way I see it Matt Moore is 100% their guy and Fox's future rests squarely on his shoulders. I can't see them necessarily bringing in Campbell solely for that reason. They want Moore to be affirmed as the starter and there to be no one the locker room can get behind instead if he starts to have problems.

                          I like the idea of Campbell but it would be a completely new system for him, so even if he did come to Carolina there's only a very small chance he'd start.

                          Maybe Philly as insurance for Kolb?


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                            Matt Moore is good, and is about to make a name for himself.
                            Matt Moore is better than Jason Campbell.

                            The only good fit I see for JC is in Cleveland or Oakland.
                            He's too slow of a thrower and decision-maker to play in the Arena League.


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                              Originally posted by Addict View Post
                              Buffalo makes a lot of sense.
                              If he's traded to Buffalo and they pass on Clausen, that will just be sad.



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